A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Beanie

    i might be a hardened experienced runner - but i'm also a deep family man

  • @micknphil - Sure sounds like you love your running.

    I'm not so driven, but still enjoying the fact that I can run - albeit rather slowly - after years of assuming I couldn't, or would find it unpleasant or painful. I'm not wanting to do any mega-distances - I don't want to commit to a heavy training program - but I'd like to get a 10K under my belt.

    @Kaybee - Not that 10K. Mine is this one, near Farnham in Surrey.

  • Ooh that looks proper scenic!  Enjoy!
  • Yersinia

    it's what you want it to be - there's NO shame in that

    my training used to be extensively heavy years ago - but now-a-days i'm just ticking over, just living and racing off the interest if you like

    it's years of knowledge,  

  • Hi all,

    My official time for the 10k I did on Monday is 1 hr 7 min 44 sec. 349th out of 385 finishers. Lots of people finishing around the 1 hr mark.

    Had a good run last night with the running club I belong to, did 7K in about 50 min. this was with stops and walking breaks so we all stay together.

  • Well, I ran 10K for the first time ever yesterday. In a hilly park on  mixed terrain (lots of stones, gravel, tree roots, grass, brambles, stingers etc).

    My Garmin says 10.58km in 1:13:57, with 1005m ascent and 1019m descent, but I'm sure it lies about the ascent / descent. 

    Anyway - I think I can conclude that I'll be fine on race day, but very slow.

  • Well done Yersinia.  Its a great feeling to conquer a distance for the first time, even if it is slowly image

    I'm not doing so well, come down with a cold so had to cancel my session this morning.  Hoping I will recover in time for my long run on Saturday, although I might knock a couple of miles off it.

  • Did my second ever 10k tonight (I was supposed to be joining the local running club but found out at the last minute that they weren't meeting tonight so thought I'd challenge myself) and took a minute off my time (admittedly my first one was on a relatively hot day, though tonight was pretty muggy too). 

    So I clocked in at 1 hour, 1 minute and 22 seconds.  I reckon that on a cool day with maybe a light drizzle, I could challenge the 1 hour mark, but not sure as I didn't feel particularly slow today at any point (except when a bloke of around 50 absolutely whizzed past me early on the run - he must have been doing a 6 minute mile pace (or so it seemed to me the plodder).

    So I think that I need to work on my stamina so that I can get my speed up for a longer time.

  • Josie

    i think it's fantastic news - so very well done

  • Coming from you, that makes me well chuffed image
  • Well done  Josie looks like we will be getting rid of you soon when you break that 60 minute mark.

    So close as you say in the autumn you will get under 60 easily. The running club is a good idea and they do some speed work.

    Well done again.

    Also well done to Yersinia its great to get the distance under your belt.

  • Josey

    i'm so glad it does make u feel chuffed

    i only wish when i started out i had the support that's available now

    this is why ( to my mind )  us seasoned experienced runners ( or what ever you want to call us  ) should now be helping all of you

    it's NOT always easy on the forums typing things, i peeved a newish runner the other day, they told me so, ( i apologised ) cos i'd written something, but i knew what i was trying to write, but for a third party reading it who was NEW to running , it did'nt read right

    but experience told me, leave it go, they'll find out for themselves-

    many new runners, who are coming along are doing well, but they still have a long way to go and a lot to learn

    it's difficult i know, i've been there myself - but i also get satisfaction from reading posts from likes of your good self,

    does this post make sence ???  

  • It's nice to do well, and have a good run,

    i still read lots of posts on threads of experienced runners to see what they are doing , all of which has to be built up by hours and weeks and months and years of stamina training - none of which comes easy or cheap as we put it

    i have no concerns though when i read what they are doing, As some of them are preparing for same events as us - some are getting in far more training than us -  and i know what i can go out and do and what i cannot, waiting for that next HM or FM,  

    i supppose reading their exploits though in a way - just like reading all of yours, keeps my mind active -

    things come to mind, so i type, then my mind drifts again so i stop as now !!image

  • Have a ( 3 lap ) 5 miler on tomorrow night if we can get there

    planning on doing ( hopefully ) 2 or 3 miles, before hand, if so it'll be Mick n phil's 2nd run this week, and my third

    but we'll see, i'm nice and relaxed, just waiting for it all to happen,

    you keep at it ALL of you

  • Mick, I think we are ALL in awe of you, and what you and Phil have achieved.  I'd heard about you thru the grapevine and when I saw you pair start off at the Leicester marathon last year I had a lump in my throat. Thanks for all the support you give us newbies!  Hope to see you again this year x
  • Hello Kaybee

    thanks for your kindness - it's all a huge learning curve -

    we've actually got a 5 miler tonight in Coventry - it's a 3 lapper - we may just go do a bit first - and relax and have fun  

  • Just found this thread and it was great to read through. I have only been running since March/April and had a slow build up from a 0.6mile lap to where I am now with my longest run at 6.3miles on Sunday. I run 3 times a week now, did the RFL 5k in June in 35min (not very accurate timing available) and I am due to run my first 10k in Blackpool on 6th Sept. I am really excited and know that I can do the distance in around 1hr 5mins but in my mind I really hope that race day will push me harder on what is promissed to be a flatish course. I actually founds a thread for this 10k and was pleased to find most people posting  were 1hr + runners so I won't look dumb plodding. It is too late for me now ,but I have been told that running faster for 30 sec spurts during a longer run can improve speed any advice out there? Wish me luck for next Sat and I will let you know my time.....hope I don't mess up and do badly.
  • Welcome Debbie

    I only recently did my first 10k on the 10th August so no expert. My priority was finishing without walking. I passed a lot of people who went out too fast.

    my advice would be not to be too hung up on the time yet and pace yourself. It is easy to get caught up and go off too fast.

    good luck.

    P.S all

     I ran 5 miles in 49 mins last night so the run with the club got my confidence going again and it helped me push on even when I felt like giving up.

  • My belief to this day is

    still going off to fast

    getting too excited - pre race nerves, oh, a little is ok, but too much can mess things up

    running with pure physchcological self control and u win - in my opinion

  • sorry yes -

    Welcome Debbie

  • Hello all and welcome Debbie. I also did a RFL in June - mine was about 36mins.

    Haven't really had time to post this week been frantic. Have managed to squeeze in 2 treadmill sessions though and am really pushing the speed. At one point the tready was set at 12kph! (but only for about a minute admittedly...) 

    Have decided to not run the Nike 10k this Sunday for the following reasons:

    1) i just want to run - i don't want to be forced to sit in the stadium till goodness knows what time on my own getting cold but they won't let you in the stadium after 6 and the run starts a long time after that - especially the last wave.

    2) the sheer size of it means i'll never get under the hour and have a small race the following week which i have high hopes for

    So, yes I wasted 30 quid but i'm convincing myself have only wasted a tenner as the t shirt must be worth at least twenty.

    Just booked a holiday to Corsica (v excited!!) - and am having visions of myself running along the shore at sunset but is far more likely that i'll be too busy sampling the local wine... image

  • Run along the shore at sunset towards a friendly-looking bar!
  • Plodmonster - I recently went to Spain, took running shoes (and bra of course!) with good intentions. Tried to run a couple of Km in the evening but the heat was still overcoming (it had been mid 30s all hol) tried morning run started before 8am and that was better, did 5k. I couldn't manage any more am runs cos of the kids. I would recomend you start with short runs and go slow...the heat is really hard on us beginners.

    After posting I decided to go for a run did 4.3miles in 44.29 which is 10.22 miles. I think I can do this 10k in 1hr 5min or less, with no jogging on the spot to wait to cross the road etc I take to advice on not pushing out too fast, maybe if I try to do just under 11min for the first mile then push on from there, I woun't burn out but I will be nicely warmed up to pull back.

    I might sign up for another 10k soon so that I don't stress too much on the time for this.

    Thanks for the welcome all 

  • I am going to bring my trainers to california I am sure they will enjoy the journey because I just know in my heart that I probably won't get to run as going with non running friends who think i am mad.

  • Hi all

    Debbie - Blackpool is my first 10k too!  Have no idea of the course - about 15 years since I was last in Blackpool.  Am thinking be good to be beside the sea.. and sounds reasonably flat?!

    Did 5 miles tonight in 56 minutes but 7 miles the other day took 90! Will just be glad to finish and have a target for next time!!

    I didnt take my trainers on hols and did find that I missed running..but then probably wouldnt have gone if had taken them either!!  At home running is time out!! -ran home from work today for first time- perfect destress!!

  • plod - I'm doing the nike 10k and when I signed up I didn't realise about the whole hanging around thing. I was NOT pleased! I do like the t-shirt though. I'm not going to attempt to go sub-60 with this one - I'll settle for beating the 2 guys I'm running with. (One is so arrogant, I HAVE to beat him. He seems to think he'll do sub 55 having done no training). What race are you doing the week after? I have one the week after too. Just a 5k though.

  • Go Lisa-Marie!  Is it wrong to want to beat people who've annoyed you with arrogance, or whatever? I did a RfL 5k and this woman barged past me (we were WELL at the back - barely in front of walkers) - knocking me and running partner sideways - saying she "HAD" to get through and I just said to my running partner "Right, THAT'S  the person we're going to finish in front of". And, we did.

    Can anyone give me some running etiquette pointers? Or as a plodder should I just shrug it off and get my head down?

  • CatherineP - Blackpool hasn't changed in 15 years I am sure. I believe the run covers the area where the illuminations are. Check out the thread attatched to the event on this site you will find lots of ploders like us. See you there.

    Susie po - take the trainers, you never know! The guy at my running shop, club runner etc himself, thinks that people who take the p*** out of us for running are jealous. Not that we are elite athelites or anything but that we can and they can't. My husband said he doesn't understand but that I am a changed woman since starting runnning and I should keep doing it.

    Kaybee - I recon that we should try to beat ourselves when we are running, it is the only truely fair competition. However I have to say that if someone barged past me like that I would be very tempted.... 

  • Lisa Marie - my 10k next week is in south London - Clapham Common. I think it's quite a serious and fast race and there is every possibility that i'll come last but so long as i beat my last 10k time i don't really mind. Plus it might help spur me on a bit... I'm looking forward to hearing if you can beat the arrogant guy! 

    Did sit ups yesterday for about the first time in 5 years and now I am HURTING. Nothing like booking a holiday to motivate you into getting a flat(er) tummy  image.

  • Kaybee - I'm no expert on running etiquette having not done too many races, but I try to be polite when I need to pass people - barging is just rude. I either try to run round people, or if there's a group of people walking and I can't get round, I just call out excuse me and they'll mostly let me though. I'd have had to beat the barging woman too.

    I'll let you all know if I beat the arrogant guy. It's a good motivator to try and speed up image

    Plod - I HATE sit ups. I looked at the Clapham Common race, but went for a 5k instead. Two 10k races in 2 weeks seemed a bit scary!

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