Can orthotics make you faster?

I overpronate, and finally got some my gait looked and and given orthotics for inside my shoes. I went out in them for the first time today, and I was noticably faster. According to my garmin, my first mile was 10:23 (normally around 10:45ish) and the second and third 10:20 and 10:27 (normally I'm around the 11:20-11:30 minute mark). I don't think I did anything different and the only thing I changed about todays run was wearing the orthotic things. Would they have made any difference or was it just a randomly good run? I'm not complaining, just curious!

I've only been running since March so pretty new to all this - so sorry if this is a totally ridiculous question!


  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    If they've helped you to run more efficiently, with a better running style then they will improve your time as you'll be less awkward, may be more relaxed etc.  
  • randomly good runs do happen....if your orthotics took 1 minute-ish of miles 2-3, then I want the name of your podiatrist.   But I also agree with Stylish, should be more efficient with orthotics, but 1 minute seems a little too much to credit only to the orthotics.

     Nip off for another run tomorrow and update us image

  • Thanks - I'll have another run tomorrow and let you know whether it was some sort of freakish one off - hopefully not! I got quite excited about trying to do my next 5k (September) in 30 minutes or less after this mornings run! image

  • heckenhocker - today's run wasn't as good as yesterday, but still faster than my general average. Did another 3 miles and my times were 10:29, 10:49 and 10:43. I'm just pleased they were all under 11 m/m. Dunno if it's related to the orthotics or not, I'm thinking maybe I just run a little more efficiently in them, and yesterday was a bit of a bizarre one off!
  • well done...sounds like the orthotics are helping then image

    tactics...try and hold back a little on your first mile so you have a bit extra for miles 2 & might find you're faster overall.  You'll get under than 30 minutes in your 5k, I'm sure....good luck and enjoy!

  • Thanks - will try that. Think I'm still getting the hang of the whole pacing thing image
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