September issue RW p47...what a great idea the PaceTat is !


  • yeah great idea - pity there's such a limited variety of times.

    I've e-mailed them and they say they are looking at expanding the range

  • I suppose demand will dictate greater variety of times but its a great way of being temporarily tattooed!
  • What's all this then?  Spill!
  • I noticed that. Great idea. How about doing it yourself though?
    tattoo printer paper

    Not sure if that link will work, otherwise here:
  • alhill-good diy idea but cheaper to buy from ransacker by the looks of it (£2 ish?)

    Red Panda see-September issue RW p47 (pace times and mile/km splits as a temp tattoo on ones arm)
  • I was thinking that CH could print arbitrary times rather than choose from a selection.
  • thanks for that - looks like a good solution

  • Or you could write your pace times on paper - waterproof it with clear sellotape and tape that as a DIY wristband for nothing ?
  • Or get a real tatoo with your target pace.
  • or a get a variety of target paces to cover all possible finish times...
  • For those people looking for a wider variety of times, just go to - this is the American site they have a lot more options available.  Price is only US$2.99 and shipping costs are pretty cheap as well.
  • Thanks for your interest in PaceTat.  Feel free to send your requests for additional finish times to  Your requests help us determine our next finish time updates.   PaceTat is easily mailed to the UK if you are interested in buying at  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Graham Henshaw
  • I think it's a good idea, especially if my Garmin, (which is currently drying after taking in water during a run in the rain!!), doen't work come GNR day.

    Only problem is, I might look like a prat wearing one.
  • I have just visited the bands ,web site. you can print off  various race distance times to suit your (dream) PB . cut this out , sellotape to waterproof and wear on wrist on the big day!!
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