What might I have done...

I was out running the other morning, about 3 miles in I've stopped for a quick chat, set off again (at plod pace) then I've had a sharp pain in my calf. I havent felt anything 'snap' or 'pull' but the pain wouldn't allow me to bend my foot (it hurt most when I bent my toes towards my shin). It was sore to walk on.

A few days later it feels bruised, like I've had sharp kick in the calf, its sore to the touch but I get no pain walking unlike the first day. It feels now like the after effects of severe cramp like what I had in my footy playing days, but the 'injury' certainly wasn't cramp.

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance!


  • Could be a minor calf tear?  You don't always feel a snap if the damage isn't too much.

    I would see a physio, or at least get a sports massage to help repair the damage quickly.  You might be lucky enough to only need another week off running.

  • Thanks Caz, it has lessened in the pain stakes, it only feels sore deep within the muscle now so a massage is a good call, many thanks once again.
  • Hubby had something similar a few months ago.  Suddenly couldn't walk for no apparent reason.  He had one massage and about a week off running then was back to normal, although his first few runs were shorter than usual.

    I think he could have benefited from a second massage as he had slight discomfort on and off for a few more weeks, but he's stubborn.

    It was caused by him ignoring tight muscles.  The massage loosened up the surrounding muscle (she didn't massage the actual tear) so that the tear could heal properly.

  • Sounds very like what happened to me around 25/07.

    Except that mine was healing nicely, I turned to close a door and I felt a faint 'pop' from my leg.

    Advice from the doc on this one:

    Probably a tear, probably a smaller muscle which, if it goes completely, I don't need(!), (digitorum longus or tibialis posterior?). It's more likely to recur if I don't mobilise it  right now. He reckoned it wouldn't be a 'fixed in two weeks' job though.

    I've booked for the physio, but that's going to take a few days to come through and she's worse than the army type, temper-wise.

  • This sounds like a similar injury to one I've been battling with. While running I would feel my calf get tighter and tighter until painful and then I would get this 'pinging' feeling . I would have sports massage, rest and ice it, but when I tried to run again the same thing happened and I would end up limping home after a couple of miles.

    I gave in this week and went to see a physio. He did acupuncture, ultra sound and a massage. He reckons I'll be running again in 2 weeks.

    I've got to use a Pilate's band at home to stretch and keep moving and stretching it slowly. He said not to take anti inflammatory painkillers as this delays healing.

    I did get told off for not warming up and stretching properly. Especially stretching after warm up and before main run.

    I would try and see a physio if you can. It was money well spent as far as I'm concerned!

    Hope it's better soon  image

  • Hope: Good and plausible things to try!

    If I had the cash, I'd have booked in with a private physio soonest. Not an option, this year.

    Everybody: Any use in keeping the strapping on, d'y'think? The doc um'd and ah'd.

  • I blimming hope it works PCB...I miss my running!! image
  • Tell me about it! You have my complete sympathy. I don't reckon I can even substitute walking boots, yet. I'm just getting very niggly that this one won't fix this time and I won't be able to run anymore. Like I've done with every other lay-off over the last few years image

    Cycling might be worth concentrating on; at least you don't need to come up onto your toes and it does get you out the house.

  • Yes I'm making up the time on my bike...but running is my first love.

  • Hope,

    Could I be a pain in the calf and ask if you can spare time to outline your stretching routine? My calf's improving, but I could really do with getting on and not letting it set. 



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