How to stretch buttocks

After long runs I get stiff just underneath my buttock/at the very top of my leg.

Normal hamstring stretches don't seem to get to this bit at the very top of the leg.

Can anybody recommend a good stretch for this - more the point, can you describe it in simple terms suitable for the forum :)??


  • Hi Jo, I assume that you've tried the stretch where you lie on your back, one leg out straight then pull the other leg (flexed) toward the chest. If not this may help. You can also pull the leg across to the other side of the chest to feel the stretch more in the gluteal muscles. One stretch you probably haven't tried (sorry I can't explain it simply so see the web page), but that can be effective, is where you ultimately end up lying on your front with your hip flexed, externally rotated and adducted, so that your knee is under your chest. See this page
  • Try and have a look at
    a very good site with monthly letters e-mailed to you on a wide range of subjects.
    Maybe tightness you feel is more to do with the glute muscle than your hamstring. Any stretches you do should be held for 30 seconds or so and don't "bounce" them.
    Congrats on the weight loss, is that all down to excercise or diet aswell?
  • Mowgli - thanks for the link - the pics reminds me a bit of anatomy lessons, but make it all very clear - you know what they say about pictures being worth a 1000 words!

    Tim - yes - agree - causes amusement from the other side of the bed - although I normally do this one (this stretch!!) on the living room floor.

    Sarcy1 - thanks also for the link. I do hold the stretches for 30secs without bouncing. Weight loss was a combination of diet and exercise - done very gradually over about 6 months. The good news is that although I'm only running about 12 miles a week, the weight has stayed off and I'm eating pretty much what I like.
  • Okay Jo -- I know this is probably really important but I just wanted to say you did a really good thing by posting this thread. I saw the title and though "Oh my Gawd, what the...?!!" and was laughing so hard I was almost crying - so award to you for the ability to make Cath laugh :)

    Also on the more serious side try he has pictures and stuff - I've found stuff to help me.
  • Cath, I know, normally we are trying to shrink them!
  • The conventional wisdom on stretching has changed somewhat lately, main points from a recent UK:A course I attended are:

    Don't use static stretches during a warm up, use dynamic exercises or drills that complement the activity you are about to do.

    Static stretches are ok after exercise during cool down but don't hold for longer than 10 secs.

    If you want to improve flexibility do a dedicated stretching session (after a good warm up) when stretches should be held for up to 30 seconds, holding a stretch longer than that has been shown to give no further benefit.

    I expect a lot of experienced runners will find it hard to agree, having stretched before events for years. At the end of the day you do what makes you happy I'm just passing on the info that came my way, but "studies have shown" that stretching during a warm up can lead to a 7% reduction in performance over a jog only warm up. Hmmmm
  • Mowgli - just to say thanks again for the link - the stretch you recommended has done the trick.

  • That's good to hear Jo, it's certainly one of my favorites!
  • hi all im running a marathon in toronto 19 oct. when training or racing as i was at burnham h/m. i get one hell of a pain in my hip and under my left buttock at 12 miles any ideas.
  • Sounds like the sort of pain that used to kick in on me at about 6 miles, but the stretch Mowgli suggested further back in this thread really sorted it out. It's also known as Earth Posture in yoga, and really helps to stretch out the hip flexors.
  • one of the stretches i do is to cross one leg across the knee whilst standing and then slowly squat down using the standing leg and then repeat with the other leg - this seems to stretch the top of the hamstring and buttocks
  • Bune, can you do that without holding onto anything? Impressed if so!
  • I'd second what Neon says about stretching before sessions/races. I find a combination of walking then jogging then strides does the job very well.

    Gerard Hartmann does some interesting stuff that has worked for several people on the forum - here's the link.

    Let us know if they work!
  • Kath

    yes - its like sitting on an invisible chair with one leg crossed if that makes it more clear!!
  • thanks will give it a go cheers alv
  • You can take that a stage further and do what in yoga is known as "pigeon pose" - type it into Google and you should get a site with some pics.

    Gerrard Hartmann is Paula Radcliffe's physio if you want another recommendation!
  • Ah yes, 'pigeon pose' is the alternative name for Earth Posture, same thing: fantastic stretch, and my very favourite of all.
  • I've managed to get a groin strain, can't seem to shift it, any advice on how long I need to rest it for??
  • Help

    In my infinite wisdom, in addition to some 'gentle' running I've started playing netball. Last night while playing I felt a burning sensation in my upper thigh (front) - I'm not very good at naming muscle- and extreme pain on putting pressure on the leg and especially when lifting the leg.

    What have I done???



  • Gill sounds like you quad muscle, did you put some ice on it? I would rest and see how it is after a couple of days.
  • Yes, I did put some ice on it and it isn't as bad this morning, although it is still quite painful.

    In addition to rest, is it worth putting anything on it like ibruprofen gel/deepheat??
  • I have already posted this message in another area of the website but I am thinking I might get a few more repsonses here. 

    About 1 1/2 months ago I was playing football when during the game I felt a slight pain in the top half of my right hamstring and lower glut. I thought nothing of it and felt the pain would go away with a week of rest. Unfortunately the injury has not subsided and has now spread into my lower back. My hamstring and glut seem to hurt with prolonged siting, squating,accelerating and the pain in my back prevents me from bending(mainly forward). During the past 1 1/2 months I have exercised very little hoping the pain will go away but it seems that it has become worse. Can anyone offer some advise and/or the name of a good physiotherapist who has experience of these injuries in Manchester UK. Thanks a lot Theo

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