I currently am struggling to work out why this morning, I got up and ran 8.5 miles  along the thames and apart from feeling the impact of the pavements (I normally try to run off road), didn't have any desire to stop and yet, felt that the two minute walk to the newsagents felt soo long - admittedly at the end of my run and I was hot and sticky.  




  • Rachel - I used to get this problem too! I can happily run for 9/10 miles (and do most evenings) yet sometimes walking around town with my boyfriend will wear me out - perhaps it has something to do with how hard we are training? i.e. our bodies are getting used to training and not experiencing 'normal activity' enough like everyday walks???

  • Katy...when I walk around town with my is the thought of spending money that tires meimageimage

    Endorphins are free...plenty available several minutes after commencing runimage 

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