Garmin 404, with or without HRM?

Hi Guys,

 I'm looking to buy a Garmin 405 soon but I have a quick question regarding the heart rate monitor.

The issue being is that I have an irregular heart beat, would this make the results given by the HRM useless?? I don't want to waste money on something that will not work due to my heart condition.

Thanks in advance,



  • Depends if you find any worth in the data given by the HRM.

    Personally, I like to see HR data.

  • if you have an irreg heart beat then any `mechanical` count would not be accurate, the machines seems to get confused by it.

    we use machines at work (ambulance service) that are supp to count HR and they always give the wrong count,  just my opinion of course but i dont think id would trust it

  • Thanks for the replies guys, with that I'm mind I think I'll order one tomorrow without the HRM, no point in using the HRM if the readings will be all over the place.
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