Feel like a lardarse when you run?

I have been running just over a year nowimage

Ive run a 10k, a half-marathon, and currently training for a full marathon in December.

My question - Is there anyone out there that doesnt feel like a lardarse when they run?

My body is looking better than it did 12 months ago, and  I  weight 9 stone 3lb and Im 5ft 3, and still feel very self concious when I run.    The enourmous Tshirt i got at the half-marathon has become my running top as its nearly down to my knees!

Anyone else striving to lose that last 10lbs?


  • I'm two stones heavier than you and so have more of a right to the baggy top than you!!

    I'd love to wear shorts when i run but I'm quite conscious of my chunky legs so prefer my 3 quarter lengths!I'd love to wear a vest top too but i'm also conscious of my chunky arms too!!

    Really though people probably don't take a lot of notice,its me thinking that they do is the problem!

    What I think is worse though is heavier people sitting around and not taking any exercise...
  • Lardarse at 9 stone? jebus
  • jesus i wish i was 9 stone, in 11  1/2  and feel like that big tummy running down the road on that advert screaming `tummys gonna get ya`   lol  image
  • I am a lard arse too!!!   Well, I feel like one, just big and heavy and cumbersomeimage.  I don't really care what people think about what I look like though, I wear what is comfortable (though you would not catch me in hot pants and a bra top!).......I always envy really thin runners, as it must be so much easier for them...that's my main incentive to lose a good stone and a half.
  • I'm at stone heavier than I should be at 5st6lb.  My ideal race weight is just under 9st, now I'm 10st (or just a snitch under) and I HATE it.  Two injuries and subsequent lack of motivation piled it on in no time...  Have been training consistently for a couple of months again but it'll take a little while to shift this... Feel a real heiffer when I run... like every strike registers 6.5 on the Richter scale...
  • yes I do, my details are on the "does size really matter?" thread! Just got to get on with on it and keep trying.

  • I recently joined a running club, and Im easily the heaviest lady there - not to mention the slowest!  I just feel it would give me more confidence as a runner if i was more slender.

    Danowat - I know you've done so well, and I admire your efforts, but even with you carrying the extra weight you can run faster than me.  I believe if I could shift 1/2 a stone or more it would make running much easier.

    Nam - thats exactly how I feel!  Ive got my first mara coming up in December and really dont want to be carrying any extra weight, as the distance is far enough without any additional excess baggage.

    Good luck Redpanda and Lyndalelodge if your both trying to lose weight.  Ive lost nearly a stone in a year, hang in there.

  • Huh?

    You feel like a lardarse?!

  • It's purely personal perception, you, like me, probably see yourself WAY different to what everyone else does.
  • Lardarse - image

  • lol! Lardase..

    my forum name, like yours,  was based on my own insecurities about my body...but I have to say...I don't feel that way anymore.  I am 5'5 and 9st 7lb....I have been through the stages of arse wobbling...then it just started to bang up and down...now I'm damn sure it just 'judders' a bit....keep it up and you're soon feel silth like...or maybe I've just gone passed the point of giving a sh*t  image

  • I'm not overweight (5' 7" and currently hovering just below the 10 st mark), but like several people, I'm quite a bit heavier than I'm comfortable with.  I have also had several checkups which have told me that whilst my BMI's fine my body fat % is too high.

    Initially a change of diet 18 months ago (from vegan back to omnivore) caused me to put on some weight (bit of an extended binge on cakes, cheese and other previously-forbidden foods), then injury last autumn prevented me from losing weight at that point, and my current priority is to get over depression and stress-related illness, so whilst i'm still exercising to the best of my ability, weight loss isn't figuring particularly highly!

    I've been running for four years or so, so am really past caring what I actually look like, but I am pear-shaped and it takes quite a bit of weight-loss for my arse not to wobble noticeably when I run.

    But whilst I don't really care what other people think of me when I run - I go beetroot-red, sweat like a pig and am currently having physio to help correct a very awkward gait, so I'm never going to look like an elite athlete! - the fact I'm about 2 minutes per mile slower right now than I have been in the past, coupled with not fitting into some of my favourite trousers, can't help but get me down occasionally...image

    To complement the running, weights work is beginning to have a certain effect on toning my upper legs (sadly whilst they're getting more toned, they're not actually shrinkingimage), but it's a hell of a long process...

    At least i'm not currently putting on any more weight - the exercise is more or less maintaining my current weight.

    Whilst I don't want to put losing weight on hold, it won't really be the first priority until certain other aspects of my life are easier (they're getting there...).

    The important thing I'm now recognising though, is that I do enjoy exercise for its own sake, and I'm gaining a lot more from my actual achievements rather than just what it does to my figure.  The weight training I'm doing isn't making all that much visible difference yet, but I'm gaining confidence simply from getting stronger.

    All of us are doing a hell of a lot more than the general populus, and whilst it takes time, we will reap the benefits, eventually.

    Keep at it!

  • I'm 5ft 4 and 11 and a half stone. I think i'll bin the rest of my lunch.
  • Back from watching Hancock at the cinema.  I like Will Smith, but now my soon to be 8 year old knows a few more 'naughty' words than when he went in.  It was a 12A, but running close to that I think.  I work in a school, and was praying no parents were outside said screen  when we left.  There were!  They were all off to watch Wallie.  My eldest two are 15 and 13 - oh the joy of the balancing act.

    I digress.  I,ve just watched 4 kids eat McDonalds, and I had a banana in my bag and ordered myself a cup of tea.  McDonalds now offer real milk and not that uht cr@p.  Not eating complete rubbish is becoming slightly easier. The secret is not to eat that first chip that lands on the tray.  Its like have a drink problem.  Just stay away from the first drinkimage

    Lady Pineapple - well done.  I really need to look into doing some weight training, but havent a clue what to do.

    Stoxy - put the lunch box down and then step on the scales.  Sure you'll be lighter.  Are you male or female?

  • I definitely feel like a lardarse when I run, probably because I always feel like a lardarse... because I am one (2.5 stone overweight).

    Didn't help to hear young kids watching my (first and) last race saying "ugh look at that one on the end".

     Trying to eat healthily etc but with 3 children 5 and under it's not always easy.

     At least you know doing the running is a good thing. 

    Keep smiling and try not to worry - at 9 stone something you really do have nothing to worry about.

     Rebecca (who will NEVER weigh 9 stone something)

  • Rebecca

    I'm really sorry that you heard some kids shouting that,thats so awful and its made me feel quite cross.

    Did you see their mothers?
    No,because they were in the pub,propping up the bar while puffing on their fags..

    Sorry to be blunt but that sort of thing drives me wild ..

    And your doing such a wonderful thing for yourself and for charity,how disgraceful..

  • I'm resigned to being the biggest and slowest and right at the back of the pack. I'm 19 and a half stone and 5 foot 8 though! I'm not really getting much faster. I was 5 stone heavier a few months ago. I know I have a long way to go but no, actually, I don't feel like a lardarse when I run. I feel like a lardarse when shopping for clothes or enduring a 'fun' girls 'nite' out in a rentatent from Milletts and feeling desperately inadequate. My solution? Don't go shopping and stop comparing myself to others. Not easy. However - I know I'm doing the best I can do - and I can't do anymore than that.image

  • sprinkletoes - regardless of what you think anyone else might think of you (if this sentence even makes sense!), I'm pretty sure that everyone on here will agree that 5 stone weight loss is a huge achievement and every time you go out running is an extra bit on top of that achievement.

    The same goes for you Rebecca - please don't let a couple of idiot kids stop you from running.  It's been said time and time on here again, but every time you put on a pair of trainers and go for out for a run or even the slowest plod then you're doing more than most of the country.  Each time you complete a session, too, you know you've done something about the extra weight and that alone can make your self esteem rise -then, one day, someone will say the magical words 'have you lost weight recently?' image

  • yes rebecca, you have more guts than most people, and running will help you lose weight, so just ignore them.  I would have got a clout round the ear if I had said anything like that as a kid, not that I ever would....You should see the size of half the kids these days, and they have no excuse! kids should be lean!
  • Rebecca, with 3 kids under 5, thats 3 pregnancies very close together.  I think that if you make it out for a run, you should pat yourself on the back.  Good time management and well done for doing something for yourself.

    I have 3 kids, the youngest is 7, and I work and finding 'me' time is not always easy, but im getting better at it.  I went through the 10 years in track trouseurs, and put  weight on.  My first 10k, a charming child yelled out to the man I was about to cross the line with, 'beat the fat lady'. 

    I was a real mixture of emotions.  I had just run the furthest in my life,  but insulted all in the same moment.  It did though spur me on.  No more reward food for having run.

    If you lose weight slowly Rebecca you will get there.  Ive struggled with alcohol and that was where a lot of my calories came from for years.  Really didnt care that much if I ate, as long as I could drink.  We all have different demons to fight.

    Well done Sprinkletoes, 5 stone is a wonderful acheivement!  Bet you can run further than all your friends too.

  • for about the first 5 minutes of any run i'm always very conscious of the feeling of my bottom jiggling up and down...
  • With 3 under 5's just getting out the door is an acheivement. I have a 4 year old who has special needs and is hard work. I've spent the last three years in trackie bottoms too with hair in various stages of unwashedness and a house like a pigsty. All these things conspire to make you feel awful about yourself but don't let them....

    I've had my fair share of comments from kids too but I invested in an ipod so I couldn't hear them.... My favourite was at the Race for Life (one of my favourites races because I know I won't come in last) when some teenager yelled at her mum to 'get past the fat girl'. I was actually chuffed to be called a girl!

    Yeah, 5st lost is good but I've been down this road before. Losing it is easy but keeping it off is another story altogether... I treat myself with non food rewards for every stone eg, leg waxes, perfume, new clothes, and for the last one a garmin 205!!

    It's NOT A CRIME to be a busy, frazzled, overweight mum - see your running as a sanctuary and HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH.

  • Crikey I had no idea what a boost this thread would give when I first posted in it. Thank you all for your positive comments and for sharing your stories and making me feel less alone!

     It seems there are a lot of us in a similar position. I have to say when I heard that comment during that RFL I did think I would show them - I can be fiesty sometimes, lol.  Since then I have almost dropped a size in trousers, which is SUCH a good feeling. I'm 5ft 10 so I hide my weight quite well but now I have the thing where for the first time in my life the bottom half is toning up and the upper half isn't... thinking of adding swimming back into my routine if I can fit it in. I always used to be a size lower up top but now it's kind of going the other way... 

     sprinkletoes I think you are amazing to have lost 5st. I hope that the running will help you keep it off, although I know how hard it is... I'm never going to stop myself liking food  image

    Thanks again everyone, there are some lovely people on here and it's really been lovely since I've joined getting to know you all.

    As someone said at the end of one of the articles in RW this month, "waddle on friends"! (I love that!)



  • You never have to stop liking food, you just need to change your relationship with food.

    I think its tough to be comfortable in your own body, no matter what size you are, but what it boils down to is YOU need to be happy with yourself, forget anyone else, if you want to change, you can, if not, stay as you are and embrace it.

    Keeping weight off, and stopping losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is probably tougher than losing it, which is why I strongly believe diets do not work, but a life long lifestyle change.

    My story was there for all to read in RW last month, I strongly believe that anyone can do exactly what I did, but I also strongly believe I'll always be a fat guy trapped in a slimmer frame!!! image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Well done
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Oops, sorry, am fighting my 7 month old for the keyboard!!!

    Well done spinkletoes, 5 stone loss is fantastic.

    HTF, you're certainly not a lardarse at 9 stoneimage

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