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I'm moving to Liverpool in the next few weeks into the city centre and was hoping I could get a few tips about where to (and where not to) run.

I noticed when I was last there that it is very hilly - is it possible to have a decent run without spending half of it going uphill?


  • Whats wrong with hills ? don't you like hard work ?

    You wanna live in West Yorks - the only flat bit is the local track! nearly all my routes are up or down dale!
  • Nothing against hills when they go up and down - this just looked like one soulless hill going up one side of the city!
  • Dan just run up and down the river if your in the city centre. Just don't fall in it. image
  • Rofl yeah unfortunately Liverpool up round paddies wigwam and around there tends to be a tad on a hill.  As cake said I'd stay by the river or cross and pootle around New Brighton somewhere.  I found Walton Hall Park nice and flat on Sunday.  I do one run a week with the WRN in Wigan and gawd I detest hills.  If you think Liverpool is bad try one big hill up from Tescos past the hospital, its about 3 miles of constant hill eek.
  • I wouldn't class Liverpool city centre as hilly but you might find a few slopes here and there.. There's a few running clubs around which may be difficult to get to if unless you have transport. Liverpool Running club meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think some club members also meet up at weekends for longer runs. There's also Liverpool Pembroke, Liverpool Harriers, Penny Lane Striders, Picton Running Club, Roby Runners. Club nights mainly seem to be Tuesday I think.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭

    Dan, I think most people will point you in the direction of Sefton Park for running, with running onto Calderstones Park if you want to add more mileage.  The river is decent enough, out towards Brunswick & that sort of area.  I probably wouldn't run the other way unless you know the area (Dock Rd not the most scenic of areas).  You'll probably get more runners in the south part of the city so won't recommend northern bits to run in.

    Greenbank park used to be another fave of mine but haven't been there for donkey's years.  Also, there's a few clubs that I'm vaguely aware of - Penny Lane, Harriers, Pembroke - who might be able to give you some info as my knoweldge might be a bit out of date.

    And hills are great - remember, it's downhill on the last bit home.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Dan. Agree with Pain is... ^ Upper Parliament St, Everton Valley and that's about your lot in the town centre. [I'm from W. Yorkshire too but moved to da 'Pool 14 years ago]

    Good ideas above; but if you like some off road, try Crosby beach and the promenade (about 6 miles N. of town); good footpaths past Coastguard Station at Burbo Bank to Hightown.

    A bit further up the coast (10 miles N. of town) you'll find Formby Point, a National Trust site with miles of woodland trails, huge sand dunes, coastal vegetation and a magnificent beach, not to mention the red squirrels, which are suffering at the hands of pox carried by their grey relatives image

    Over the water on the Wirral, seek out Bidston Hill from Wallasey, and the Wirral Country Way. Lengthy promenades and dramatic beaches at New Brighton & Wallasey.
  • Not sure about LIverpool but have to agree with comments re. running on the Wirral.  Particularly along the coast, you can run pretty much the full length of the end of the peninsula, start at Wallasey and finish at Hoylake.  One end to the other and back can easily give you a really nice 15 mile training run with some fantastic scenery and as you're running along the sea front it's all flat.

  • I also like Sefton and Calderstones Parks (and surrounding roads) for running. South Liverpool suburbs (where I live) are quite hilly - i.e. it's pretty much all downhill to Calderstones and Sefton from my house, which feels like cheating! - but the parks themselves are pretty flat.

    Childwall Woods and Fields and the Black Woods (close to each other) are good for trail-type terrain. They're not huge areas but nice for variety. (L16 area.)

    Like any city, you'll get to know the safer areas and more scenic areas pretty quickly, I'm sure, and in recent years I've noticed more and more people out on the roads runnng individually and in groups so there's definitely a lively running scene, even if I'm pretty out of it. (Funny schedules do not a social runner make!)

    Good luck with the move and welcome to the city!

  • Could you not run down the river?  I reckon the Pier Head to Otterspool must be 6 - 8 k and it's all nice areas.  Running the other way from the pier head is old docks still so could be a bit dodgy.

    The river's definitely flat image

    At otterspool you could cut up to Sefton Park if you fancied a longer run too.

  • Down the old docks area nobody can hear you scream.......image

  • Defo come over to the wirral if you want scenic runs,

    Wirral Coastal 10k on sunday 21st September will be a good day out.


  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Is that the run out and back from Hoylake, Poshpaws? Ye, ran that last year: scenic, quite testing course [head wind image] and good atmosphere; v. good cause too.

    Double booked, I'm afraid: Formby 10K. trail race - pretty multi-terrain run with killer sandy sections and shady forest tracks - also 21st Sept.
  • I know there seems to be a lot on that day, also Tatton Park 10k Cancer run. I'll decide which to do after I do my 10k this sunday

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    Down the old docks area nobody can hear you scream.......image

    I hear your down the docks a fair bit Liver imageimage
  • imageimage  all this talk of Sefton Park.  I used to spend hours in that park when we visited the rellies in Liverpool.  I've been sitting here reminiscing for ages today..   Oh - and I think the cathedral is big enough to do a four miler in...

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