I'm sure I'm being dumb but I can't get past the first screen on my new 405.

It's come up with "Drag your finger counter clockwise to decrease value to 0"

My first problem is value of what? It goes from 0-5 but for what?

Then I can't get beyond that screen. I've tried holding the Bezel down on time/date and menu but nothing happens. It just stays in the value 0-5 screen.

Can anyone please help? Do I have a defective watch or am I as I suspect just being stupid?


  • It's a tutorial to explain the functions of the bezel.
  • Thanks but how do I get out of it?
  • Follow the instructions on screen, it will ask you to do some things, like change some numbers on the bezel, then after the tutorial is done, you can use the watch.
  • Thank you. I've been scrolling the bezel all morning and pressing enter without it moving on but now it has.

    I seem to be alright now - thank you.

  • I am sure you'll have a ton more questions, so I'll be on stand by image

    The manual is does a pretty good job of explain most of the functions, so if you haven't read it yet, take a bit of time to read it through.

  • Thanks danowat and since you are obviously pretty knowledgeable I'll take you up on your offer and ask another question.image

    I have set it all up and as a 305 owner for two years I found that fairly straightforward but I am a little confused about software.

    Garmin seem to offer two choices, being Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center. My understanding is that GC is for online connectivity and interfacing whilst GTC seems to be if you just want to analyse your own data on your PC offline. Correct? Then from another thread you seem to be recommending Sport Tracks.

    All I've ever done on the 305 is download my runs and analyse them and I think that's all I want to do on the 405, in which case I'm assuming GTC is the one for me? Having said this I'm open to be persuaded of benefits from using either GC or ST. I've downloaded all three of GC, GTC and ST and since I've got an injury and can't try the watch properly (maybe tomorrow) I walked a couple of paces to create a dummy run and connected the 405 to my PC. This was fine and it just dropped the "run" into my old 305 Training Center log on top of all my stored 305 runs. This is what I would have ideally wanted so I think I'm home and dry. I missing a trick? Could I be getting more from my new 405, which comes back to me being open to persuasion.

    Thanks in anticipation. 

  • If you are happy with GTC, then use it, it does work fine, and has most of the analyzing features you'll.

    Personally, I use ST, because I feel it's a better "all round" program, it's more user friendly, with gear tracking, sat maps, loads of plugins etc etc, it's just (IMO) a better analyzing soloution.

    As for GC, I wouldn't even bother with it for now, it's pretty useless, it's only really good for sharing runs "online" at the moment.

  • Thanks that clears that up neatly and simply, just as I like it.
  • Just to support Danowat's comments - SportTrack is a superb program which i use with my 405 (which, incidentally has also been fautless over the last 3 months) - the maps are a lot better/more accurate than with the Garmin supplied software, and it's far more flexible.
  • I have this exact same problem and am ready to scream.  I cannot get out of the "drag your finger clockwise" mode to anything meaningful...............Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Brook. How are you doing?

    I had the same problem that you ("Drag your finger counter clockwise to decrease value to 0").... with my Garmin 410. Could you tell me please, how do you fix it?

    Thanks in Advance,


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