Fergus Plods the Blues


  • Is there really no thread yet?

    When I saw there wasn't I panicked and all the good titles I had in my head vanished. This one always reminds me of my young friend whose name is ..er...Fergus, funnily enough!

  • Late night too, KK? image
  • Have some coffee, KK and wake yourself up.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I've been very girly and done some clothes shopping. Bought c***ing shorts in the sale!
  • I didn't know you liked camping?
  • afternoon
  • <erects tent>
  • nice erection
  • did a tough 10 miles this morning and been tired since!

    saw CBT lady who is not keen on me doing teaching at 3 different unis plus PT next term ... suspect she's right!

    taking the Bobbis out for dinner tonight

  • Afternoon

    I'm stuck in the dullest meeting (telecon) ever and it doesn't look like it's going to finish any time soon image

    Thank god for the forum!

  • mmmmm

    lovely meal out with my bird



  • <<hopes pink wasn't expecting the forum to see her through the telecon>>

    <<or at least if she did, she wasn't holding her breath>>

  • (that was Bobbis btw)
  • tsk

    getting help to get you over the 85000 mark...

  • g'night x
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