Motivating books

Can anyone recommend any good books that make you feel motivated to run or exercise?


  • I think "The Runner's Handbook" is a great book and very usefull as well as motivational.

    and a great buy for less than £7

  • To answer my own post I have always liked Alan Sillitoe's 'the loneliness of the long distance runner'
  • No one else? I can only watch the cram/ovett/coe races so many times on youtube image
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Do you want running specific books?   The 'Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer' by David Whitsett and Forrest Dolgeer is very good.

    For non-running specific I would recommend two books by Robin Sieger - "You can Change Your Life" and "Natural Born Winners" - both are very good for increasing self-belief, developing a positive attitude and guiding you to succeed (using whatever your own personal measure is for success).

  • Either of the Jane Tomlinson books

    Touching the Void - Joe Simpson

    You wanna feel motivated to run? Check  this guy out (hope link works).

  • Nooooooooooooooooooo, not Joe 'set off on half-assed under-prepared harebrain expedition, cock it up then struggle to save own life' Simpson...
  • It's not about the bike, Lance Armstrong's autobiography

    'We might as well win it' Johann Bruynel, Lance Armstrong's friend and cycling mentor/manager.

    Neither really running related but very good for motivation.

  • If you can get hold of a copy Flanagan's Run is not a bad read if you wanted a novel type. It gives something of an idea of the camaraderie between runners and the stubborn determination needed sometimes, just to keep going.
  • Thanks I will look out for them. No wonder I have had trouble finding many though as there doesn't seem to be too many about image
  • Doing the Lakeland Trails series this year and have been kept going through it all by reading Feet In The Clouds by Richard Asquith. The definitive book on fell running. One mans journey through the total madness that this sport is, interspersed with the history, psychology and ethos of the sport and tales of the sports giants - Jos Naylor, Bob Graham et all, real sporting heroes if ever there were any. 

    Inspirational and un put-downable. My life will never be the same.

    Got mine from Amazon

  • I'm reading FITC at the moment.

    I got mine from the library though

  • Riding Through The Storm by Geoff Thomas. It's about how he overcame leukaemia and cycled the Tour de France route within one year of being in remission. He was my hero when I was growing up and his story inspired me to run my first marathon - in April I'll be running my 5th.

  • Any more for any more? They don't have to be running just inspirational image
  • Not a book but I really enjoy listening to The Fitness Forever podcast. There's a rough format of one week eduction, one week motivation and one week exercises. It's presented by a couple of Kiwi's - one of who won NZ Sports Instructor of the year and the other one won NZ Group Fitness instructor of the year. There are some great motivational episodes - one of the first episodes had a great one on goal setting.
  • "The worst journey in the world" by Apsley Cherry Garrard, an account of Scott's last Antarctic expedition by its second youngest member.  An insight into what a person can endure and achieve in unimaginable conditions.
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