Energy boosters

What food / drink would give me a quick energy boost say 30 mins before a run??
The joys of a busy lifestyle / yung children and a job!!!!!!
Any suggestins !


  • I often use:
    three jaffa cakes (too high in the cupboard for the kids to reach)

    black banana sandwich (kids won't touch this one)

    both with water.

    Or for an early run, Green & Black's drinking chocolate

    If really desperate, isostar or lucozade sport.
  • Banana, Go Bar, handful of raisins - all good stuff but go for whatever works for you, if you stumble across something good, let me know. Tip of the day, if it makes you sick, try something different next time!
  • Jelly Beans.
    Asda milk bottles
  • By accident, I found that a can of Slimfast is a great pre-run booster.

    And it doesn't spoil your dinner...............
  • I hate to state the obvious, but what about a sports drink like Lucozade sport or Gatorade?
  • I like Jordans Frusli bars and for a steady boost along the way a wine gum or jelly babies (Pink ones are my fav!!!)
  • I'm a banana fan. Also have tried Complan which comes in various flavours,, but in their wisdom, Heinz have stopped producing banana flavour and i don't like the other flavours!
    Sometimes make my own by whizzing banana, sugar or honey and milk in th eliquidizer.
  • Before a morning run...
    4 slices of bacon(grilled), 2 eggs, 2 bits of toast and a small tin of tomatoes(fried).
    Hey, I'm a sick man!
  • RoboKidney
    Thats what we used to have on the way to x-country races when I ran for the university about 500 years ago. We always performed well and I won puke of the week in Abergavenny one weekend.

    (But you must fry the bacon - have you no taste?)
  • Hiya Robo!! Glad to see you back
    Dont eat pre run, which is probably why im so c##p
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