Legs....ache and spasm at night

Can anyone suggest what maybe going on......

Yesterday i did a 10k race (which is my limit at the mo) but at night time my legs kinda spasm and i just cant get comfortable (it actually kept me up).....can anyone suggest what it is - and what can i do to stop it.....image


  • Hello

    I am no expert in the running field,I have been running since May, had shin splints and am running ok for now. I have leg ache at night when im in bed and I have found that taking magnesium tablets an hour before I go to bed has helped or eased the discomfort. I also take them through the day, but mainly at night.

     My legs feel really heavy and hot, start throbbing and then I have to get up and put a cold compress on my legs

    Hope this helps


  • thanks jooles - glad its not only me!

    I will try it out.

    Many thanks gill

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