What am i doing?? seriously confused girl here!!

Hello all, ive got my first ever race on 7th Sep and its a 10k at Sutton Park, Birmingham. Ive been running for a couple of months now but only in gym on treadmill, when i started i cud only run for 2mins then couldnt breath and had to stop now i go the gym 3-4 times per week run for half hour slow with 5 mins here and there fast, and i do some crosstraining, weights and cycling too so i was feeling pretty confident.


My boyfreind got me out of bed at 6.30am this morning and took me on a run for real 'SCARY OR WOT' after a couple of mins i had to stop and catch my breath and this happened throughout the half hour we were out. So there i was thinking i was good enough to do it and now im havin palpitations every time i think of race. What went Wrong??

i did go the gym last night for 1hr 45mins and worked out hard could this have caused me to completely lose my breath after just a couple of mins running though? Im also 2.5 stone overweight but wouldnt this affect me on treadmill as well?

Any answers will be very appreciated thanks


  • Was he leading you at a pace just a bit too fast maybe?  That could havethe effect of getting you breathless.  No big deal if so - just go at your own pace in the race

    Equally it could be a bug maybe or something else affecting you - we all have bad days

  • You probably ran faster than you are used to, is all.  It really takes it out of you.

    Go out on the road at your own pace, and you'll feel much better.

    Also, did the run start up hill?  Do you put the treadmill on an incline?  If you don't you are going to have difficulty outside, where there is wind, and gradient, to make it much harder.

    I can run waaaaaay faster on a treadmill than I can outside (although this is the opposite to what many people find).  If you're the same, you'll just have to go a bit slower outside.

  • I am going with the above, if you have been used to the treadmill is is really easy to run too fast outside.
  • Don't worry - i had the same experience. After 2 months of running on the treadmill and feeling pretty confident my first run outside was a real disaster. This really knocked my confidence and had me doubting that I was ever going to get anywhere.

    There were 2 hills on my route which as I'd been on a flat treadmill I wasn't equipped to deal with. After a couple of weeks I found i could run as well outside as i can inside (if not better because there's more distractions from the ache in my legs).

    stick with it and you'll be fine.

  • Treadmill running is easy... something to do with using less forward propulsion because the ground is fleeing from underneath you,... someone explained it to me in some detail some time ago...  I know a few people who only run on dreadmills and can't run for toffee outdoors.

    Get outside...!

    Running with your BF might not be a great plan at the moment unless he learns to run at your pace, as you're not yet ready to run at his pace.

    Just get outside and find your own pace.

  • Thanks everyone i know there is hope now, i didnt feel like i was running that fast but thats probably because my BF was way ahead and i was trying to catch up. I feel much better now and am going out again Thurs morn on my own to see how it goes.

    Im so glad i posted on here now and got your advice beacuse i probably would have cancelled the race but feeling alot more positive now

    Thanks everyoneimage

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  • Just a thought?  Do you normally run at 6.30 in the morning?   Had you had anything to eat or drink before setting off?   I know everyone's different, but I really struggle with early morning runs as I have to have eaten something, otherwise I feel very light-headed and dizzy.  

    Would also agree with comments above - different surface, weather conditions, etc etc will all have an effect.

    Good luck with your run - just aim to finish as it's your first 10k.   You're guaranteed a PB whatever!!

  • I'm the much slower one.

    I'm guessing you run not too far from me. Will see if i can think of an imaginative suffix to differentiate myself.

  • Running on the dreadmill is totally different to running outside...

    Outside - Wind, rain, heat to contend with before you even start to think about the uphills, downhills, junctions and other obstacles messing with your pace and then there's the fact that you have to physically propel yourself forward.

    Dreadmill - Air conditioned gym, constant speed, constant flat and the floor (conveyor belt thing) moves not you.

    Go out on your own and stick to a pace you're comfortable with, if you swap your gym runs for outside as much as possible then you'll be up to speed in no time.  Good luck xx

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