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  • I use decathlon shorts and t-shirts and iv had no issues with them. But im not keen on their underwear, thermals or "compression" tights. Being a climber hiker and winter sports nut I use a lot of Odlo gear.

  • their running underwear (boxer short style) is excellent. I've bought 4 pairs and worn them for lots of long distance training and events. never had any problems whatsoever and very comfortable. tip though is to go up a size.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Indeed. I like to think that my tip is up a size image

  • When I did my Erasmus exchange program in 2008, I needed to buy shoes just to walk around. I went to Decathlon, and saw Kalenji pair of shoes on good sale. I tried them on and... wow... I don't feel like wearing shoes. So I bought them, but never really used them for jogging - only for travelling to the school or office... but in 2012 I started to run 3 times a day 30 minutes (6 - 7 km). I still run with these shoes. I don't get feet problem or anything like that.

    I did not even know the name of the product, until now I wanna buy the exact new pairs (that's why I'm researching in internet and found this discussion). The reason I want new ones because they are already bit stinky and a bit broken as I ran once without socks and had long big toe nail (silly). Apparently it's called Ekiden 100 black/grey 2008.

    So, I think Kalenji shoes are good. In fact, thank you Decathlon/Kalenji for 'indirectly introducing' me to running. You can use my comment for your marketing thing or whatever. Just please don't increase the price.

  • Kalenji running shoes won a couple of awards by runners world in 2013 , so i bought a pair of their Kiprun MD which had been given the new comer of the year award. 500 miles down, the cushioning is starting to go but performance wise they have been as good as any of the big brands and i have tried nearly all of them. Also Ive stayed injury free during the time ive had them (3 months). I would recommend buying this brand, but make sure you've had your feet properly looked at first so you know exactly what kind of running shoes you need.

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