Calf strain...

Sorry to bother you all, I'd very much appreciate any advice...

 Last week, on what was supposed to be a 13k run, I had to stop as both my calves were in a lot of pain. The right one especially is still painful, with it spreading up the back of my knee and thigh when I walk for a while. I went to the doctors on Monday, he told me it was a strain. He advised rest and perscribed me some ibruprofen. He said I could exercise, but if it hurt to stop immediately. Last night I tried going on a bike at the gym, which seemed to go well, so hopefully I can keep that up.

Unfortunately, this has all come as I'm preparing for the GNR in October. Its my first half marathon, I am aiming for sub 1.45. Do people think this is still realistic if I'm reduced to the exercise bike for a couple of weeks (or possibly longer)? Prior to the strain I had run 7-8 miles a few times in training, how much of this endurance will I lose if I'm not running? I'm 28, been running regularly for a year or so.

Like I say, any help much appreciated. Ta for reading.


  • While the exercise bike will help your cardiovascular fitness it will not do anything for your running.

    I cycle the 2 miles to & from work 5 days per week & have found I've had to reduce my running to 3 miles 3 times per week. I've also suffred from strains/tears to both calfs (the last one was in a race at Wells in May 2006, which resulted in no running for almost 6 months). I also walk with a rambling club.

    All I can advise is you reduce your milage & if you have to walk in the GNR than don't be afraid to do so.

  • Cheers Anthony. I managed a session on the x-trainer last night, so hopefully moving in the right direction. Still not ready for running on yet though. My main problem with the bike is the fact its so bloody boring. Never mind, thanks again mate.

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