Help needed

Hi folks.  I'm nearly at the point of giving up wanting to run again.  I was diagnosed with a form of spina bifida, and spondylolisthesis late last year, and the effects of this condition have been getting worse.  My doctor wants me to go to another surgery, because I have annoyed them with my unanswered  questions on my condition, and I complained that putting me on anti depressants was pointless, the neurosugeon has washed his hands of me, orthopedics will not give my a second oppinion (even though it's my right), the chiropractors don't really want to do anything as I have no medical insurance, and today was the end of the line for physio, and he said there is no more he can do for me.  I also use the physio at Achillies Heel in Glasgow, but I can't go as often as I would like as it costs money.

Is there anything else I can do?  Anything would be appreciated.

Regards, Anthony

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