PB at Great South Run

What a fantastic event, terrific course, weather was superb, and I got a PB, 1:24:53, thats 2minutes from my last PB. Also met up with other forumites, great to put faces to names and hope to see more of you at Windsor.
A day to remember.


  • Nice one Lyn. Shame I missed you all
  • PB for me too 1:36 which is about 9 mins faster than my previous 10mile best :))

    I have to say I was mightily pleased with the couple of light showers along the way which stopped me overheating!

    BK - sorry we missed you too.
  • Lyn, excellent result, you and Paul ran very well, good training for the Windsor Half as well.

    I see you have a new photo on the site also, is that my hand that is shown on your shoulder?

    Well done again, and well done to all participants of the Great South Run
  • Sorry to have missed you too, BK, perhaps another time.
    Natty, I think that is Paul's hand.
    Looking forward to our long run on Sunday, I am thinking of a different route, don't want to do that same as we did last week, might get bored with it too quickly.
  • Did anyone else spot Geezer?

    Bloke with that name on the back of his T shirt overtook me about the nine mile mark.

    I did try to trip him up, but mistimed the effort, and kicked my own shin instead.

    Never mind.
  • Also set a pb 1:26:48 knocked nearly 4 mins of my previous best.
    Snoop , not doing Nike 10k , now running Maidstone , going to attempt both runs..
    Is it wise???
  • Well done all, my comments are on the GSR thread on 'events'

    This forum is too big!
  • Snoop,couldn't have been our geezer - you would have beaten him.
  • Snoop. Re Geezer, I'll have a look at the results and tell you if he's in it. What time would this guy have finished do you reckon?

    Well done on your PBs RR and Dustin. Dustin, I should have started with you, I'd have beaten 75 officially.
  • Well done Mike.
    Meant to drop you an email on friday after I saw your 80 minutes target time!
    I was going to say that with your 10k and HalfM times then you should be able to do sub 75.
    (Last year I couldn't beat 45 mins for a 10k but managed a 74.?? 10 miler).
    Thanks for the shout at 4m and sorry we didn't see you after (I couldn't stay for a beer - had to head off for daughter duties).
    Still see you at Windsor . 1.41 ?
  • This is my post copied from the 'events' one. (Bit of trumpet blowing allowed I think !)

    Congratulations to those already posted here and to those surely to follow.
    Only bad thing was the queuing to get in and out of the car parks.....
    Excellent organisation, started with the 60-69 mins and met Lyn & Fozzie and took 30secs to get across the start.

    Followed my race plan to perfection (there's a first...) halfway in 34.45 , felt a bit tired 7-8 after I passed Sonia O'S going the other way, but felt renewed on the run back along the seafront and found a last kick to finish in 1.09.04.
    Out in 34.45 (34.15 if you take the 30s start off) and back in 34.19 - couldn't have done it better if I'd tried.

    Beat my pb by over 3 minutes (set earlier this year) and improved since last summer by over 5 mins.VERY chuffed this morning.Also told afterwards that I would've been in the top 500 (out of ca10,000) !!!!

    Saw BK halfway round - I thought you'd get around 75 based off your 10k/halfM times so well done.
    Met up with Snoop,Dangly,Romford R,Caz,Murf,Lyn & Fozz afterwards (I hope I haven't missed anyone) and thought I saw Jacqueline's hubby before the race.
    Looked out for Hilly and as those who saw me afterwards can testify I had a list of numbers written on my hand!

    Well done to everyone who raced and congratulations to those debutantes and pb setters.Very proud of you all.

    Sorry for the ramble, still feeling chuffed!
  • I set a PB too, only by the fact that I hadn't done a 10m race before, have done longer and shorter runs but never a 10m race, anyway my 1/2M PB is 2.07 so I guess my time of 1.28 for 10m is pretty good going for me.

    I had planned to try and keep to 8 1/2 min/mile pace which in training I had been doing (only measured on routes of around ten miles - not accurately measured) I managed this until around 6 miles and then strated to drop off and had a painfull last two miles, wished I'd ran all the way at about 8 3/4 min/mile pace as I would have managed that all the way and got a slightly better time - still you live and learn.
    I'm pleased as this was my first race since pulling out of FLM 2002 and my knee felt okay throughout the race and feels okay today aswell.
    Nice to meet a few of you too. I didn't make it to the tank by 1pm as I was busy queueing for some pasta! but managed to get to the pub on time to meet the ones that needed a beer.
    Ran in my URWFRC vest too which was great.
  • Finished in 1.26 which for me was a PB as well (more dets on GSR thread in Events). Listen, did you guys meet up at the Jolly Sailor...I went there but felt too embarrassed to go round asking the score of fellow GSR'ers whther they were forumites. Ok, so a few more pints and I would have done..
  • Dustin

    I would love 1:41 but can't see it some how.
    I was right to say about you being pessimistic about your Windsor time. I should have met you a couple of years ago when we were running at the same pace!
  • Congratulations on your collective PBs, apart from a little fine tuning of meeting arrangements it sounds like you've got your race strategies sussed!
  • Hi, just arrived home in pouring rain!! Good to meet you all and put some faces to names... you don't look much like your forum piccies, some of you!
    I enjoyed my run, it was a 3rd best time over the distance. Not sure what went wrong as it was perfrect weather for a PB. Think it was perhaps the mind set - it was 'only' a 10 miler and i usually do 1/2Ms!
    Suspect it was a 'could try harder' as the teachers used to say.
  • Sorry to have missed you, Ian Wood, maybe at Windsor. Well done to everyone on their PB's, hoping to get one at Windsor but not having ran the course before not sure what it is like. Anyone know????
    Also, who's going to arrange the meeting place at Windsor??
  • Hi Lyn, there is a recent posting on "Windsor Half Marathon" thread in the Events forum from Adele Burgess about the course at Windsor, looks good for a PB :)
  • Hi everyone, didn't realise there was this thread too. I just looked at the results, I was 2758th! I'm really pleased with the time (actual time 1:25:26) and the race was excellent and shall do it again next year (hopefully). My asthma didn't play me up and I was fine using the inhaler (I only found out I had it a week or so ago). Now for a half marathon me thinks.

    Well done to you all.

  • Was I the only person not to have got a p.b?

    Having seen NN's results list, seems like some of you having been setting VERY soft targets!!!

    Dont want to play with you no more!
  • Soft target?

    I think a lot of the pb's were for guys who hadn't run a 10miler before , I suspect if you take those out you won't feel so bad Snoop.

  • Only joking really - jealousy's a terrible thing (but we'll be scrutinising the Windsor targets a lot more closely).
  • Thanks Natty, I will look at that
  • Hi,

    Yes there were quite a few that had not run 10 miles before, but I always class that as a PB personally.

    If I get my Windsor target then it will be a PB so I wont be lowering mine at all :)
  • Nattynoodle, mine was a PB too, can I have a PB next to my time please :o)


  • Caz, Ok done, well done on your PB
  • Well done all those with PB's.

    Snoop you aren't alone I was way off a pb by about 4 mins. But you win some you lose some! I don't know about you, but I quite enjoyed being part of the run, having not done the GSR before. I don't particularly like mass events, but I might end up doing this one again.
  • Just read what you said Snoop ref geezer. I agree with BK it can't have been him, he would have been in front of me as he quite recently posted on the FLM forum that he would pace me at London, but I wouldn't keep up.
  • Lyn

    Well Done !!! seems your running gets better and better, i should be on the roads soon, maybe we'll meet again.

  • Andy,
    Where have you been? Surely not out of action all this time.

    What about meeting up at Langham 10k 22nd Sept????
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