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I am in the process of putting together a website that provides accommodation for Marathon runners travelling to various marathons around the UK. For the UK I have a good list of all marathons to use but I am unsure of what marathons to use for Europe, would people only travel for the main marathons around Europe or would they travel for smaller ones as well. All comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi SG.

    I've only ever travelled to big ones (oo-er missus). So far Dublin, Berlin and Rotterdam. Going to Amsterdam in October too but just doing the half.

    Not sure of the relevance of your list though as there are plenty of hotel sites and travel sites already on the web. Unless you can negotiate decent discounts, I would have thought your efforts might go to waste.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I have travelled abroad for smaller marathons (and other races), but as BDB says - finding hotels and B&Bs is really easy on t'internet.

    What would you be offering that would make your site stand out?

  • I already have a sports travel based website called and it has a google map based product that compares various hotel suppliers to give the cheapest prices available. You are able to find hotels that are close to the event as you would like and you can see the exact location of the hotel on the google map and also where the event is. Check it out.
  • ah - market research via the forum for a commercial proposition?? technically not allowed according to the forum T&C's......

    anyroads - that website looks useful but how do you plan to promote it?? why not speak to RW and pay for a link on this website like other advertisers do once it's set up

    I can see the relevance of the idea but unless people know the site exists then they will use good old google to search themselves
  • Hopefully google will like the site and that people will be able to find us. Each individual marathon page will also have a guide to the race and should be of interest to runners.

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