Stirling 10k, 14/09/08

I know this is a long shot, but... - I'm thinking of taking part in the Stirling 10k on 14 September 2008, but have just realised that it's impossible to get to Stirling from Edinburgh in time for the start (10.15am) by public transport. Hence, my question: is there anyone going by car who would be willing to sell a seat to a friendly and harmless (promise!) fellow runner? Would be highly appreciated.


  • Forgot to say that I would only need to find a way of getting to Stirling - during the day, there are plenty of trains and buses to come back on.
  • If you look at the entrant list I see there's runners going from Footworks, Lothian RC, etc.  Might be worth calling in or phoning shop where Footworks running group meets (Snowlines, 14/15 Bruntsfield Place) and asking whether one of their runners would give you a lift through - be surprised if they wouldn't.  Public transport really is the pits sometimes.  The race has to start early because of road closures.  It's a very good 10k and on the grand prix circuit this year - fast and flat so if you do enter expect to be quicker than in Edinburgh 10k.

  • Thank you, RMcD! I'll try Footworks later this week. Nice of you to still remember me doing the Edinburgh 10k. image Won't be any quicker though, as I hardly got to run in the meantime at all, and have just come back from a weekend full of cakes and chocolate. Am feeling very unfit generally, so thought a race combined with a day out in a new city might be a good incentive.

  • Thanks again! Just to say that I was offered a lift by a kind runner from, so I'm sorted. Now, I just need to go running at least a few times before the race. image
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