Looking for running buddies in the London Borough of Bexley/SE London/NW Kent

Hey all,

Is there anyone out there looking for running buddies in the London Borough of Bexley, SE London or NW Kent areas.

I'm a 32yo male, running for about 2.5 months now and have just completed my first 10 miler which was approximately 11min/mile pace.  Not at all fit and would love to meet like minded people so that we can all kick each other up the behind when we need it for the extra motivation.

If anyone is interested, do get in touch.

Cheers all



  • Hi,

    I started running (well run walk run) about 10 days ago hahahah...and so am VERY new to this running lark.  I'm on second week of 8 week plan to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes!  I have been going to Danson Park (I live in Welling, Bexley) to do my 'traininng" sessions and have been thinking about joining a running club, but think I'm far too new as I'm a total beginner and will wait unti I have completed the plan before I even consider joining or going to  club (it would be nice, for social aspect etc).  I am 43, married with three children and work part time, so have managed to fit in training on days off and once at the weekend. 

    You are far fitter than me by the sounds of things!

    I would like to have a running partner or partners but I think it would be better to have someone on same level (i.e. way down there - pointing to the ground) as me to be honest hahah and you are literally way ahead in the running stakes! 

    Best wishes!

  • Hi there! Just started running after a three month lay off due to injury (40 miler, don't ask!). Looking for anyone in the area who fancies a running buddy. I've done marathons in under 4hrs but am nowhere near that pace since injury so if anyone fancies running or getting back into it, fairly short distances, let me know!
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