bursitis in heal

Sorry to those who may have seen me grumbling about this before, but  i'm really fed up with this and wonder if it will ever be right again?  So here  goes! 

i've had this on and off for about two years. Strangely it subsided during FLM training this year, but has come back now worse than ever. i've virtually stopped running, but anything makes it flare up now, even gentle stretching, walking etc. Just been on holiday for two weeks, and even playing with kids on the beach/in the sea has made it hard to walk the next day' till warmed up, and then still very tender to touch. Advice has always been to get area warmed up, then gentle stretches while not doing any exercise to agrevate it further.

This method helps, but it never clears up completely and as soon as i try and do anything! it makes it worse. It's always worst after a nights sleep or even sitiing down for as little as half an hour!  It's constantly painful to touch the area now. Cycling seems to upset it less than other sports, but even that to warm up the tendon, followed by gentle stretching doesn't  seem to heal it?  or improve it? Orthotics haven't sorted it either.

what now, how can i 'warm up'  before strtching, if that in itself agravates it?....................Help!. Sport and keeping fit is so important to me, and it's becoming a painful chore?


  • anyone...... any idea's?

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    Still no better?  Have you been back to your fizzy?

    PS. you will be in good company back on the 3.45ers thread.  Everyone is injured at the mo image

  • Hi Shimmy

     thanks for hug. No i haven't been back to fizz. I think they will just suggest  a programme of gentle stretching exercices again when i'm pain free (whenever that is?)

    went for very gentle run last run last night, and it's hopeless again this morning. All sore and making whole ankle/foot feel immobile.

    I think i might just have to stop doing anything i really enjoy, running, tennis, badminton, even playing with my kids, or anything that involves jumping or sudden ankle/heel movement, untill i'm completely pain free in the morning or after sitting down for a while.  If i can achieve that, then start again very gently on a strict 'softly softly' approach to warm ups running and stretching . How bloody boring is that though!........and for how long?  weeks, months?  I don't know what else to do?, I'm so fed up with it. There is a permenant hard painfull lump forming on the back of my heal now, thats very sore to push on all the time, so may even have to consider surgery i guess?

    Sorry to hear others are injured on  FLM 3.45 thread.  Been on holiday for two weeks, so haven't looked in lately. Wish them all the best from me.

  • Oh NfS you sound so fed up.  I really feel for you.  Sounds a bit like a heal spur.  I really think you should see your doctor or some sort of professional.  You can't just stop doing all your fave things.
  • sounds terrible to not be able to run properly for 2 years. I know most GPs arent very good with sports injuries, but in a big practice there might be one with a special interest, otherwise there might be a sports injuries clinic you can get yourself refered to. Have you had a steroid injection, these can work very well in conditions ending in "itis". All GPs should know how to do those. If it is affecting your lifestyle so much that you can't do normal things like playing with kids there will certainly be some more treatment available.
  • Just seen this. Had the same problem about 20 years ago, a lump between the heel bone and tendon. Very painful.

    Mine went away all on it's own but sisn't run for 6 weeks and wore some flat shoes, and by flat I mean a pair of cycling shoes, meant to touring. I had no pain walking in them and that allowed the burser to dissipate. No re-occurrence since.

     I'm convinced the shoes helped, but get medical advice on this. My GP said I needed to keep pressure off and suggested very flat shoes. It seems he was right.

  • Hi all

    thanks for your help with this. Now it's effecting all aspects of my life, i think i'll go back to doctor and try and get refered to a specialist. When i've gone to my doctor before, they virtually say 'if running hurts,  give it up and find something else to keep fit'?   I went to a podiatrist and got orthotics, but when i went back with no real improvement, they said there wasn't much they could do apart from reccomending various stretching exercises.  I don't have flat feet, or damaged achilees tendons, or any other foot/ankle/leg problems, so it's infuriating that this small area of heel area causes so much pain and discomfort.


    yours is an interesting case, i've always been told to do the opposite to you, and make sure i always  walk with some sort of heel when possible, as i'm told going without any sort of heel would put more pressure on the end of the tendon where it joins the heel bone, as it would stretch the already tender insertion area . I might give it a go though, anythings worth a try for a while?

  • Might have something to do with the position of the burser. I used to to so loads of road cycling back then and had a couple of pairs of the old stlye of touring shoes, ones without cleats, so you could walk around and not change shoes. There was a 3mm heel on these and they instantly eased the pressure and the pain for me. Of course looked really stupid with a suit.
  • bigpony

    ......i'm quite happy to look stupid, if it works.  I look pretty stupid hobbling about for a while after any kind of rest following a run!!  Watched my wife going to our running club tonight without me, but ho-hum, i can still cycle.

    .............and grumble about the unfairness of it all, like Victor Meldrew! 

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