Holidays getting in the way of training

I am due to be doing a 10 miler on Oct 19th, but am going on holiday for 3 weeks 3rd - 24th Sept.   So I will have a big hole in my schedule right when I should be piling on the miles.

I knew this would be the case for a while so I've been following an 8 week smartcoach schedule for 10 miles, where I put the date of the run as the weekend after I leave for holiday.  I anticipate quite an active holiday, and will hopefully get a couple of runs a week in, but I may be heading for a divorce if I try to do more than that, or go for anything more than 4-5 miles per run.

I'm not a great runner, but not a complete novice (last 10Km 52:44, target time for 10 miles sub 1hr 30). I run 3-4 times a week, clocking up 20 miles per week or so when approaching a race.  

I know I am comprising how well I do in the race by taking the break, but hey life happens.  Can anyone suggest how I approach the last 3.5 weeks before the race so that I can achieve my best performance?


  • I can relate to this so much - up until next year I have to go on holiday for 2 weeks with my family & I never get a chance to train, which really agitates me especially if I have something coming up.

    But sometimes a holiday can be good for you, because it gives your body some proper repairing time & actually as much fuss as I make, my times are never any different after I get back from holiday to what they were before! Is there opportunities for you to do some swimming, because that can keep your fitness up very well even just doing breast-stroke. & maybe a few core exercises here & there, which help running.

    I would suggest that you just go back to your normal plan in the last 3.5 weeks, don't push yourself too hard in order to make up for the lost time on holiday, because that could increase rick of injury or tire you out too much. Just carry on as normal I would. Good luck!

  • Yup, there are two very easy answers.

    1.  Take the week off, enjoy the holiday, quit worrying.

    2.  Running is an ever better way of learning a new town/city/beach than plodding around with a guide book.  So keep running and get to know your holiday location better than you ever thought you would.  Remember, the club you run past at 7am may be the discovery that keeps you bopping long into the next night.

  • I went to France this year and just did some easy running in the mornings. The above point is true, you learn the local area.. which is especially nice when there's a big country park nearby image
  • Yes, thanks! i think I will put my foot down and get some easy miles in at least. 

    I am going to california and frankly it would be rude not to check out the miles of coast on offer.  image You guys have got me motivated again, I think I'd given up on the idea of getting any decent training in.

  • Hope you enjoy it, California sounds great! Yes it would be rude not to check out the coasts obviously... image
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