A man is looking for advice on sport bras.

Our daughter was born three months ago and my wife is breastfeeding and doesn't have plans to stop in the nearest future. She also doesn't have much free time but she's eager to exercise and particularly to run but she can't, she tried to run once but said that her breasts were too bouncy and ached. Thus I'm looking for advice. We can't go shopping around and I don't know if sport bras are available in Moscow (not a runner's heaven) that's why I'm asking here. I'll try to narrow down choices to 3-4 models, then try to buy them online. We all know that they come in many shapes and sizes and choosing a proper one is crucial. Her size is D, probably they're larger at the moment and they're of sagging type.Please, put forward your suggestions!

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  • hmmm, no experience of breast-feeding impact....I think I'd go to www.lessbounce.com and find the contact us button and email for advice.  They are very good with their advice, and with returns (and if you explain you're in Moscow, I suspect they'd be patient with timing too). 

    I'd normally suggest an Enell as very supportive, but I don't know if its style"hold em down and squash em into submission" could cause some problems with milk ducts, or leakage.

    Good luck!

  • Marks & Spencer do an extra high impact bra thats comfortable and goes up to a 40F (£20) - I would imagine you can buy them online failing that then would have to say try less bounce.
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