He's coming home....

Hi everyone,

So, most of you won't know who I am, and that's fine, you can just ignore this message. For those who do, I'm going to be back in the UK for a bit less than a week in the middle of October. Who's up for a big reunion social in the SJT (maybe, or elsewhere - venue ain't important) on Friday 10th October? Date non-negotiable - I'm only in town for 6 days! Presence required from all of those original attendees at that legendary first social on October 31st 2002... you know who you are. And anyone else willing to buy me a drink is welcome too, of course.

Lots of love to you all - it's been a long time




  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭

    Venom!  Yes, sadly I was one of those at that social.  If I'm in London (might need to go oop north that w/e) then I'll join you for a drink.

    Ah, the SJT.  Happy, hazy memories....

  • Gavo! It's been a long time, mate. Would be good to catch up again. I've given you enough notice, you can re-arrange that trip north, surely?

    Right, I need to go to bed - it's late and I'm knackered!

  • afraid i'm away image
  • I'm all for it!

    ps. I did NOT pass out, I just wanted a quick snooze. 

  • Are you both coming over?
  • Gordon Bennett........long time no hear blah blah blah.

    See what we can do, and ditto above are you both coming over?

  • I think Venom'll be alone.
  • Just the me!
  • ooooooooh



  • ooooh the SJT ...................... those trips to the bowels of the earth down the slippery steps.

    I will see what the social diary has in store but should be ok even if I was two months late for the first one 

  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    Ahh Plumby, SJT....where we first met.....and I passed out.

    I didn't wake up at yours, did I ? It's all a bit hazy looking back now.

  • Have you ever woken up?
  • Have we? Is this some eternal nightmare we've been forced to live? Are we all plugged into the Matrix?
  • you are not plugging yourself into me again young man........
  • Hey, it was good for business.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    We demand Blobfish!
  • We can make it ;-((  spoke to the boy last night who reminded me we're in the Lakes that weekend.  Shame would have been great to catch up.

    SJT does have a lot to answer for though me thinks.

  • Hi Venom! I wasn't at that first Social at the SJT, but I let Scotty go on his own at the timeimage
    But- you and the Mrs were at the very first one I went to in May '03, as were the SPs and many others!image I think I'll go to this one!
  • Boing!

    Well, I'm definitely going to be in a pub somewhere in London that night - who's joining me?

    Come on Minkey, take charge and sort some stuff out here!

  • Ok. We'll go to a pub. Wetherspoons? Walkabout? Damn it! Let's go to a decent pub. If the aren't going to be many of us can I suggest a couple of ye olde man pubs?
  • Your call mate, although it's safe to say that manufactured chain pubs is not something I've missed about London at all. Some decent English beer would be good, but anywhere centralish that we can all catch up in would be good.

    Hey, has anyone heard from Caz or Gaz lately?

  • They vanished under a bevvie of kids, I think. How about a short walk from Chancery lane?
  • Flipping 'eck! The websites changed a bit!

    Should be there!


  • Multi! Good to hear from you. Jon will add you to the list...

    Chancery Lane sounds fine to me - suggestions welcome.

  • Multi! blimey, I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering where you've been for the past 2 years. Hope you're well ?

    Venom, I can't give a difinite yay or nay yet but Chancery Lane's good for me too

  • Check out the old mitre. One of my all time favourites
  • There's gotta be a knob joke hidden somewhere in that post...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Or just a joke from a knob.....
  • We will be there where ever there is...but Chancery Lane is fine and dandy for us too!
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