hip pain after running

Any orthopods around?? I've got very flat feet, and wear motion control shoes, currently plod up to about 10 miles a week, and have done 4 half marathons, nothing further. Way back in August 06, I stubbed my right big toe and have have intermittent pain in the nearest joint to my foot since then. Naturally I've not seen my GP. image

October last year I saw a podiastirst who recommended the motion control shoes and diagnosed hallux (not quite rigidus, but getting there...limitus?). I can bend my right toe up but only by physically moving it, there's not as much movement as in my left foot, also the joint crunches when I do move it, and I get a sharp pain around the joint.

In March this year, I did the Bath half, and was plodding well for me until 9 miles in, when I got a cramp like pain in my right hip. It's over the sticky out part (?trochanter) and behind my femur rather than at the front.

This weekend, I did a hilly 10k and ended up with the same pain again. I've brufened but it's still there. I noticed by the time I got home my big toe joint was swollen and a bit bruised looking. The hip pain is intermittent and more tooth achy than stabby.

Are the two pains related? I wondered if I was running even more oddly than normal due to the toe stiffness and pain, and this is causing me to over compensate on that leg. Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain? I'm reluctant to hassle my GP about this, as I'm already awaiting an operation (totally unrelated to my legs) and don't want to keep mithering him.

Should I go back to the podiatrist or just keep taking brufen?


  • The inital problem is called turf toe where stubbing the toe has probably caused some osteophytic (bony) changes to the joint, as a result it looks like you have lost some range of motion in the big toe. For walking you need around 60-65 degrees. If you havent got this is deemed hallux limitus, however if the range of motion is to the extent of having nearlly or no movement in the big toe even when your sat down and not walking is deemed structural hallux rigidus. The only things for this is either rocker sole adaptations or surgery (this is only needed if its painful as not all are!) Further more to your question..Yes you maybe compensating differently due to the hallux problem. its amazing how something which starts off in your toe can have a knock on effect higher up!

    In terms of you greater trochanter pain - it could be either trochanteric bursitis or Ilitotibial band friction syndrome. The primary cause of this is weak gluteal muscles along with tight iliotibial band and tensor fascia lata and vastus lateralis. Having excessive pronation has been cited as another cause of the problem along with a leg length discrepancy. I would advise you see a podiatrist who specializes in sports injuries or musculoskeletal disorders. Gait is only a small part of the assessment. Its knowing why we walk or run like we do via assess of joints and muscles.

  • Thanks for that Matthew. Once I've had my op, I'll re-visit the podiatrist I saw last year.
  • Off to see the podiatrist who runs with my club on Friday.
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