This might sound daft... obsessive even... but should I run later on today if I feel okay... if i've been sick this morning? Or should I totally avoid any exertion?


  • Everything I have read is that any sickness, you shouldn't run.

  • Agree - it's not worth it.  Surely you'd far rather be here tomorrow saing you wished you'd run, than the opposite situation where you wished you hadn't run?  If there is something wrong it may just put you out for longer, but if you don't run at least you're not running that risk.  Even if all that is 'wrong' with you is that you're a little dehydrated from the sickness, or that the running motion will irritate your stomach I think a rest day is best for you...
    But it's hard not to run when you really want to/feel you should be!
  • depends what has casued the sickness - alcohol, food, illness.  If you have managed to eat and drink (and drink lots) and hold food down for at least 6hours before run then go for it.  Ultimately nobody on the forum can decide for you but if you do run make it easy and short.
  • Well... I work nights... and on monday afternoon when I woke up I felt pretty ropey. I had a bowl of cereal then an hour later went to a spin class. Halfway through I had to run out to be sick and had a temperature for the rest of the day. 24 hours the temperature was gone, I was eating as normal and felt fine. Then this morning while at work I just suddenly felt awful again and was sick.

    I think i'll give the exercise a miss. Just depressing, as I haven't done any real training since sunday. 

  • Hope you feel better soon. Let s know how you got on.
  • Given the running a miss. And done minimal eating.

    I feel like food isn't digesting when I do eat it... just feels like it sits. Plus headaches and random other bits of stiffness, backache etc.

  • There is definately something going round at the minute.  Me and hubby have not been great, with flu like symptoms (though have not been sick), had a bit of a sore throat and felt a bit shivery etc.  A couple of people at work have been of sick with it too, and it took one of them 2 weeks to get over it, I am sure you will be fine in a couple of days thoughimage
  • Well it's been over 12 hours since I had a real meal and i've kept it down! Don't feel amazing right now, but I don't feel the pain in my stomach.

    Time to try a gentle 30 min jog !!

  • Glad your feeling better
  • Woo! Managed a 3.25 mile easy jog today! And i've kept two meals down. Things are lookign up.
  • Seems that way
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