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  • Hey Tutu! Long time no post image

     Is this race over-hyped? I only have glowing memories, but that's just the shine of it being my first half? I suppose its one of the few 'old school' races with a PB course and non-extortionate fees.

     Anyone put together a training schedule yet? I'm currently drumming one up; otherwise I'll just be wandering up on the day woefully underprepaired! Any secret key tips to divulge?

  • I've only done it once (this year) and it was just completely flat and easy to get a PB at, think that's the general reason it's popular!  I also think it's nice having a half so soon after christmas period, gives you something to focus on and keep going through the festive season....image

  • and then there's the organisation and facilities...............
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Yes, too right! Just a fun race all round really.
  • I'm in ! hiya Tutu, fancy meeting you here ! If you're trying for that sub 1.40 can you pull me round too ? I'm sticking to some easy running after the Abingdon marathon for another week or so but definitely want to get some speed work in soon, been trying for that sub 1.40 for 10 years, about time i got it.

    Agree with some of the people it's a bit of a bummer getting the application on the saturday and still missing the cut, fraid it's the problem with popular races although i think this one must be one of the fastest filling 1000 + place races in the UK . Now that would be a good survey, what's the fastest filling race in the UK, not counting FLM and GNR ?? bet this one would be near or at the top !

    anyone else aiming for that sub 1.40 ?



  • doh !

     hi LMH was so excited seeing tutu's name didnt see you above her (snigger snigger) hows the legs after Abingdon? thanks for the company at the start, reckon you did a damm good time stosay how little recent running you'd done. How's the knee now ? hopefully ok for this one !

    see ya there !

  • Morning Beders. I'm off to the physio this morning as although I've been able to run since Abingdon the furthest I've managed is ten miles as the knee starts after about three and then the prirformis/hammy/glutes (not sure quite which bits or it could be all of them) join in and my leg feels as though it's about to fall off! Speed, flat, hills doesn't seem to make any difference and it's not going away on it's own despite only runing every other day, stretching etc. I'll let you know what she says. I'm sure I'll be fine for this one though - if about five minutes behind you!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • good luck at the fizz LMH

    and hello everyone image

    really looking forward to this one and hoping to be around the 2 hr mark

  • Hi all! I'm in too image  Ran it in 2006 and had a great time. Was too slow off the mark to get in the last couple of years, so I'm really chuffed to get in this time.

    nsc - I'm aiming for 2 hours too (well, hopefully just under!)

  • Yay! Good news from the fizz. The problem is the hamstring insertion point at the top being irritated when load bearing and she thinks this has been caused by compensating for the pulled popliteous I acquired dragging myself out of the swim at the IM. Instead of recovering I adjusted my gait but have been running without allowing the hamstring to relax so it's been in permanent contraction and therefore causing pain and increased compensation through pelvis to knee. I have some stretches to do and an adjustment to make to current running style and should be sorted in a couple of weeks. Positively encouraged to run but only to teh piint of pain so taht's 4 - 6 miles. Sorted!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • great news LMH image

    elle - did you run in 2006 with another forumite?  if so, she's returning this year so we can all run together for our sub 2 attempt image

  • nsc - yes I did! And that's fab news - whoohoo, can't wait image
  • I am in to

    Can't wait for the chance to try for under 2 hours as I missed it by 2 minutes last year. I will now have to keep training over Xmas and New Year.  Had a good race today at Guy Fawkes 10 even though a hilly course and if I keep my training up hopefully no reason why I can't do under 2 hours.

  • good gang of us at the 2 hour mark then image
  • I'm in too image - missed out last year because of the postal strike but got lucky with the post this year!

    My PB is 2:03 on a flat course (Silverstone) in March so the BM might be a chance to give a sub 2-hour another shot ... but need to work on my speed in the meantime as I've got slower as this year's gone on!  (I like to blame the marathon training - as good excuse as any!  image)

    Can't wait!  image

  • Third time lucky for me!!   Just for the record, I live in the Midlands and relied on the postal system as usual and still got a place (though I was pretty determined to catch the lunchtime post on the Saturday!) - guess I just got lucky!!  

    Really looking forward to running this race mainly for nostalgic reasons - used to live in Appleton Roebuck (went to the village school etc etc), but the opportunity for a PB is also great motivator.  

    For the record, I reckon it's entirely up to Knavesmire Harriers how they organise their races and entries.   As already stated, I believe there should be some reciprical arrangements between clubs, because without the clubs (and their volunteer marshalls etc etc) there would be no races!!   Simple really.   I run races, I help to marshall at races and if I don't get into a popular race, I'll have a little grumble to myself, then get on with it and look for something else to enter.   I certainly wouldn't blame the race organisers!!

    Hi, Swittle and NSC.   We met at Yorkshireman Half.   Excellent memories of that day and now trying to build up the courage to enter the full marathon next year!!   Anyone else doing the full?

  • When I say third time lucky, I mean that it's taken me three years to get a place.   Just wanted to make that clearimage!!
  • Hi, stilldreaming image Yes, I remember you well. What a superb day it was! And such a turnout! I didn't feel I was running alone, having read the hopes & fears of others on a certain 'other' forum.

    Those who ran the "full" Yorkshireman have nothing but my admiration - SD, I know you'll make the right decision.

    Back on topic: looks like there'll be quite a gathering on the Knavesmire mid-January for this cracking event. Keep training, all image
  • hi stilldreaming image

     think I'll stick with the half at the yorkshireman, need to have a good go at that before having a go at the full

    going to be a grand gathering at knavesire - friends all round

  • Is anyone aiming for around 1hr35? I've run 1hr36 in my last two halves this year and I'm determined (desperate?) to knock that minute off - at the least. Anyone looking for a similar time and fancy letting me tag along?

     Happy running/racing for anyone heading out today.

  • bit fast for me Bunny but good luck, anyone looking to crack that 1.40 ? could do with some pacers to pull me along ! still sticking to easy running since the abingdon mara 3 weeks ago but suppose it's time to start some speedwork if I want that sub 1.40 !



  • You'll definitely be too fast for me at this one Beders - I'm looking for sub 1.45. I'm still rehabing but getting there slowly.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • unlikely i'll ever see 1:40 again and 1:45 would be great image Time will tell...
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Sub 1:50 would do meimage ... may be possible if i can get enough miles in my legs before January!

  • Yikes - looks like I might be among the last few finishers then with my post 2-hour times!  image

    For the record, I'd be delighted with 1:59:59!  image 

  • Don't worry my PB is 2.08 so I'll be at the back as well
  • there again the way my runnings going at the moment I'll be more than happy with sub 2.00 myself !
  • Are you taking a while to recover from Abingdon Beders?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hi
    got in by hand delivering entry.

    some familiar names on here already.It will be good to put faces to them apart  from Northern Exile 'cos I will just be staring at the back of his head until I can use my sprint finish to gain revenge - that is if a tired ol' git can still have a sprint finishimage!!!

    I will let you know nearer to the day about 1:35 - it will depend upon how training goes as I am just increasing intensity after recovering from an op and an extended holiday to recover from the op recovery!!!

  • Hey TS, 1:35 is a pipedream for me also!  I have to be realistic ..... think 1:37.00 should be my target.  Best I've done at the BM is 1:38.27 and I'm sure I can do a bit better!!!


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