Brass Monkey Half Marathon



  • Torque - Ok, do let me know. I'm not saying 1hr35 is a definite, you understand. I may very well come in slower, but it'd be nice to try image

    Getting some good practice running in the snow and ice, atm. How's the training going for everyone else? 6 weeks to go now, is that right? Scarily near, tbh!!

  • bit quiet on here everyone must be training hard.

    ...ooohh the race is on NEimage!!

    Training is going quite well, dare I say that? Even managed 6.5 miles in the quite thick snow in Harrogate early yesterday morning which led to some interesting twinges later!!
    Currently at about 48 miles/week and just starting to do some tempo and hill work to try and build up pace. Probably need a couple of extra weeks really but I guess I will be fine for the Snake Lane 10 in February!!!

  • TS

    Training sounds like it's going great (and hopefully it'll stay that way) although I'm now worried given your massive mileage!....I'm maxing 28-30miles a week, which is quite(!) a few less than you. I suppose it's all individual, mileage etc. Still, hopefully gonna reach a 16 mile LSR by christmas; who knows about everything else. And you got a place in Snake Lane? Very cool - what's your goal time; I'm running Liversedge instead. I'll have hills as an excuse at that one image

  • Hi all.

    I'm in for this.  Really excited as everyone says what a fantastic race this is.  There's quite a few people from my club doing it too.  It will only be my second half marathon (I did Leeds in Sept in 1:44:39).  I didn't have a clue what to aim for timewise as I wasn't at full fitness for Leeds after an injury in the summer.  But I did Abbey Dash in 44:42 and tapped my time into a calculator to get new predicted times and am a bit scared now!  It says I should be capable of doing 1:38  image

    BunnyP - my mileage has only been 30-35 over the last few weeks, but I am intending to rectify that over the next 6 weeks and aim to get up to 40+.  I have entered Edinburgh Marathon so I am really gearing my training towards that over the next 5 months or so.  I have entered Liversedge too, but am not sure whether I am doing it or not (person I was doing it with has stopped running at the moment after telling me I HAD to do this so he could beat me - I beat him by 20 mins at Leeds lol).  I need to work out how I can get there for 9am on public transport now!

  • Had to resort to the treadie the other evening as we had ice rather than snow and I daren't risk it in the dark, unfortunately treadie running aggravated my injury a bit but not enough to put me back really. Not doing anything like the mileage of most people from the sound of things (25-35/week) but that's usual for me as I break if I go much above that image Am generally fitting in a turbo and swim session each week too. Endurance doesn't seem to be too much of an issue but I'm not sure I've regained the top end speed (these things are all relative!) that I lost IM training, I guess time will tell - and it's not long to wait now!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • haven't been here for a bit, how's the injury going LMH ? sounds like you're well on the road to recovery. did seem to take a while to recover from Abingdon, but mileage is well up now, should be 50+ this week after tomorrow's 16ish miler. Missed out on the midweek tempo session, had fun running in the snow instead will have to get a bit more speed work in if i want to threaten that 1.40 !

    good running dippy, you were 26 seconds ahead of me at leeds and your abbey time is 2 seconds faster than my 10K PB from last year so reckon you'll be the one I need to tie myself to so I can get that 1.40 !! how are you at piggy backs ?



  • It's getting there thanks Beders. The treadie aggravated it but I'm hoping it's settled down again - should find out on my LSR this morning, only 14 for me though I think. What's this 'speedwork' you speak of? image This could be the reason I don't get any faster!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hmm, maybe I should aim to get up to 35-40, although like LMH I do tend to 'break' if I go too high; just sheer fatigue. I suppose my gym classes and hockey matches contribute something to the running image

    Dippycat - Your times are very close to how mine were last year. Be wary of race calculators, as they're not totally accurate - I'm a 43min 10ker, and it says I should run a 1hr33 half....That ain't gonna happen for a while!! You may find you're quicker at the half than 10k - you've obviously got some natural talent anyhoo, with times like that image  RE: Liversedge - why do you need to get to Liversedge for 9am? The race doesn't start til 12 noon. That's why I decided a two hour drive from Newcastle was feasible, as I can get up at a 'normal' time of day!. You should try and do it if you can, as it's a fabulous race. So scenic and great atmosphere; the hills also take the pressure off image

    Beders - How far do you run in the tempo sessions? I think that's where I fall short; I do intervals/hills with the club, but I tend to run 7.5 miles as a tempo (except when there's snow!)....Should I be running further do you think?

    5m race for me this afternoon; then going to try and crank out a LSR tomorrow - although only around 10m, as cutting back this week. (Do I have anything to cut back from??image)

  • All this high-mileage talk is well on the way to helping me develop an inferiority complex.  I run 25-30 miles a week max!


  • BunnyP - I thought it said a 9am start on their website.  Oops, must have been another race!  Dippy certainly suits me!  12 I should be able to manage.  The hills are another issue...  It does sound like a good race anyway and I won't stress about my time too much.  Not sure about the natural talent bit, but I do okay for my age I think. 

    Beders - I am rubbish at piggy backs!  Would be good to have someone to run with at the same pace though.  

    Did Hyde Park time trial this morning.  5k is definitely not my distance.  I can't seem to get anywhere near where I think I should be (this morning was 22:26 and pb is 22:15).  It was very icy this morning though so I made sure I was not going too quickly as I didn't want to slip. 

     Have a good weekend everyone.

  • NE - I did manage a few 40 miles a week when marathon training once but then had three months off with injury so it's just not worth it to me. I can tick over on 25 - 35 a week and make the rest up with swimming and cycling, it may not mean that I reach my potential running (whatever that may be) but it means that I can get to the start line. If it works.....................!

    Beders, I lied, 16 for me today too though quite sedately. Longest run since Abingdon and as long as I need to be going now until the Europeans as the run there is only 19 miles, good to have that sorted as I need to concentrate on the bike again after Brass.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • NE
    the outcome of battles is decided before the first shot is firedimage!!

    Ran 15+ miles this am in superbly sunny but bitterly cold conditions over the moors to the west of Harrogate. Very slow in 2:15:10 but controlled HR quite nicely at an avHR135 (69%WHR) despite the 7 miles of steady climb that started the run. Enough to add to aerobic development which is all that's needed for HM's.

    The key to increased mileage is to do it gradually - the body has to get accustomed to the increased training load. A step back week every fourth week helps to keep the body refreshed and avoid injury.

    The time prediction tables are normally pretty accurate but one has to be careful when using them going up in distance as they are predicated upon doing the necessary level of training to match the prediction. So going from a 10K time to a HM there is the expectation that training wil ramp up as well whereas going from a HM time to a 10K the training has already been doneimage!!

  • BunnyPhobia
    I will know better what my target for the Snake Lane 10 will be after the BM!!!
    Your hockey playing will certainly give you increased cardio workout - it will be like a hard fartlek session unless you are in goal!!

    Don't forget I am battling to reduce the  the effects of ageing as well so the need for maximum aerobic development and efficiency is my way of compensating !!

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    I'm pulling out ... ITBS is too bad and I just can't train.image 

  • Sorry to hear that Dr. Dan.

    Long runs are going well at the moment, another 14 miler today, probably the last one of this year as it's x-country for the club again next week. How's everyone else doing?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Running 40 miles a week but not many of those in anger. Plenty of off road & multi-terrain in those at the weekends. My London Marathon training will kick off Jan. 1st after the wonderful Otley Chevin Chase on Boxing Day - a good 7 miles of Yorkshire's finest terrain - just the ticket for easing turkey overload image
  • Looking forward to that one myself swittle, preceded by the Stoop fell race on the 21st and nicely finished off by the Auld Lang Syne fell race on the 31st ! I may be slow but I'm good at running through feezing mud !

    BunnyP funny enough I'm thinking I need to up my tempo runs, was very good after Abingdon and only did slow aerobic mileage for over a month but I've still only got up to a 4 & 3 mile tempo sesh a week, bit time restricted in my lunchtime runs so I'm doing 2 shorter slightly faster efforts instead of 1 longer slower run but think I do need to get up to 10+ in the next few months even if it won't be in time for the brass Monkey.

    I did the hyde park 5k once dippyc and found them a lot harder than the john carr 5k series in may, my hyde park time was 22.32 yet i managed 21.46 at john carr. I'm really concentrating on the FLM so not sure if I'll have done enough speed work to get a good time at BM this year but will give it a go. Did a 20 mile run along the leeds liverpool canal on saturday in the driving rain, by the end of it it felt like a fell run, just ploughing through continous muddy puddles heads down with gritted teeth. managed to do just under 20 miles in 9 min miling though so pretty pleased with it, just took an hour long soak in a hot bath after to warm up !

    sounds like you're staying injury free LMH, if you're ever up north you'd be welcome to join one of the canal runs, cathing train out of leeds to keighley or silsden and running back along the canal, very scenic and flat and normally very enjoyable as long as it's not pxssing down all the way !!

    right off for a midweek longer run in the sun thank goodness



  • Beders - I would like that very much indeed. I managed my 14 miles in under 9mm for an easy HR - just another 12 to find for that elusive sub-4! May have another crack at White Peak as a training run and see if I can lose the 4 minutes there.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • that's a good pace for an easy run LMH, like you say that's sub 4 hr marathon pace,  must admit my canal run was far from easy ! Did a very easy 12 miler today though, 9.30 min miling with 60% working HR and that's still 4.08 for a marathon, funny how the first half is so easy, it's the second half that's the killer. Next canal run will probably be in feb sometime as will be doing a long run recceing the Rombalds Stride, 22 miles over baildon and ilkley moor in jan, you're welcome to join us for that as well, probabley 11th jan but it definitely WONT be flat !
  • That might be a little close to Brass for me Beders - I'm trying to PB! But thank you.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Dr Dan
    bad news - hope there is some improvement soon

    good going along the canal - you are right the moors will not be as flatimage!!
    I have run the Hyde Park 5K a couple of times when I have been in London on business and it is quite a twisty course but still good fun to run such a short race.
    Where is the John Carr 5K series held?

    Little Miss H
    all those aerobic miles are in the bank to draw on in the final stages - unlike the current financial world!!

    I knew it was a mistake ot write how well training was going - struck down with a severe sore throat and sniffling cold last week that severely restricted training and too much travelling this week is eating into training schedule - ah well there is always Christams Day to make up for it........................

  • opps, sorry TS, meant the much less famous hyde park 5k series in leeds !! the john carr series in in esholt near bradford , other end of the country from london ! They're damm good though, 3 wednesdays on the trot in may, only downside is that the first one is a bit close to the FLM but it does mean you're pretty fit ! hope the throat gets better !

    only an easy 6 miler for me today, legs tired..old age !

  • Beders
    thanks for info on the John Carr 5K races - I will look out for them next year as there is limited opportunity to race over short distances
    I did laugh at the Hyde Park geography - Leeds would be a bit closer for me as wellimage!!

    6 miles easy is fine - they can't all be eyeballs out running. I think I will have a good few years on you so no excuses about old ageimage!

    Fully over the bug now thanks - just in time for my normal Friday "special" - 3.5  miles warm up at av 8:10m/m and then 8 x 200m hill intervals with jog down recoveries in the crisp, cold dawn air. .............
    I will recover eventually

  • ouch, hill reps my favourite...not. day off today and only another easy jog out tomorrow as got the Stoop fell race on sunday, one of the dave Woodhead specials, great fun and loads of mud.

    ps, I'm only a kid of 51 really, thought I was old until i did my first fell race and all the grey haired varicosed veined 80 years olds galloped past me !!

  • Hope the Christmas holidays went off well for everyone and that you all  managed a run on Christmas Dayimage!

    Just a reminder that there is now just less than 3 weeks to go.............................................

  • Thanks TS! Yes, had a lovely x-country bimble on Xmas Day. Unfortunately I had an awful last LSR this morning. No idea what went wrong but it didn't help when the Garmin started going backwards at 7.3 miles..................always disheartening I find and especially if you're struggling a little anyway.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 3 weeks!  Thanks for the reminder TS.  Not sure how ready I am for this.  Mileage is great, but not been doing specific HM training.  At least there's no hills so I should do better than Leeds image

    How did the Garmin start going backwards LMH???

  • No idea Dippycat - I looked at it and it said 7.3 miles and then as I ran on it started counting backwards.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH
    You must have been running so fast time started to go backwards as wellimage
    Can't you fit in anorther LSR before the race - there is plenty of time. Better to have a more confident run in one's mind than a carp one

    mileage is all you need really - strenght and stamina win out over speed every time in a HM

    Having said that I ran some mile intervals yesterday  ( well 3 to be precise in case you thought it might be more!!) at an average pace of 6:50m/m with 3 minute active recoveries - the idea of running 13 at that pace was not appealing!!

  • Got my number for this today!
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