Brass Monkey Half Marathon



  • i was the one that wanted to run with an ipod, i still think that at the time of applying this rule should be made clear and give the option then of entering knowing that music is banned.

    as it was i did run and without music so whoever that was in the black hat it wasn't me. i managed to pass the time by running to mile  with a couple of other people but was on my own from then to the finish, i really struggled  and am sure my time would have been better with something to take my mind of things , however finished in 2.08.35

    i always run with music and always on busy streets, i do not have the volume turned up so that it drowns out all traffic, and have never had a problem , i have always heard cars or even bicycles approaching from behind. i think if you use an ipod sensibly it doesn't pose a danger

  • I see your point Andrea and know that for many it's just impossible to enjoy running without music.  However, this girl did not subscribe to your good practice and couldn't hear a thing.   She was a bit of a liability I suppose, however I don't want to sound like I'm preaching - let he who is without sin throw the first rock etc etc image

  • i also cant find the link to rate the race - any ideas?
  • passed a few people with an earphone in under a hat image

    was a great day, ran a good solid training run at (fingers crossed) marathon pace and had company the whole way round image

    and she pbed image

    lovely to see lots of you again

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Well done, nsc image Nothing like the sense of fulfilment when someone's got where they want to be by dint of another's efforts.

    You doing FLM btw?
  • Please dont run with earphones/ipods in at all, you are exposed when people run up behind you, not all people are nice!!!!.

     I have run past runners with ipods etc and the shock has made them jump out of their skins, i know that it may be the fact that I am running past people but I think that it is the shock that people can get that close to them without  them noticing.

    PS I didn't get in the Brass Monkey Half

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