Big Toe not happy


Could anyone help with this, it's affecting my running ...  as in, I'm hardly running at the moment.

I have not quite a bunion on my right foot, more like a halux valgue or whatever, it's like the start of a bunion. Anyway, after about a year's sabbatical from running, I started again and my right big toe isn't too happy. Whenever I try to flex it with my sock off, it doesn't feel right at all. If I manually wiggle and waggle it, I get a clicky crunchy sort of response from the toe.

I can run short distances on it OK, but I'm worried I will cause further damage to it.

Any ideas? Ta. 


  • Go to see a doctor duh image
  • You should be so luckyimage
  • I should be so yucky.


  • probaly best to get it checked out by a podiatrist or other foot specialist, with the anglulation of the toe there may be some degeneration in the joint wich will cause pain, alternatively it could just be  tendon/muscle pain in the area caused by doing too much to soon.

    the outcome will probably ber some kind of orthotic insert and a firm shoe but this is dificult to say without seeing the foot 

  • i've had a similar probem with both my toes. My left toe was caused by a football injury and took a year to get better, my right toe then strangely went in march. Saw physio who reckons I need to see podiatrist for orthotics. So I would go straight to a podiatrist if I were you.

    Mines apparently caused by my toes being ultra flexible and mobile around the mtp joint.
  • Hmmm, don't like the sound of this much.

    OK, thanks guys. 

  • Will make an appointment with podiatrist at some stage.

    But in teh meantime, I just worked out by swinging a 32kg weight 170 times. Once I got to 100, I took shoes off and did it on soft ground. Immediately afterwards I gently pulled my big toe away from my little toe and it went CRACK. Feels so much better now image

    Rest of my body feels totally sh*gged though.

    So there you have it.

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