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  • I'd heard that this species of man existed but thought it was myth image

    sorry hubby not domesticatedimage

  • its a survival kind of thing - if i didn't do it i would have to go to work unkempt, which wouldn't have really done my prospects any good and i don't like being hungry. I should probably be a bit more honest, I love food (the effects of which are partly why i started running) so I learned to cook.
  • well done you!  I didnt think such men existed, cooking and ironing together in one man...who would have though!! Your gf is very luckyimage

    Me and the bf were having a discussion the other day about why we work well as a couple even though we are quite different and one of his reasons was that I like to cook and he doesnt...which is lucky as the boy can sure eat! I think i would be single again if i couldnt cook hahaimage!

  • I think the same about me... but then i'd always have at least one person to love my cooking - MEimage
  • Mark

     I share your sentiment about having to survive in you own home. My wife can cook pies but little else and she can't iron for toffee!

    Bless her - she's a great mum though so can't complain. 


  • Ry, I don't think you can really ask for more than that. You can always get take away but there's no substitute for good parents
  • Ok I'm getting worried. I think Mark might really be my bloke trying to find out how much I spent on running equipment last month.

    My bloke does all the cooking etc and seemed to be trying to add up all the money I've spent on running gear. Mark are you really a tall Dane called Tommy? If you are then I managed to my my asic trainers, my running skirts, water proof jacket and polar HRM really cheap... no really, really cheap.... They cost erm.... £10... all together... honest.

    If you are really are then Mark buy your girlfriend flowers and try to weather the silent treatment. If you really are my bloke Tommy then I really like the pancakes you always make for me in the morning and I promise not to buy any more running gear until it snows.

  • WC, no I'm not a tall Dane called Tommy (i'm more likely to be compared to a great dane but that's different) , I also struggle to make pancakes image. Although i would also say that if I was in fact a tall Dane called Tommy, you'll never know!

  • welsh chick, LOL!image

    i dont mind ironing but i do draw the line at doing loads of mens shirts, he can at least use an iron for that. thank goodness running gear doesnt need ironing though. our washing seems to be made up of running stuff (mine) and cycing stuff (mainly his)

    trying to work out how to buy garmin 305 without hubby noticing. not sure why i am running as he once bought a (expensive) bike and didnt tell me for 3 months, this was me when he owned up when the guilt became too muchimage!

  • I think you're telling the truth... Tommy would never put down his cooking even if he was trying to trick me. I also think it's safe for me to start lusting over winter running kit.
  • Meglet, - here's an idea, buy it and when he notices, just tell him you've bought it for one of us and you're checking that it works OK.......................................image

    Ryan,  I'd iron for toffee (or chocolate, or wine, or any of the above!).image

    Looks like you've all been working far too hard this pm!!!! 

    Right, off to get No 2 child ready for school tomorrow!

  • Hi people,

    There seems to be a few even newer peeps on here than me so a big hello and welcome to them!!

    Just an update really. My ankle now seems to be almost back to normal, so i'm hoping to get out on Thursday evening as i'm away all day tomorrow..looking forward to trying out the Camelback and 7 miles i hope should be good.

    I will keep you posted

    Keep running


  • Hi all image

    AJ glad your on the mend - hope everyone else with injuries are improving also. 

    BF can't say much about my collection of running stuff at moment as he just bought a very expensive Gibson guitar and didn't mention it!! Funniest of all he tried to smuggle it in to the flat - like I wasnt going to notice him carrying a large black guitar shaped object upstairs image 

    Run went well today - I didn't break any records but felt really good about it and also went on bike ride so have been very busy today - I can feel a slump oncoming though- so may just need a small (!!!) amount of chocolate image

  • tigerbird,

    guess he was hoping you wouldnt notice another guitar, just as hubby reckoned (correctly) that i wouldnt notice another bike in garage, he didnt try to hide it but i cant keep up with whats in there. he's not very good at secrets though, in a conversation with me and his biking pal he was saying how good his new handlesbars were on the race...what handlebars are those then?...oh, ah, the ones i am er, trying out?! £200 for handlebars and i am worried about the most expensive piece of running kit at £150!image

  • Meglet - its working to my advantage though!  He's cooking tea tonight and is doing dishes (he is part domesticated!!) also am working on him getting me a Garmin for my birthday image  funniest thing is though he left new guitar on sofa and cat decided to have a chew at it it now has cat teeth marks in peg thingies at top!!! Very limited edition now image 

  • Evening all

    Welsh chick pancakes sound delicious.

    AJ glad your ankle is feeling better, good luck with the 7 miler. Let us know about the camelback. I'm considering getting one.

    TB enjoy the tea. I know when hubby cooks always tastes better.

    CJ good luck with getting no2 child ready for school.

    Well did 4 miler tonight, and ran the whole way YIPPEEE Tried to find all sorts of excuses not to go and when the rain started thought excellent, but then hubby went out and as he's only just started to running shamed me into going out : - (

    Glad I went really enjoyed myself. At the moment looks like pace will get me round a 10k in 70 mins which would be too bad.

    Off to do the ironing!

  • Ha, it sounds like i'm not the only fella who does these things... great I'm not alone.

    Good luck with the run AJ, try to take it a little easy just in case!

    Jackie, congrats! that's a great effort.image

    well I am sure i'll go for a run tomorrow, or maybe thursday i've been a little tired since the gf was ill on monday, i hope i haven't caught whatever it is. Not very pleasant at all.

  • is this todays first post? where is everyoneimage
  • I'm here image

    I keep thinking about pancakes image and how I won't be home for another week, sigh.

  • Wow it is suddenly all quiet on here...

    I'm also now thinking of pancakes, i don't think that an apple is quite the same image.  I'm really feeling demotivated at the moment, although i was very pleased that my new socks finally (!!!) arrived yesterday. image they're very comfy around the house, although i will have to take them out for a run soon. Maybe tonight i'll go for a half hour or something.

    So everyone...Where are you??

  • I'm here too

    Been lurking but not much to report, apart from the fact my legs ache after last night image may do a shorter run tomorrow night

    Hubby started second week of training plan last night, think he found the move up to 2 mins run 1 min walk a bit difficult.  Having said that he'd just cycled home from work

  • cycled to work yesterday and monday for the first time in a while. actually felt pretty good and got up the hills in a higher gear than normal, so my legs must be getting stronger. image

    weather looks bad for my usual thurs or fri run though...but have a friend who wants to start running so might have a training partner soon.

  • Late arrival folks, but still here!

    Got No 2 child off to school, No 1 child not due back until next Monday.

    Did run this am, felt odd going out, didn't feel like going - not motivational thing, not particularly tired, just "didn't feel like it".  Anyhow, got out and discovered that foot pod (measures distance etc) had died, so just decided to run for set time instead.  Trouble is, not sure how long it was!  Looked at watch when I started, but by the time I got to the end (only 30 ish mins later) I'd forgotten!!  So, think I did my 3m route in 27 ish mins (certainly felt like it!).

    Then did the supermarket run, DIY shop and trying to get out and cut grass, but No 1 child not too good again (won't go into details, but involves use of washing machine!) and rain threatening.  But, if I don't get grass cut, won't be able to find cats!!

    Hope all well with everyone else - bit of interesting news (!) in our local Tesco, you can buy garden stuff and barbeque equipment on one side of the aisle and Christmas sweets and chocolate advent calendars on the other. Seasonal!!

  • Hey CBJA you live near one crazy Tesco!
  • Christmas stuff already??!?!?!? I almost didn't believe it, then i realised that it is september after all, so it must be xmas. I wonder how long it will be until the carols are all you can hear when you go to the shops??? Still I like christmas, it's a time where it is quiet at work, with lots of sweets, drinks and parties. image

    I will go out tonight, I have decided as i haven't been since sunday. It really is starting to make me a little tetchy (that can't be good - i feel worse than when i have caffine withdrawal)image

  • Cj, good work on the run by the way
  • Thought I'd check out whats been occuring before I go home for the day.

    CJ Glad No2 child got off to school OK.  Was he glad to be going.  Sorry No 1 child still not well.  Funny you say that about the Tesco I was in the other day and saw that they were stacking up tins of roses and I did think at the time that surely it couldn't be for Christmas, we've still got halloween and bonfire night to come.

    Think I know what you mean about the withdrawal affects Mark.  I don't think I'd feel as bad as you but when I was running yesterday I kept thinking how much I was enjoying running.  Now thats a sentence i never thought I'd hear myself muttering.

    How's everyone else.

    Well I'll sign off from work, may catch up when I get home

    be good


    by the way if anyones interested ONE more day before I go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi all

    Had really good session with group tonight.  Am very pleased.  Have learned to pace myself more rather than start off too fast and have nothing left towards end of run.  I still finish looking like ribena berry but am one that can go on for a bit longer image

    Running is addictive!! - have found that even when it's raining, I'm soaked, I'm only halfway through run and I feel really tired - I'm still enjoying myself.  It's crazy but it's good.

    CJ hope No1 child feeling better.  Mark hope you had good run.

    Hope everyone else is ok.  Am going now for soak in bath with a cup of tea and some toast and honey.

    Take care everyone image

  • TB - good to hear you had a good run tonight image.

    Mark - Did you get out for a run?

    I had a really cr@p run this evening.  Suddenly was in need of a bathroom after 2.5 miles (not one on my route - and wasn't up for finding a bush!), so had to walk the final 1 mile home......not sure what caused it, as I hadn't eaten anything for over 3 hours before heading out.  On top of that my left calf ached all the way round.image

    Oh well, I'll just write that off as a bad run and hope my next run (race day) is much better....not going to risk another run before Sunday now..

    Hope everyone's doing well, whether it be running, resting, or recovering from injuryimage..

  • Hello!!! 

    Speaking of withdrawl symptoms i was getting those just from not being on here since yesterday afternoon!! Had a good day today, out for lunch and dinner eek! Thank god i weighed myself this morning!! 1lb down and 1"(?!?) off my waist...think this is a fluke thoughmas it seems too much, wondering if i measured it in a slightly different place last time or something?!

    Glad to hear the ankles feeling better AJ! Good luck with your run!

    Sorry to hear no1 child is still ill CJ, poor thing, doesnt sound too pleasant, hope he's better soon!  Well done on going out your run even though you didnt feel like that, bet you felt glad you had gone out afterwards!

    TB your right it is addictive! Cant wait to get out tomorrow even though im starting a new scary looking week!

    How did the run go Mark? Have you told your gf about your new watch?!

     Meglet, im still getting over £200 for a pair of handlebars eek!!!  Thats good your noticing a difference your cycling too since starting running!

    Woohoo WC only a week to go, not long for you now! I cant believe im over a week into my time off already, thats so depressing!

    Sorry Jac how long is it til your holsimage?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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