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  • Hi

    Lxr - the need for the toilet is something that happens to runners! It's due to everything being jiggled about!  It's not so bad when it happens in the gym - if your running in a park at least there's loos there! Dont know what to suggest!  I know I've read it in RW magazine or on one of the forums here about taking immodium but that seems a bit drastic!

    Hi Nic - I dont use my scales anymore it was just getting depressing so I just see how my clothes fit me and measure myself once or twice a week.

    Have tried the shake on pg 31 of RW magazine and it's very nice!! Still had my cup of tea & toast and honey as well image

  • hi all,

    the run wasn't great. I was a little sore in my calf and my knee ached a little so i only had a short run, then went to the gym for a bit of time on the cross trainer. better than nothing but not what i had wanted.  hopefully the next run will be better

    Yeah i have stopped using the scales too - partly as i've stopped loosing weight  but i think the way clothes fit is more important anyway

    I did tell the gf about the watch, I think i managed to phrase it right in that she wasn't too mad. That or she has done something similar herself, i am slightly worried...image

  • mark, watches/guitars/bike bits generally balance out with shoes/handbags/clothes, i think we have all told a white lie about how much something cost!

    lxr good luck for your race, START SLOW!!! expecting race report after. perhaps try immodium, i found the adrenaline on the day plus a caffeine drink before-hand was not a very good combination, needed loo most of way round but decided to hang on rather than wait for loo queue and destroy my time!

    will post a race report from our leeds HM relay too, think we are going to get wet!

  • hi all, have been lurking for a few days. In that time i have read the 1300+ posts you have all made. Most of which i have read on my phone whilst at work image

    Anyway, i an totally unfit and have decided to change that. Have started walking this week, going to walk next week and then start doing a bit of running from the followingweek
  • Sorry about the multiple posts, i am posting these messages from work on my mobile and the box doesn't get bigger when i get to the bottom image
    Anyway going to try to get fit, though i'm working loads lately. 3 shifts and only 2 days off between 28th july and 19th september

    Oh well back to the grind stone image
  • hi all, have been lurking for a few days. In that time i have read the 1300+ posts you have all made. Most of which i have read on my phone whilst at work image

    Anyway, i an totally unfit and have decided to change that. Have started walking this week, going to walk next week and then start doing a bit of running from the followingweek
  • Morning folks, quick post in between getting No 2 child off to school!!

    Barry - big hello and welcome - there are a few blokes around, and as long as you don't get us girlies onto shopping, you should be OK!!!  Well done for getting in touch and joining in and even more well done for reading through all our posts!!

    lxr - just wanted to say don't worry about your last run - I was exactly the same in the run up to my first race.  It was a 10k and I was (then, 2 yrs ago) doing 6m, 3 x each week, at around a 10min pace.  I went for a "gentle" run on the Weds (race on Sun) and it was crup, I could barely get myself around at 15 min/mile.  In the end I gave up and walked home and decided not to do any more until the Sun.  On the day, I ran (non-stop) and did it in 48mins flat.  You'll be exactly the same - you'll be so much better on the day!!!!image  The most difficult bit is finding your pace at the start - everyone else is rushing off, there's a bit of jostling as people settle in, so just make sure you stick to your own pace, forget anyone else.  I'm sure it will be brilliant - can't wait to hear!

    Ditto Meglet, think you said it's this wkend - 7th from memory?  Can't wait to see the photos!!!  Hope it goes well for you and all of your team - greetings to them all from windy Winchester!!!  Have a good run - just don't drop the baton a la Team GB 400m women's relay team in Beijing!!!!

    Mark - sounds like you could do with some calf-stretching, cross training is good, but stretching better!!!  Hope it's OK today, but if it's feeling stiff, then a few days of a good stretching routine should help. 

    Hi TB, sounds like you're doing well - with you on the scales, mine now residing in loft - relying on clothes to let me know progress!!

    TTN, thanks for that, No 1 better today, thought I was getting it yesterday, but can't afford to - no-one to look after me!! (violins playing!)  Good for you on the weight/inch loss - that's a few pounds in the last few weeks isn't it?

    Ironing done and bags packed yet Jac??!!!  How many hours............. BTW, where are you going?  Hope you get good weather - probably heat wave in next few weeks as school hols over!!

    Greetings to anyone else, hope all runs go well today, injuries are healing and not to many food-related temptations are placed in our way!

    Darren and Lisa, how are you two and how are ankles/blisters - better I hope.


  • Did I say quick?

  • Morning folks

    HUGE apologies in advance as I may mention the fact I'm going on holiday tomorrow a few times in the following post image

    TB know what you mean about running becoming addictive, people must think I'm a bit loopy running along as red as a berry but with a huge grin on my face.  Never thought I'd be taking running gear on holiday with me and looking forward to going for a run whilst on holiday image

     Totally agree with you and Mark on the using how clothes fit method a lot less depressing especially if, like me, you've got clothes in your wardrobe which range in size so something will always fit image

    lxr/meglet good luck with your races and hope the weather is good for you, but not too hot.  Obviously I'd like the weather to be good for the weekend in Northumberland as that's where we're going on holiday image

    AJ glad ankle is feeling better.  Hope its ok when you go for a run

    Mark sorry calf not feeling too good.  Just remember if you ask your gf if something is new and she says 'what this old thing' chances are its new and was expensive!

    Barry welcome, and well done on reading through all the posts, don't know if I'll be able to read everything thats been occuring when I return from my hols!  Are you following a training plan?  They're not as daunting as they sound and I know nearly everyone on here has followed one at one stage or another so will be able to give you some good advice/tips

    CJ how's no1 child.  Ironing done, packing will be done this afternoon, probably two or three times given I'll be getting help from daughter image  We're going to Haggerston Castle, a Haven Caravan park, not very exotic and some of the reviews I've read leave a lot to be desired but to be honest I'm just looking forward to two weeks away.

    Lisa/Fwitsend/Darren/Osa/Welshchick (and anyone else I've missed) hope you're all well


  • Morning all, and Welcome Barry. I am hugely impressed that you have read all the posts to date, that is a real commitment! I'm sure you'll make a great runner with even half that level of commitment! I would agree with jackie, a schedule is a really helpfull way to start out/train for an event, they give you a good guide of how much progress you have made.

     I think you're right CJ i probably need to do more streching on my calf as it is only the one which ever seems tight and sore. I've got one run planned on fri/sat morning then the 10k is on sunday, so i have a few days to stretch and massage my calf before then - I also have got myself a support which i will wear in the evenings to keep it warm after the stretching so hopefully that. and a cobmination of icepacks, pain killers and gentle excercise will really help heal it up.

    Jackie, you barely mentioned that you were going on holiday image

  • Mark I thought I was pretty restrained image

    Didn't realise you'd got your run this weekend.  Good luck.  Hope the calf is ok

  • TB and CJBA - thanks for your advice/sympathy - I'm not feeling so worried about Sunday now (still a bit apprehensive, but that's to be expected image).

    Jac - Hope you enjoy your holiday!  I'm thinking I could do with one too (Mexico in May was such a long time ago......)

    Barry - Welcome image.  Running is an excellent way to get fit.  It sounds like you're doing the right thing by starting off slowly.  Most (if not all) of us have started running by following a run/walk plan.  There are a number of plans about, personally I recommend the one on RW - couch to 5K in 8 weeks.  It's the one I followed, and I can now run up to 50mins without stopping!

    First bit of advice - if you haven't already, make sure you get yourself a pair of 'proper' running shoes.  Get down to a good running shop where you can get your gait analysed, so you get the right shoes for your running style.  Bog standard trainers are a receipe for injury, as some on this thread will agree!

    Hi to everyone else - to all those who are running today, have a good one!

  • Good morning everyone!

    Welcome Barry, impressed with your reading of all the posts (much more interesting than doing work eh!).  Sounds like your doing well and starting off walking is an excellant idea. I think i read somewhere that once your comfortable with a 30min brisk walk then you would be ok to start run walking.  But theres no hurry, if you dont feel ready theres no shame in taking a bit longer with the walking or repeating a week!  Im currently following the couch to 5km in 8 week programme and can also reccomend it, im up to week 5 and its been a steady increase in the time spent running and im really enjoying following it!  I agree with lxr re the shoes, very important, i was running with the wrong shoes and im sure it  caused my hip injury and other niggles!

    Lxr, how long did it take you from finishing the 8wk programme to being able to run for 50mins?  I still feel apprehensive about managing it but ive made the prorgress so far so im sure that i can do it as so many people have followed it and are now running for longer periods of time!  My runner friend told me she always suffers from "runners tummy" i thought she was joking but have since realised she isnt!!  Ive read in other threads about people taking an immodium before the start of the race, think i will take one for my 10km just to put my mind at ease

    CJ, TB and Mark, I did consider getting rid of my scales too but i dont think i could! Im also filling out the bit at the back of the Running Made Easy book which is a weekly log of weight and measurements so think i will keep standing on the scales but im more interested in the measurements but really want to see my weight going down too!

    Glad to hear that no1 child is better CJ, hope you dont get it!!  Unfortunately i dont know if it has been a few lbs over the past few weeks i think i maybe put on a couple and lost them or ive just stayed the same, im starting to weigh myself every week now so keeping a proper eye on it now!

    Sorry to hear about your sore leg Mark, hope it gets better for your next run!

    Your holiday sounds good Jac! Im so jealous, could really be doing with going away somewhere too!  Nevermind, theres always next year!

    Well im starting week 5 today, been putting it off by staying in bed til 10.30image but guess i need to get out there! Just had brekkie so will let that rest then i will head out about lunchtime, im really nervous, is that silly?!  Ive ran for 8mins in the past but never 3 times with only 2 mins inbetween! Cant believe in a few weeks time i should be able to run for 30mins non stop!!! 

  • TTN I remember getting to this point in my training plan and dreaded it, so much so I did week 4 twice image When i did do week 5 I felt brilliant, and I can't beleive that I'm now running 45 mins non stop I NEVER thought I'd be able to do that never mind enter a 10k.  Being nervous isn't silly at all I'm nervous every time I go out for a run especially if I've had a few good runs before (will this be a good run, will I have to walk, will I have to cut the run short). 

    Let your brekkie settle get your running gear on and go for it.  Can't wait to hear how well you did image

  • Thanks Jac!! Glad to hear you felt brilliant after week 5! I know i will if i can manage it today! will be a huge achievement!  Cant wait til i get to the point that your at now it feels so far away but you and everyone else are the proof it is achievable!!

    Thanks for that, youve made me feel much betterimage

  • Hi everyone.

    Welcome to the forum Barry I have to agree with everyone at your dedication reading all the posts.

    CJ I hope child number is feeling better and that you don't come down with whatever he/she has. Do you think it's just back to school nerves?

    I hopped on the scales in the radio/heli room to try and figure out if I've lost any weight. It was a bit of a wasted effort as the rig was moving about to much to get a steady number. I have either lost 4 pounds, gained 4 pounds, or am somewhere inbetween.

    LXR and TTN, I'm curious about this magic program. Do you have a link?

    I was very good last night and set my alarm to head to the gym. However this morning I had other plans and decided to stay in bed. i think it's from the switch over to days. i always find it makes me really tired. I think I'll set my alarm for my non gym wake up time (5:45) and if I wake up at 5.00 I'll head to the gym. I feel semi zombie-ish today.

  • hi everyone, back from todays run, decided to do a "long" one today and went just over 4 miles in 46 mins, flat, about 11.30min/mile as i started steady. did finish last half mile pretty fast though! nice day for it, cool but not raining (it is now!).

    i think that is the first time i have run non-stop for that time/distance. i started about a year ago, but more seriously in about feb this year doing 10k (longest ever) in june. since then i have been focussing on doing shorter runs, usually 2-3miles, to build a good base and fitness. now i will start to add in longer runs every 1-2 weeks until my next 10k in november. running usually twice a week to avoid sore knees.

    i never really did run/walk, just started out with a walking route of about 1-2 miles, ran in the middle for as much as i could, and gradually increased the time running. i did look at a few programmes and picked bits out though. if i ever do a HM i will try and follow a plan though.

    my kids back to school today-hooray, back to a routine! much easier to stick to proper eating now too.

    talking of food, off to supermarket nowimageimage

  • Morning WC, heres the link totally recommend the programme, heres why -

    Just back from the playing fields and guess what I DID IT!!!!! Im so happy and excited! I gave myself a huge pep talk on they way there about how i could do it as i was feeling dubious! It took me a bit to get a steady breathing pattern in the first 8mins and it was hard, the 2nd 8mins I found it really hard to start running again but managed to get into it and the 3rd 8mins was almost easy, i felt i was running faster and it went by really quickly (was expecting the time for the last one to drag!)

    The first week of this programme i could barely run the 1minute and now im running for 8mins at a time! 

    Right sorry about the big rant about how good my run was, im just so surprised i managed it!! Better go have a shower, im a big stinky sweaty excited messimage!!

  • Welsh Chick - This is the 0 - 30min schedule I used (hope the link works!)

  • Congratulations Meglet, and you too Nic, they're a great effortsimage

    I know what you mean about the breathing when you first start. I always seem a little short of breath for the first mile or so then i seem to relax into the run and i catch my breath again and speed up a bit. I guess it's just my body warming up or something like that?

  • Wow sorry about the big excited rant! Ive calmed down nowimage

    I think it is your body warming up, going from a sedentary state to shocking it by doing exercise or something like that?!  Before I would have given up because i found it hard to breath but now realise that it will get better once ive warmed up!

    I love this running malarky!

  • Thanks for the program image

    What kind of speed do you all run a mile in? I'm trying to figure out if I need to go faster but am not sure what sort of speed is normal (or good) for a beginner.

  • welsh chick, i dont think you should worry too much about speed, just about feeling comfortable. i tend to go by my breathing, warming up i breathe really steadily, about in for 3 steps out for 3, and if doing a steady run try to keep this. for faster or shorter runs i do in for 2 out for 2, but it doesnt feel too uncomfortable. for fast intervals or up hills it is a much more laboured 2/2! (on my long run today i did 3/3 for 25 mins, then upped to 2/2 and then really pushed the last half mile-i guess that counts as progression training!)

    at first it was all 2/2 and felt hard, but it has gradually got easier. the whole thing about having a conversation while running is still a bit beyond me though!

    off to unpack shopping and look through RWmagimage, must remember to feed kids tea thoughimage

  • Hi Meglet, I'm not too worried. It's more I'm a bit confused about how fast I should be going image I can run 1.6K in about 15min, (I'll have to check my ipod for the correct time) at a nice comfortable pace but it feels a bit easy and slow at that speed, (9.5 on a treadmill) or I can go at something a faster pace that stretches my legs (I think that was 14 on the treadmill). The faster pace gets my HR going and in terms of effort feels more like what I would do rowing but I can't maintain it for much longer than 1 minute.

    I think I probably need to go somewhere in between the two speeds. I find it very hard to judge speed when I'm indoors on a treadmill and I tend to get bored looking at the wall image Does anyone else remember what speeds they use on treadmills walking and running?

  • I forgot to mention, My tea is going to be cooked for me by 6 Norwegian guys, and they'll do the washing up. Even better is they'll have done my laundry! However it's always a bit strange getting my pants back neatly folded from the laundry if there is an all male steward crew image
  • WC, at least you get them back...image
  • Um i tend to run at between 10 and 12.5 onthe treadmill as a normall speed or when i am going for a pace type session I tend to go at about 15.5 or 16.5. I think though, that you should just do what feels comfortable for you, if you feel your a little slow then i would say just pick it up a little but not too much. That extra 1 or 1.5 really can make a difference.
  • If you get this Jac, have a great holiday, enjoy yourselves, enjoy the runs (think I'd better rephrase that!) enjoy getting out for a run if you do!!

    Will post more later, up to armpits in marigolds and washing up - not an attractive look!


  • HI again

     Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

    I feel like i know most of you already, what with reading all the previous posts.

    Unfortunately I don`t  have a collection going yet, I will have to look into whether to collect bras image or socks or gadgets image

    Anyway I am hoping to get my gait analysed soon and I am off to Florida in 4 weeks so may try to get some runnig shoes there.

     Good luck with the running, get well soon all you injured unfortunates.

    I am off to work now, though I may post from work on my mobile image

  • Hi everyone,

    Just taken me half an hour to catcjh up (7 pages) with posts!  Sounds like everyone is doing well. 

    Welcome to all newies to this thread!

    I just did session four (week 2) today and felt a bit knackered to be honest, but not as bad as I thought I would really.  I run with our dog but he often stops to play with other dogs and won't follow me always...just seems a shame if I have to leave him at home as I head out to one of his favourite palces (the park!) for a run-walk-run time!  I'm running 90 seconds and walked for 2 minutes (warm up walking for 5 mins before) - carried on for 20 minutes.  I'm planning to do my sessions on the days I'm off work (i.e. Thurs, Friday and then Sunday).  Not perfect but it's going to be the easiest and most convenient way for me to fit in the running malarky I think!

     Mark - your post made me laugh when you wrote about whether to tell your gf of the gadget you had wrote something like "I hope I don't wake up dead" hee hee.  Anyone else notice?  

     Good luck to everyone on their running! 

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