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  • Many thanks Nic, think i'll need all the luck i can get!
  • Haha, good point Mark! I must be getting better as I didnt actually consider giving up just annoyed that i prolonged the training by 5mins by having to add it at the end!  Must admit I did have a sneaky 45 sec walk in the last 5mins as i was dying!

    Another treadmill vs outside question?  Does anyone find their running posture better on a treadmill?  I seem to run much straighter and better on the treadmill yet when im outside i seem to bend my knees and back too much and must look hunched over!  Im now in 2 minds over what is better, dont have a clue what speed im running at outside but can keep it constant on the treadmill, although when i came back i found out that as ive got the footpod for my Garmin there is a bit which tells your your mph/kmph!Im assuming it tells you while your running not after?! 

    Let us know how you get on Kelly! We will be all sending good thoughts your way tomorrow!

  • Thanks again! I will definately let you know how it goes.image
  • Hey a new thread!

    I need a serious kick up the bum again, I don't know what is up with me lately.  I've loved the running when i can make myself go out, it is just getting out of the door that I am really struggling with.  I was all set to go out last night after work and my bf was ill so I ended up just staying in and curling up with him instead.  I am going to try and go out tonight instead - and I have the weekend off so I should get a run or two in then.

    It is frustrating being frustrated with myself for having no motivation!!


  • Hey CB, its so hard to get motivated especially when you could be curled up the with bf instead, theres always something that sounds like a better idea!!  Just think how good you will feel after your run and its not really that long that you will be out of the house anyway, you will be back home before you know it!  I guess you need to train yourself to get into the habit of going out, im slowly managing that but it does take time and perceverance!

    GET YOUR ARSE OUT THE DOOR TONIGHT FOR A RUN!!!! (hope that helpsimage!!)

  • Hi there

     I have to go straight to the gym if I have any chance of staying motivated, if I go home first I feel my willpower evaporate & 5 minutes later I am eating stuff out of the fridge. Going to the gym straight from work is the best diet tip I know, it keeps me out the house during that dangerous 'I think I may devour my entire kitchen whole' period that I inevitably get at teatime. After exercise I am not immediately hungry & can then make a more sensible choice for dinner (and I realise that an entire jar of peanut butter eaten straight from the jar is not a reasonable dinner!)

    Osa xx

  • Haha Osa, that sounds very familiar!!!
  • osa, im totally the same,  i take my gym stuff to work and go straight from there!

    If i went home i would never move back off the sofa!

  • I am an all or nothing type, worst thing that happened to me was breaking my wrist last year, I think bits of me & the sofa literally merged & I probably drunk a vineyard's worth of wine, don't think I have ever fully recovered in fact I think my wrist is the the only bit of me that was fully intact after the cast came off!!

     Osa x

  • Osa, I tend to be the same I put my all into whatever I do, including lazing on the sofa. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well
  • your telling me!! Ive dont nothing today since coming back from my run/walk! Been lying on the sofa watching a film, had to drag myself out to do some shopping just now!  Feel like ive wasted a beautiful day but after doing 2 weeks of 12hr shifts its quite nice to just relaximage!

    Hope youve all got good weather where you are!

  • Crup weather here, but at least it's not raining!!

    Techie problems again with this, ticked the box to be notified when new replies posted - but nothing's happened.  Added this to my bookmarked fora (yep, old enough to have spoken latin!) and nothing happened. image

    Glad you're all having such a great motivational chat!!  Just  been in the supermarket, they were selling 4 x Twix, Mars, Bounty etc for £1.00 - but managed to walk past without buying!!!  image Had bit of blowout at sis' yesterday, No 2's birthday next week, so they had birthday cake in advance.........................image

    Well, chance to run it off with 40 min run tomorrow.

    Will post goals etc when a bit more time - not avoiding issue, just trying to get techie problems sorted - and I see it has unsubscribed me again!!image

  • Hello TTN - made it to your beginners' thread after all -  ON NEW LAPTOP!!  image  Not done terribly well with the running since you last heard from me though, my ankle decided to have a fit with me on Sunday's run and I had to turn around and hobble home.  Thought it was improving but got up from my desk today and nearly fell over.  image  I wouldn't mind but it's just random - I didn't go over on it or anything, it just decided I was having too much fun!

    As for why did I start running - originally (many, many moons ago) it was because I was doing taekwon-do and I needed something else to help me work on my fitness.  Have stopped and started many times since then due to STUFF, having never got very far anyway.  This time I am re-starting because, post-baby and in a new sedentary job, my weight is creeping up and up and up and I want to LOSE IT!!!!  It also keeps me sane.  But I've only managed a week of walk-a-bit, run-a-bit before the ankle thing hit.

  • Oh no Fiona, sorry to hear about your ankleimage! Did it just give way on you?!  Hope your giving it plenty of rest and support!  Poor Sue is suffering with a sore ankle too, she might be able to give you some tips on what to do to help it!  I would maybe go to the docs if youve not gone over it?!

    Hope your ankle gets better soon!

    Sounds like your not having a good time of it either CJ! This website doesnt seem to like you at allimage!!  Mmm birthday cake! Atleast you can eat it guilt free knowing that you burn it off during your runimage!! Well done on bypassing the cheap choccie! you just reminded me that i was going to buy some for tonight but forgot hehe!! Ive had a nice healthy eating day today and feel really good, nothing bad or tempting in the house either so should manage to have a whole day of behaving!!  

  • BH, just received notification of post and I see my subscriber thingy is back again!!  And, managed to find and copy my goals!! 

     My goals

    • Swim 1 x weekly
    • Increase pace/distance so that by end September am running 40 mins+ (approx 9'30 pace)
    • (Then) Join running club
    • Run 10k race end October/beginning November (preferably faster than in 2006!)
    • Run marathon in 2009
    • Increase overall strength, fitness and flexibility and remain injury-free
    • Lose 1 stone
    • Have the guts to start new (self-employed) career
    • Regain mojo

    Why did I get into running?

    A few years ago, when life was a bit of a mess, I wondered about running a marathon, (oddly enough!) as I felt I needed a challenge!! Reckoned I'd lose weight etc, but felt that I needed something (positive) to aim for (as you do!).  Started with the Sport Relief mile - No 1 child's idea, wasn't at all keen as not good timing, but we did it and it was fun.  Also coincided with stressful time in life and found that running was great for de-stressing and then realised that I enjoyed it!  And was losing shed-loads of weight.

    Now, I enjoy it, it's still great for de-stressing, but it is also me-time - don't get much of that with 2 boys and 2 cats

    Sorry about the ankles - hope yours is better Sue, let us know.

    Darren, hope you're OK, how's the ankle/foot with you too?

    Hi to everyone else, lovely birthday cake - Dr Who and tardis, blue icing left tongues a bit of an odd colour tho!!

    Lisa - keep on,  you're doing brilliantly

    Lxr - still enjoying the emerald isle?

    EG/TB how are you and anyone else - looks like we'll be onto third lot at this rate!!


  • Hello everyone

    I'm on night shift out here so will be posting at strange times. Today I woke up at 17:00 and went into the gym for a bit. I was calibrating my ipod nike+ thingy. I screwed up the walk calibration so will have to do that again but managed to do the run one ok. Then i ran for 1k without walking and felt very good. I'll forgot to look at the time so I'll have to do it again tomorrow so i can let you all know how my time was.

    My head phones stayed in with no problems at all so I'm very impressed. They cost around 300DKK so about £30 but they are probably cheaper in the UK. One of the people out here gave me a big bag of chocolate because I made a pretty graph for them. It's standard to get bribes out here if you do some extra work for someone. The only problem is I'm now stuck in my unit (1/2 a shipping container converted into an office) on my own for 12 hours with a bag of what looks like very nice chocolate...

    To everyone who needs some motivation you all know you'll feel better once you've done some exercise. And to everyone who is injured I hope you feel better soon and just think of how many lie in's you're getting.

  • Evening all!

    Yes I'm still enjoying Ireland (wish I wasn't working though!).  Back home to London tomorrow evening..

    Did my run tonight, but it ended up being in the hotel's gym on the dreadmill.  I had planned on going out, but there were loads of flying ants about, and I've got a thing about them.  Also, didn't fancy the thought of accidently swallowing one whilst runningimage.

    Remembered why I don't like dreadmills though - too hot - running gear is never going to dry out before I pack it tomorrow morning, hope it doesn't go mouldy before I get home!  As you can tell I prefer running outdoors!

    I do the headphones and bra-strap thing too!  Think I also read it on another thread!  I've got your bog standard ipod headphones and use an armstrap.  All works fine, but if I'm really building up a sweat, they can still pop out of my ears..

    Welsh Chick - good to hear your twist and lock headphones work - what make are they? I may need to invest in some myself.

  • Hi again and thanks for the welcomes.

    Went for a run tonight, managed 8.13 miles in 1.02.30 although my right ankle really wasn't too happy during the last 2 miles? am i doing too much too soon? I read that alot of you are trying to lose weight...well running is definately the way to do it. My Garmin registered 923 calories burnt on my run this evening which is one hell of alot and i have lost 6 pounds in 10 days although im not trying, i just like to keep a check on my weight....i'm 5.11 with a 28" waist weighing 10st 2 Ib's and the weight still wants to come i guess it's time to eat more although i'm not skinny, i'm very toned and carry minimal body fat with a BMI of 19.5

    As for the headphone issue, there are many sport headphones available that are attached on a plastic band that wraps around the top of the ears and around the back of the head to the other ear, mine never pop out and they are so comfortable at a cost of roughly £15.00...and worth every penny!


  • Hi all,

     Good luck to everyone with their training! I'm out for the second 'proper' session tomorrow, although last weekend I tried unsuccessfully to run around the park, and over did things!  I didn't ease into it at ALL.  Still run-walk-run (don't laugh!) image

    Quite a few runners use headphones, and I just wondered is it distracting at all?  I have thought of having some, but then wondered (as a female) if I would not be able to hear somone who could potentailly attack, coming from behind me or something - sorry not very articulate here lol!  I guess it depends on the volume you have them set at of course. 

     CJBA - I can totally understand how you would do running and think it's a really good stresbuster and for mental clarity etc., and that's one of the main reasons for me, stress relief, feel good factor, ME time even (with three children, a dog, a cat and a husband and I work three days a week - I don't get an awful lot of that!).   Good luck sorting out your techie probs too - I wonder if someone could have hacked into your account (sorry, don't wanna scare you - just wondering)?  Change password and see if things settle? 

    lxr - I've never used a dreadmill (love that term haha).  To be honest I love the outdoorsy aspect of running and all the stuff going on outside, mind you with winter drawing ever closer it will be hard to get my backside into gear when it's rainy and cold outside!   I've never ever run in the rain!  Is running in wet weather best avoided or should you just get up, get out and GO??? (sorry I'm so new!).

  • Evening!

    Ooh enjoy your bag of chocolate WC!!  Im very jealous!! Sympathies about not getting the calibration to work, had the same problem today with my garmin watch...was so excited about seeing the graph for my run/walk today and i cant find it! think im going to have to put a post on the gear forum!

    Yikes AJ, im jealous both on the weight loss and the mileage/time!! Sounds like your going to have to start eating moreimage, it is good to know that running helps with weight loss though! Shame about your ankle though! Think we are going to have to rename this post to "Ankle Injuries!" everyone seems to be getting them!  Have you upped your mileage a great deal recently?  I had read that your not supposed to increase it by more than 10% each week?

    Bet you will be glad to get home lxr! your running gear might be ok, i find that mine drys really quicklyimage! So its not just JJB gym thats too hot then!!! You would think that gyms would have their air con cranked up but they are always far too hot!!!

  • Hi Diane!  Ive been thinking about winter approaching and worried it kills my motivation so ive just invested in a waterproof top and a beanie hat so that i have no excuses!!

    Your definately better sticking with the run/walk approach! Its really working for me! Im on week 4 of the 8 week plan and was so amazed to complete the first session of wk4 today, what an improvement when i could barely do week 1!!

    It could potentially be unsafe to have headphones in, if i wear mine i never have the volume up loud enough to completely block out outside noises.  Ive misplaced my ipod and actually didnt miss it today when i did my first outside run for a couple of weeks!

    Running in the rain is brilliant as long as its not too heavy! It really cools you down and feels brilliant! thought my mum was mad when she told me that, until i tried it myself!!

  • Hi Diane -  I love running in the rain!  It keeps me cool(er).  I'll pretty much go out and run whatever the weather, though I'm not too keen when it's really windy - feels like I'm running backwards at times!  So I'd say definitely just get out there and run whatever the weather!

    When it comes to headphones - if you're listening to music, either keep the volume down enough so or only have one ear in.  I listen to audio books (slowly wading through the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels at the moment) and find that I'm more aware of what's going around me compared to when I'm listening to music....not quite sure why though?!  

    CJBA - hope the computer is sorting itself out.  I don't always get the email notifications either, don't think it's a computer specific thing though, as I access this forum from different machines.

  • Hi Nic,

    I have upped my mileage big time... I was running only 5 miles 2 weeks ago and now im up to 8, so i think that's where i'm going wrong with the 10% increase per week ....if that's correct and it sounds sensible although i found my last 7 miles really easy?? weird!

    Thanks for that


  • Yeah that could be it then, your body wont be used to it and is maybe just complainingimage!!

  • I love running in the rain, too as I can't stand being too hot.  I love the cooling effect and the feeling that I'm doing something that not many people do (mainly because they think it's a bit mad, but hey).

    Headphones wise, after some annoying experiences with earphones popping out and the armband for my Sony 20G mp3 player cutting off the circulation in my arm, I'm now set on:  ipod shuffle with sennheiser PMX70 headphone.  The ipod is so small it feels weightless and has a great sturdy clip to attach to your gear.  The headphones wrap around your head and are really secure.  They also have a little clip and the wire is coiled so it doesn't waggle around annoyingly so much when you're running.

  • Diane - running in the wet is excellent, as everyone else has said.  And the best shower you will ever have is the one after being out running in the rain.  Heaven! image

    Music-wise when running, I sometimes take the ipod, sometimes not.  Mr G recently bought me an armband thing which I have used once or twice but I'm not that struck on it.  I did use to steal his headphones that have a band over your head (oh technical me!) but he got fed up with them coming back covered in sweat and make-up so he got me some or my own.  I could never keep the little ipod ones in either.  I don't think it's that dangerous if you don't have it massively loud as I think you learn to keep tuned in to your environment also.  But I run on country roads so am in the habit of looking behind for cars on a frequent basis anyway.

    Sorry to hear there are so many sore ankles about!  TTN, I don't think it's time to go to the docs with it yet, far too early days, but I am at a loss as to why it happened.  I was running along quite happily, quite slowly, feeling great.  No pot holes, no trips - nothing!  Ah well.  At least I've had a glimpse that I CAN start back again and it CAN make a difference to my weight, which has crept down 2lb over the last week and a half.  Happy days!

    lxr - where in Ireland are you visiting?

  • Hi all

    Diane. I've just started running too. I'm on week 2 at the moment. I've been browsing the website in the female section and they say that most attacks occur later in the day so as a female you're safest running in the morning and changing your route.

    I've been looking online to try and find my headphones and they're sennheiser m75's. They look like normal headphones except for the bud's which are a long straight piece of plastic with an ear bud sticking out halfway along. I've been practising trying to put them in as the picture instructions are very basic. They feel strange in at the moment but they don't fall out and i think I'll get used to them. The only potential problem is I'm not sure if they're too big for my ears, but I think it is more that i haven't really figured out how to put them in properly. I'll keep everyone posted. If they're no good for me it looks like I'll end up passing them on to my fiance and trying out the sennheiser pmx70's. Most people complain that the pmx70's fall out of their ears so I think they are smaller. They come with a behind the head band and have normal ear bud's. I do like the way the m75's stay in an i'm going to try them for 2 weeks and see if i get used to them as believe me they are not going to fall out!

  • Evening all,

    Glad to see everyone is keeping busy on here. I am currently on nights (last one of two), and I thought I would check in to see whats been happening.

    My shin doesn't feel right still, so I have decided on a plan of action. I will reluctantly rest up until it feels good again, and order myself some insoles. The type I have decided to go for are the ones that you put in the oven, and then mold then to your foot. The link for them is below:

    If this doesn't cure my problems, which I doubt they will, I will make an appointment at a Physio for some manipulation and advice.

    I am convinced that I have Anterior Compartment Syndrome. I fit the bill perfectly, and the symptoms match to a tee.

    meglet, I'm sure you mentioned about tying your shoes to tightly. I think I done this on my last outing and may have been a contribution to my arch pain. I have redone the lacing now so that they don't cross over my arch. Hopefully this will sort that side of thinks out. I don't run with music, so I will foget about the tip about my bra strap. image

    Kelly, good luck with your Interview. I hope it goes well for you.

    Nic, what problems are you having with the Forerunner. Have you paired the HRM and or Foot Pod, or was it already paired when you bought it?. As far as I know about them they are fairly easy to set up. I don't use sunglasses myself, but as I add the miles (hopefully) I may look to invest in a pair as I feel that they might aid concentration.

    CJ....I like your goals list. Very well structured.......................whats a mojo?

    AJ, Your not in a boy band are you?.image. Seriously, 8 miles is briliant going. You are well in advance of most of us on here.  I haven't been a 28" waist since I was 16!. You can't come on here talking about BMI and being toned.................where's the lagers, kebabs, and curries?............oh and yes ladies I am jealous!

    lxr..........Dreadmills indeed. They do have a purpose though, especially in the winter when there is ice on the ground. Made me chuckle about the flying ants thing. What is it with insects and females?

    Fiona, sorry to hear about your ankle problem. I can certainly sympathise with you on the injury front.

    Diane, good luck with your session tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with run-walk-run. We all had to start somewhere and most of us are still RWR so keep at it. image

    I will keep you all updated on how I get on with the insoles. I would hope to have them early next week, at which point hopefully I will feel comfortable enough to go out for a go in them.

    All the best everyone


  • Hi image

    Another late finish but have 6 days off now so can catch up with training image  have really been annoyed that I've missed it and am a bit down on myself as I could have really managed to do something but was just feeling too tired!   Not really much of an excuse so have done some major self butt kicking and am off down park tomorrow.

    Got to agree on running in the rain - it's brilliant - I tend to get very red and sweaty so it's nice to run and be cooled down at same time!  And Fiona's right It's total heaven when you get in and get in bath or shower

    WC I've got Sennheiser PMX70  and I've found the ear pieces fit ok but the neckband is too big and caused problems when wearing a jacket so have switched to Phillips think their SHS 8001 - could be wrong on that though as I've binned the box! - they fit over the ear and have a few ear pieces included so you get the right fit.  Their comfortable to wear even when I'm wearing glasses.

  • LOL Darren!!

    No i'm not in a boy 35?? image I just enjoy keeping in shape and sure i enjoy a few Beers and a curry...but then go berzerk running to get rid of it! image

    As for the Headphone issue im also using Sennheiser PMX 70's and personally think they are the bees knees and will definately be keeping them! I also use a Sony Sports MP3 player which sits in an velcro Armband which is cofortable and also easy to access.

    My latest addition is a Camelback (backpack) Hydration pack, i find it really difficult lifting and drinking out of a Donut Bottle while running.......and i'm not stopping!!!!!


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