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  • Aargh - just pressed something and lost my post.

    Well to recap

    Ms P - That picture of a runner made me laugh, thank goodness for me runners come in all shapes, sizes and abilities or else i would be in trouble.

    Spacegirl and norfolklass - Hi, glad that you are joining us, love to hear about how you are getting on.

    Claire - How did the runners work out? Hope the pain has gone.

    NV - Running always makes me feel better too, any new goal taking your fancy?

    Well i nearly bailed out of my run on Sat, the weather was mixed again, hail, rain, wind but I decided that is the slippery slope so i pulled myself together and went out 7m and it was surprisingly enjoyable despite the weather, nothing like the feeling of satisfaction of knowing I could put a little tick on my training plan! Sunday got out for 3m at a faster pace although the watch gave up the ghost at 2m so no idea what the last mile was but reckon it was probably about the same as the others.  So that brings the total for the week to 38m so I am getting towards my target and feeling pretty good. Also I have lost another 1lb which is not to be sniffed at.  Running club tonight all being well.

    Happy running all.


  • Hi All

    Went out for run yesterday did bit further than intended too. I did about 10.75 I did walk bits too, due to the pains I had in knees. It took me a long time for me to do the distance - just over 2hrs. Still guess it's about 6-7mins slower than normal. Was going out today to do some intervals - such a shame battery in garmin had gone image so I did a 3ish mile tempo run. Don't know how long it took me but it felt like I was pushing it all the way round.
    Knees seem ok today, but I know have a pain down inside of leg by right ankle. Have iced it. Trainers seem fine so I'm wondering if it's just a
    throw back from doing couple runs in worn out

    Em - Great running there, well done for getting out in terrible weather. 38miles in a week is fantastic, the marathon will be a breeze for you. Great stuff on the weight loss too! Have good club run tonight.

  • Ouch Claire hope you are better today,  well done for keeping going!

    I went to the running club last night, ran there, ran, then ran a bit back to make 7.5m in less time than it took me to run 7m on Sat, no wind makes a big difference.  Today is always difficult for fitting in a run but I am determined to get it in 7.5m no excuses.

    I am also really pleased as I dug out an old pair of trousers and although the numbers on the scales don't agree the trousers say I am less - if that makes sense.


  • Morning all,

    Well done for getting it done Claire. I quite often find I have a few niggling pains when I get a new pair of runners. Once I've run in them for a week or 2 it seems to just stop. I wonder if it takes a while to compress the support or something.

    Good week again Em. Good luck getting out again today. The weather could do with improving up at your end of the island too!

    My coach offered up a couple of races that I hadn't considered to replace Galway. Both look pretty tough, so I'm not quite sure about either. One is a shorter race, but would involve a 6 hour drive back from the Lake District after racing which sounds a bit dicy to me. The other is a pretty hilly half iron, so still looking.

    Weekend finished up as 6.5 run on Friday, 3.2k swim Saturday and a 2k swim on Sunday so not a write off, although I didn't do the long bike because I just didn't have the time.

    This week looks good. 90 minute run tonight, 10 mile bike TT tomorrow, rest Thursday, swim Friday, 45 bike/30 run aerobic brick Saturday then race Sunday. Just the sort of week to revive a flagging mojo image

    Been looking at Challenge Vichy for next year. Full iron distance, and comparitively flat compared to many image We'll see though.It's looking more and more likely that I'll go long in 2012.
  • Hi All

    Well Ive decided Im resting for a couple of days now. Went out and did the slowest run ever for me! My miles were 10.50min miles and I was only doing about 6miles. It just felt like I had nothing in me to keep going. So taking couple of days to recharge the batteries and help the aches and pains go away.

    Still I did just over 80miles this month which for me is pretty good. So I am happy with that, just need to find where my energy has gone.

    Em - Sounds great! Well done for running to and back from the running club.

    NV - Yeah Im hoping its just something like that and everything will stop hurting. Which is the one in the Lake District? The Challenge Vichy sounds good especially if its pretty flat. Sounds like you had a good training weekend and a good week planned.

    Well the best news is im officially entered into City2Surf thanks to my lovely sister and brother in law, it is my birthday pressie from them this year. I know they are a couple weeks early telling me, but im not bothered. image It seems that we are all doing it. Kind of feel like the pressure maybe on here image is it going to be a race between us all or will I end up running it with my sister. Guess find out on race day.image

  • Claire, the Lake District race is Helvellyn. The bike course is hilly, and the run basically goes up Helvellyn and back down again. At least the swim should be flat.

    Wasn't that the one in Sydney? Fantastic!
  • Err think that one sounds a tad too much like hard work image
    Yes that race is in Sydney, it's going to be awesome can't wait!!
  • Fab news Claire, you lucky thing I would love to run a race with my sister but unfortunately she is a couch potato who hates exercise so no chance, I have tried and failed to convert her so many times it has become a bit of a family joke. I agree with NV it can take a couple of weeks for new runners to bed in, I am sure that a couple of days rest will do you good, you have been doing alot of racing and training lately.

    NV - Yes the 6 hour drive would put me off too, I am sure the hills wouldn't pose any problems for you. The iron man sounds good too.  I don't mind the cold/wet weather too much, in fact I actively prefer it to the horrible heat and I really love that I can go out at anytime of the day and at this time of the year am not confined to getting up at 6am to run.

    Crossing my fingers I can manage to get out today.

  • Hello everyone,

    Started running about 4 wks ago after becoming dissillusioned at my lack of fitness in the weekly lunchtime 5 a side kickabout at work.

    Since then I've racked up over 60 miles, longest being this week's 8 mile LSR and have registeted for both the Bath and Bristol Half marathons... It's fair to say I've been well and truly bitten by this running lark!

    I've completed several runs at 10k distance and have a 57:28 PB, and a 25:37 PB for 5k, so I have 3 milestones for the year:

    1: Complete a HM (Bristol in Sep)
    2: Run a sub 50 min 10k
    3: Run a sub 20 min 5k

    Hopefully they aren't too far out of reach for a 35 yr old with little experience.....

    Will be back for lots of tips and inspiration over the coming weeks!

  • Hi Paul, welcome, some good goals there. I'm a bit older than you and went from 53:34 to 48:08 in about 10 months for 10k. I'm probably a bit quicker than that now though. In fact your 5k time suggest you should be a good bit quicker over 10k, so I would suggest that you get some longer mileage under your belt.

    Your 5k goal for this year is pretty tough though. My PB is 23:56, run within a couple of weeks of the 10k PB athough I've never trained specifically for 5k. Nothing wrong with having tough targets, but that is a tall order in 6 months!

    Are you following a half marathon programme?

    Em, hills I can cope with. Helvellyn is a flippin' mountain though.
  • Hi NV,

    The 5k was a track run, and the 10k is road based from Batheaston into and around Bath - lots of horrible hilly stretches and long gradients to slow me down!

    Hopefully it is a case of not really comparing apples with apples, abd with a few more long runs under my belt together with a flatter course the 10k will drop a bit.

    The 5k is the more challenging of the 3 I think, knocking a minute per km off current pace - but again, I'm hoping that my relative inexperience and lack of training to date will mean it's not as challenging as it sounds initially!
  • Ah, that would explain the difference Paul. I agreee that the 5k is a tougher target. Don't let me put you off. I'm just jealous that you think you can do it. I get comparitively faster the further I go. I'm rubbish over the shorter distances. My HM PB suggests that I should be 2 minutes quicker over both 5 and 10k!
  • Anything is possible with the right preparation and mental attitude....

    Will keep you all posted on progress!

  • Good run this evening. 30 minute warm up at 8:59/mile, then 30 minutes at 7:53/mile, then 33 minutes cool down at 9:10/mile. 10.75 very enjoyable miles in total image
  • norfolklassnorfolklass ✭✭✭
    Hi, day 2 of week 3 this morning. Still loving it but my thighs not so much. I seem to have lost my bounce, the muscles in my thighs that lift my legs are complaining and I'm running kind of flat, without the "up-and-down". It does get easier but it's hard work at first. I'm guessing this is normal and just my legs complaining about having to do some proper work? We also went for a lovely long walk on the beach yesterday and I've just worked out we clocked up 5.5k, so that might have contributed to the aching muscles (although any benefit will have been wiped out by the chip butty and donuts!)

    Thanks all for the encouragement, feeling very much the newbiest newbie: 38 miles in a week here, 10.75 miles there, half marathons and marathons, ironmans, running up and down Helvellyn (walked it many years ago), running in Sydney… am in awe and envious! Cannot wait to get to 5k. At least my running shoes are a bit grubby now and no longer glowing white and spotless.

    Claire - hope the ankle is ok and the rest recharges your batteries
    Em and NV - hope you got your runs in today
    Paul - wow!
    Miss Piggy - hope you had a good first run today
  • Inspired by the public statement of intent, or fuelled by the prospect of publuc embarrassment in the face of abject failure, I just ran a 55:14 for my slightly hilly 10k.
    Rather pleased as it was off the back of my longest run ever on Sunday so wasn't sure if the legs would keep up the pace all the way....

    Not all good news tho, flippin nikeplus gps app won't let me have the time as my new 10k record as 6.20 miles is 9.99km in Oregon. Knew I should have kept going that little bit longer..... hey ho.

    Nice work NV... looking forward to clearing 10 miles in a few weeks time, major milestone for target 1......
  • Morning all,

    NL, you might just be getting more efficient at running. The up and down is wasted movement, you want as much energy going to pushing you forwards image Glad you're still enjoying it.

    Nice run Paul. You'll g a good bit quicker than that in a race. Oh, and 10k is 6.21km here too image

    10 mile bike TT tonight for me image There's a good chance I could be last. It's all proper cyclists.

  • Note to self... revisit conversions from miles to km... or just set the app to km before you set off.
  • Hi all

    I managed to get out last night and do my run 7.5m, glad I squeezed it in as the weather was perfect yesterday evening, sunny, blue skies, dry, hardly any wind.  Today it is raining so I am glad it is a rest day for me. 

    I get really confused by kilometres and do everything in miles.

    Paul L - I am a terrible plodder so I admire your time targets, are you following any particular plan to try and achieve them?

    NL - Hope your thighs feel better, walking on sand is pretty hard work!

    NV - What do you mean "proper cyclists" you cycled round Ireland practically - you are a proper cyclist!

    Happy running to all


  • Hi Em,

    No real plan at the minute, I mainly run around 20 odd miles a week over 3/4 runs, one long slow one and then a combination of shorter fast runs depending on fatigue/time etc

    I'm kind of just building a base with half an eye on some pace work, nothing too special at the minute..... while times and mileages are improving across the board I don't see much reaspn to change for now....

  • Hi All

    Paul sounds like your doing great!

    It's just a quick one as off to Scotland with work today, back sometime tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well, will catch up on Friday. Ankle area is sore today and have been told it could be start of shin splints image so I'm having few days rest and see how everything is on Saturday. I've iced the area and I'm taking ibuprofen. I'm just hoping I've got a niggle rather than what was suggested. Anyway I'm lead to believe a good Scottish Whiskey cures all problems image
  • Claire - oh no hope its not shin splints....

    Paul - +1 to what Claire said, sounds like you are doing great.

  • Its my fourth week since starting to run again.

    We go out 4 times a week and the route is around 4.58 km long, we normally take about 40 minutes but thats because we have our dogs with us and we are putting them on and off leads etc, my dog can go AWOL sometimes and I have to go get him back which adds to our time.

    Once a week we go out without them and do a 5.5 km run which we intend to add 10 minutes to every week.

     My main aim is to lose weight.

    Become fitter.

    Run further every week.

    Maybe one day do a marathon!

    Overall just enjoy being out and about.

  • Well, I still haven't done any running, sick child/sick partner conspiring to stop me this week. I'm posting here to keep the dream alive! At some point in the next few days I WILL post to say how my first run went!
  • Morning all,

    Welcome Sally.

    MP, hope you manage to get started this week.

    Claire, have a whisky for me! Give it a couple of days rest.

    10 mile TT was good fun last night, and I wasn't (quite) last image Did 29:12. It's a bit like running a 5k in terms of intensity. I was surprised how tired I was at the end. I'm going to do a few more of those because I reckon they must improve threshold pace on the bike really quickly. I'd like to try one on fresh legs as well. I was still a bt sore from the run on Tuesday.

  • Hi all

    Ms P - I know what you mean I have those weeks too.

    NV - 5K intensity over 10M you are a glutton for punishment.

    Sally - Hi I love being out and about as well, its one of the best things about running.

    I did my long run, 14m and it really felt like it. Have alot of non running stuff on my mind and stomach cramps this morning so I think that didn't help. It was also bloomin windy in places but apart from that the weather was perfect, sunny, blue skies etc.  I felt like giving up in a couple of places and even had a couple of w*** breaks in the last 2 miles but I kept going so feel like I have trained my mental muscles!  The best bit was that a fighter jet flew right over my head - and I mean right over so low I could see the markings on the underside of the plane, then the noise nearly shattered my eardrums, and of course my first instinct was to wave! Then it banked off and climbed vertically into the sky I felt like I was having my own private airshow. I saw a few more passes at a higher level then I think they must have gone back home for elevenses!  Definitely the highlight of my day.

    Anyway enough babbling on, happy running all


  • Hey All,

    It has been a long time since I posted here and yes it has been eventful. Training really resumed after my 6 months on the bench in March. Not wanting to over do things took it easy to see how things progressed. Swimming was good, cycling was great and running was well errrr yes. Being that I had a triathlon (Sprint) booked in April I decided that I would push myself a wee bit and see how things faired and I was not broken............woohoo. My triathlon eventually came and god I was nervous but I did it and finished it and during it I made rookie mistakes which I will not get into image.

    I also did the Edinburgh Marathon which I have to say with only running as far as 3 miles this year before the event I was rather chuffed that I made 1/2 way without incident. From mile 16 onwards different story, by the end I was broken, calves, hamstrings, quads, back, neck, soles of feet and lastly groin!!! But finish it I did all in the name of charity. I did do reports which can be found on my blog which I do update when I can

    Good to speak to you all
  • Hi Andy. Sounds like a tough day at the office, the Edinburgh marathon! Well done on the triathlon. Come on, spill the rookie mistakes! image

    Got anything lined up?

    Em, you did well to get the run done at all. Is that your long rn for the week, or is that the midweek long?
  • Lol NV, The rookie mistakes, well you know when they say take NOTHING new on race day well did I take that advice not really. Finished the swim part got to T1 took a huge gulp of nuun (never having it before and on an empty stomach) got 1/4 mile in to the cycle and my stomach decided it did not like what it had image that set up the rest of the cycle and for the entire 5K run after it was done on a stitch. On a funny point I was concentrating on getting my cycle helmet on in that I picked up the bike started to move away from my transition area when I realised that I had forgot to put on my cycle shoes DUH!

    I am still in line to do the Freckleton Half Marathon on 18th June. Club relays in August. Hopefully another Sprint before the end of the year.

    What about yourself anything lined up?
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