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  • Nuun definitely is an aquired taste mate, for sure. I try to drink enough in the pool during a sprint that I don't have to bother anywhere else image Classic stuff. Bit of a shame you didn't manage to get out of T2 with your lid still on.

    Cranbrook sprint this weekend, Canterbury sprint at the beginning of July then nothing planned yet. Just had to pull out of IM70.3 Galway for family reasons which was a bit disappointing. Still eyeing up a couple of races but nothing booked yet.
  • Hi all

    Well done on the sprint and the marathon Andrew.

    NV - Good luck for the sprint this weekend.  As for yesterday's run I have moved my long run to a Thursday for now so that it doesn't interfere with the weekends too much. Just sticking around 14m for the long run for the moment as the plan doesn't start properly til 13/6 and I am just building, getting comfortable with the overall mileage.   I am following the smartcoach option this time and its one of the nagging worries I have about it as there isn't really a midweek long run, it spreads the mileage across 3 of the runs pretty equally and when it gets to the peak weeks they are just all long eg 11,12,11, or 10,11,11, or 11,12,11.  and on some of those weeks I also have either a 20 or 22m long run, I must say if I can survive the training I might actually enjoy the marathon.

    Ms P - Hope you got out.

  • Morning All

    Well ankle area still hurts, but its nothing like it was. Im going to ice and rest today then go out for a gentle run tomorrow am. Im thinking just nurse it along for couple of weeks with gentle runs, till my half. Then if im hobbling after that......

    Anyway Scotland was great. We went and looked round the control centre that handles all the aircraft movements when the planes leave the airports and are going on route to different places. The ammount of work and thinking etc that goes into there job is unreal. Oh and I had a couple of whiskies on my trip - I had too it would have been very rude not too image

    MissPiggy - Hope you manage to get out soon.,

    Em - Well Done on the long run, gkad to see the elite have to take walk breaks too image you do lots of miles so wouldn't worry about that. Glad you liked the jet flying, they are very noisy aren't they!

    Andrew - Freckleton half is 19th of June and you have to be there about 1pm ish to collect your chip. Sounds like your doing really well with training and events. Well Done again on the marathon. Freck will be a breeze for you.

    NV - Good Luck for the weekend. Im sure you will do great

  • Morning all

    Working this morning dont really feel like it but had a lazy day (in terms of work) yesterday, waiting for my neighbour to get back so that we can go out for our Friday run , no dogs in tow today!

    This is the day where we add 10 minutes each week. Iwant to get on with it today as its quite warm and sunny, I know by the end of the run I will be wishing for snow!!

    Do any of you guys do interval training on an exercise bike? I dont have treddie but I do have a Lifecycle, do you think a bike is good to do interval training on?

    Hope you ankle gets better soon Claire.

    I hope I can get a 14m run out of this tired old body one day Slow and old, I'm working on it.

    Hope you have managed to dodge the sickness bug Miss P and been on your run.

    Have a good day and weekend all. 

  • Hi all,

    Enjoy the sun and the run Sally. I think Claire does spin classes.

    You could always bung a couple on one of the midweek runs Em imageConsidering you don't enjoy marathons, you seem to do a lot of them image

    Claire, if it's still niggling, leave it another day or 2. No point missing the half if you make it worse. Hope you had a whisky for me!

    In the water at 8:08 on Sunday. Looking forward to it. Did 1:32:19 last year. 2.4k swim tonight, 1:15 brick session tomorrow. Still feelig a bit heavy legged from Tuesday and Wednesday so I might give the brick a miss.
  • NV - Good luck this weekend at Cranbrook, sorry to hear that you had to pull out of the Galway. Hope the family reasons was nothing serious image.

    Em - I am well impressed with your run distances. I see you are still going great.

    Claire - Lmao, that would of just been my luck to arrive on the 18th thanks for reminding me. Do not know why I thought the 18th ho hum. Ankle still giving you a bit of grief do you wear any kind of support for it. Rest the ankle if it still bothering you though.

    Sally - Bike is good for cross training. I sometimes do spin classes feel I put more into it.

    NV - I would give the brick a miss tomorrow if you want to be fresh for Sunday. Is it an OW event?
  • No run yet but I have clocked up a good few miles walking the last couple of days which is something! Just been talking to my next door neighbour who said she did a 5k a few years ago but then nothing and needs to get back into it, so hopefully we can go training together...I will be running next week come hell or high water!

    Am really impressed by everyone's committment. How long does it take to start enjoying it??!!

  • Piggy - I am sure you are enjoying it or else you would not be doing it image. You will do great in your 5K, enjoy it.
  • Andy, no nothing serious. My youngest daughter starts school that week and the school still haven't made up their minds which day. A bit annoying, but there you go. No, it's a pool swim, so a nice easy T1!

    MsP, for me, when I got to about 30 minutes continuous running something seemed to click, and I just moved on from there. It does seem a bit of a slog at first though. Stick with it. The walking will help a bit for when you do get running. It'll help if you have someone to run with as well.

    Forecast is very windy for Sunday. Could make the bike leg hard work. I was hoping for a sub-40. Target is sub-10 swim, sub-40 bike, sub-24 run (because I know the 5k run leg is a bit short). With a couple of reasonable transitions that would give me 1:17. Mentally, I've had this race targetted as an age group podium finish for a while now, but I think I'm going to be a few minutes short.
  • Please tell me running in the heat gets easierimage

    I have just completed a rubbish 6.5 km run, did the same route last week and only added 1 km  this week, I just cant seem to get any energy together when its hot, does it get easier or should I pray for winter?!

    I just want to improve but today I dont feel like I can.

    Sorry grump overimage

  • pray for winter sally, the heat is a real challenge. You can adjust to it a bit best thing to do it to make sure you are well hydrated before hand and wear light clothes - i only have 2 white tops so i need to get some more for the summer. But generally the heat does make it hard. go slower, and try to run early or late to avoid the heat if you can. S&O (assuming she's still about) used to live in Spain so may have some advice on how to deal with heat? I occasionally will soak my cap in cold water before going out if its very hot - that helps keep cool a bit, and i would take a frozen bottle or water, then just pour the nmelted bits over my head or rub the cold bottle on my face/wrists etc.

    well I'm back! Only one exam left so i am able to take some time off from revision and do something else...  i managed 9 horrible miles yesterday in the heat, HR was higher than expected but for a similar HR last week i was 20/30s mile slower so obviously some fitness is coming back. Av pace on the 9 was 8'49, with mile 8 being 8'40 and 9th being 8'35 which were the two fastest. Happy with that but completely destroyed at the end - didn't have any water along the way and wasn't properly hydrated to start with i don't think. Still, I made it. and now just dealing with some aches and whatnot - i can't wait until Tuesday 5:30pm when my exams will all be finished and then i will have myself a life again rather than studying all the time.

    will read back and catch up...well I'll try

  • GGGRRRRR Just lost my post.

    Im image today, went for a run yesterday struggled in the heat, but nevermind. Whats getting to me is that im fine running but after my ankle really hurts, to the point im hobbling. Will be honest I cannot afford to go to a fizzy at the min, plus I dont want him to say no I cant run the half. I have been resting and putting ice on the area to calm it down. It feels like ive agrovatted the area. What sort of runs should I do in the next couple of weeks? I had done a 10.5mile run the other week but I had to walk parts as my knees had been really hurting from previous runs so I wanted to take it easy on them.  I have a 2.5 mile loop from my house that is pretty flat, should I run loops of that?

    Sally - How did the run go with out the dogs? I do Spin classes they are very good a great workout. Running in heat is tough, I did a hilly 17mile race in it earlier this year, I just fine its more about getting round the route rather than trying for a good time. As MD said slow down a bit, keep dehydrated etc. I do believe though you do get bit more used to running in it...... image

    NV - I had a couple of whiskies in Scotland, nothing like a proper good whisky. Hope the race has gone/goes well today!

    Andrew - Yep hope to see you there on 19th! Any problems with directions etc just give me a shout.

    MissPiggy - Great Stuff on all the walking, it will help. Good plan with your neighbour you can both work together. As NV said it does seem tough at first but then you do get to enjoy running. I love going out first thing Sunday morning, its great, its quiet and just loose yourself in the running. Cant wait till I can get back to that.

    MD - Hi Glad to see your still running, hope the exams are going ok.

  • Hello every one,
    Ok I used to run 16 years ago at school but got lazy smoked and drank all through my 20s,and now want to start up the running again,I've done a bit over the last 10 days doing 90 second runs followed by 90 seconds walks x4 every other day,it was surprisingly hard,so today I wanted to try and run a mile without stopping,which idid and It felt awesome and my time was 7.58.
    But what I want to know is what should I aim for doing and how often should I run,I was thinking of maybe aiming for 2 5k runs a week.
    Thanks nick
  • Welcome Nick. Depends what you want to achieve really. If you are intending to race, probably a minimum of 4 times a week. If you just want maintain fitness twice a week should be OK.

    Hi MD. You'll be glad to see the back of the exams then.

    Claire, can you get a referral to a physio from your GP?

    Good race this morning. Pretty windy and overcast, so the bike was hard work at times. Had a reasonable race all round. Swim 9:10, T1 1:07, Bike 44:43, T2 0:58, Run 22:10. Was 6th in AG in the end. I would have needed to find another 2 mins for 5th, and nearly 6 mins for 3rd, so I'm pretty happy that I finished as well as I could have.

    A few more weeks of 10 mile TTs and I'll shave a bit more off the bike at Canterbury in July.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Good evening all, just back from a week away and this thread has moved on leaps and bounds (as usual). I had a great week, went for a couple of runs on Islay (past the Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroig distilleries, sound familiar Claire?? image) and generally had a great time. Only put on a pound in weight too which I am really happy about.

    Btw, welcome to the newcomers to the thread (I still consider myself a newcomer)! I have just finished week 7 of the C25K programmeand enjoyed it from about week 3 or so (sorry I can't remember who asked).

    NV - Congrats on the race!

    Will catch up with everything else tomorrow, got a grumpy dog to walk! image

  • Hi all

    Well done NV sounds like it went really well.

    MD6 - Good to see you back.

    Claire - boo to the ankle, can it be your shoes, I have a slight problem with one of my ankles (a non running injury) and I find that if I don't wear supportive enough shoes (normal ones, not just running ones) I notice it, its one of the reasons I always get the trainers I have because they are quite stiff round the ankle and give it support.

    Sally - I find in hot weather you need to give yourself time to acclimatise and don't expect too much the first couple of times out if its really hot , take water and have small sips frequently, wear less clothes but make them loose and wicking, avoid the really hot parts of the day, early morning is the best I think. But if you are in the UK you can bet it won't last too long, which actually makes it worse because just as you are getting used to it you hit a cold snap!

    Grant - Glad you had a good holiday.

    Hi Nick and welcome.

    Ms P hope you got out for a run.

    The weekend was mixed for me, took an extra day off this week because I was feeling unwell so no run Sat, ran 7.79m on Sunday so managed 36.79 for the week, slightly less than I wanted but I am on the mend and hope to have a good week this week.

    Sorry if I missed anyone....happy running all.


  • Broke new ground last night and did just over 9 miles, fairly slowly as came off the back of a sore calf that cut short my run last Thurs (3miles!) and a sore back from the mileage increase, but got round in 1:25.... funnily enough back feels better today than before the run!!!

    Was nice and cool when I ran, bit rainy too so perfect for a long one...

    Will take it easy this week and some short runs before going for the big 10 miler next weekend!

    Have a great week everyone, keep pounding the tarmac!
  • NV wrote (see)
    Good race this morning. Pretty windy and overcast, so the bike was hard work at times. Had a reasonable race all round. Swim 9:10, T1 1:07, Bike 44:43, T2 0:58, Run 22:10. Was 6th in AG in the end. I would have needed to find another 2 mins for 5th, and nearly 6 mins for 3rd, so I'm pretty happy that I finished as well as I could have. A few more weeks of 10 mile TTs and I'll shave a bit more off the bike at Canterbury in July.

    6th...WTF? Seriously? Outstanding result NV mate, really good,. A few more TT's and some speed in T1 (not that there;s much to gain there tbh) and you will be at the pointy end in no time. What race was it? I think that I might be in for Canterbury (assuming my shoulder holds out when i swim later this week...then you can toast me on the swim bike and probably be finished on the run before i get started ... i miss training. And yep, i can't wait for myalst exam to be over - from tomorrow night i will be freefrom uni until September (unless i fail anything and then i'll need to study for the resits...)

    Em, hope you're feeling better - was it a cold or something?

  • Hi all - hope you all had a good weekend.

     Thanks for the advice re running in heat, I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds it difficult.

    Not much chance of running in the sunshine today, its raining on and off a quite chilly, got wet walking the dog this morning, will get wet again running with the dog this afternoon! Such is lifeimage

  • Claire how is your ankle? Any improvement?

    The run without the dogs was OK just too hot for me, didnt add as much distance on as I would have liked.

    Back to the normal 5km run with the dogs today. Hope mine behaves himself!  

  • Morning all,

    Thanks MD, it was Cranbrook, so it wasn't a huge field and I was 50th of 137 overall, so a bit of work to do still. There's another 30-40 seconds to be had in T1 and 2 yet, mainly by practicing the elastic band trick, but I had a problem with the liner in one of my runners in T1 that probably cost me 10 seconds. Trouble is I'm giving 2 minutes away in the pool to the top AG guys so I think it may be time to get some more lessons. 2 minutes there, and 4 minutes on the bike and I'm getting competitive. Canterbury entry was open until the Wednesday before the race last year. You'll still be stronger on the bike and run than me so I wouldn't worry too much image

    Still not a bad week there Em. Have you built a half mara into the build up for Loch Ness? Hope you're feeling better today.

    Well done Paul. Good run. 10 miles will be a nice landmark for you.

    I'm quite looking forward to a run in the rain Sally. It will make a change from wishing I'd brought water half way through.

    Grant, glad you had a good holiday. 7 weeks in to the programme already. That flew by!
  • Me too NV, rain doesnt bother me and the cooler the weather the better, not fun cleaning the dog up when I get back though!
  • Done my first 5k this morning without stopping well pleased 31 mins,got soaked tho as was raining but I guess it's easier than doing it in the sun.
  • well done nick, i like running in the rain - helps keep cool, comfy and stops the lips and mouth drying out too much image

    NV i have no bike fitness at the moment. did a half hour turbo the other day - mostly Z2 one interval and i was toast. Felt a bit sick and had to get off. I'm not sure what happened, as i was getting back into the intervals on there a while back but ater being unwell a little while ago i haven't been able to get going for more than 30 mins...i'd probably still have the power for that, then limp rather listlessly around the last bit of the course. Run would be ok i guess... never fear though, as i don't think i can afford to do Canterbury at the moment, the travel and accom costs rule it out as my dad's away that week so can't stay with him. never mind, i've accepted this year is going to be a complete cluster wrt races. I've entered 3 and started none so far... i may just make it to the windfarmer in September - but that depends on if i need to resit any of my year end exams...

  • Afternoon all,

    Well no training over the weekend. Hope to get back to the grind tomorrow. Small swim session.

    NV - Well done on the race those are impressive times and did you fly through the transition points image. 6th in you AG that is brilliant.

    MD - You seem to have a never ending stream of exams, I bet you will be glad when it is all over.

    Em - Sorry to hear about the cold. Did I hear it correctly and you are doing the Loch Ness Marathon?

    Claire - If your ankle is sore I would not press on it to much. I know the fizzy is out of the Q just now. Get a good support on that ankle even when not running. As it is under 2 weeks till the HM and you want to run it. As for me finishing it would be a bonus image

    Nick - Well done on the 5K it feels great and that is also a wonderful time of 31mins.

    Sally - It was warm over the weekend (well Friday) Sat and Sun here was overcast with a nice breeze good running weather.
  • Well done Nick, I find it better to run in the cooler weather and rain.

    Just got back from my daily 5K, sun came out just as we got back!

    It was around 24 degrees here on Friday and humid Andrew, I really dont do well in heat, Saturday is a rest day from running (just get to walk the dog for 2 1/2 hours! Sunday is also a rest day not that it was much of a rest for me .......I spend the whole day digging and weeding the garden!

    Dont know about you but if there is a breeze or its windy its always in front of me pushing me back never behind me pushing me forwardimage

  • Lol Sally, yup I know at first hand experience, when doing the Edinburgh Marathon the last 8 miles was just into a headwind not fun not fun what so ever.
  • You poor thing, 8 miles!..... maybe you should have run backwards...... then the wind would have been behind you!!image
  • Thanks guys!!! Well I've just booked a 10k race for October can any one give me some advice on the amount of training I should do for this,
  • Lmao

    So nick what 10K are you doing?
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