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  • Best of luck this weekend to all racing!

    Brilliant story re the cows Em... v funny.....

    Twinge has escalated a bit in last 24 hrs... resting and icing as much as poss and it is improving, but I think it was a bit if a warning shot from my legs to say ease up a little.... had covered 25 miles by Thursday and 30 the previous week so hopefully just a sign of overuse.

    Still not sure if it's achilles or soleus, doesn't really matter I guess, just need to take it a bit easier.....

    Going to sack the weekend as I have an art exhibition in Bath tonight which I'm exhibiting at, and my birthday Sunday then I'll see how I am on Monday..... that'll be 4 days off by the time I would run Mon night.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Em - I know what you mean about cows, I often have to walk through random fields as part of my job, and cows always give you a seemingly evil stare as you walk past and tend to follow you around, getting quite close and to be honest make me a bit nervous, daft I know! Don't blame you for pegging it, they are big brutes and could do a fair bit of damage. My race is on 29th June.

    Andrew - I am fairly lucky and always have fun with almost everything I do so that doesn't need to be a goal if you see what I mean?!

    Went off programme again and added another couple of minutes to my run yesterday. Felt difficult but temperature was a lot warmer than I have done in the past and my time was about half a minute down per mile. Day off for me today, legs feeling tired (not sore thankfully), I am assuming that means I have been working them nicely.

    Good luck to the racers for the weekend (and the rest of you too!).

  • Hi All

    Thank you for the Good Lucks, however it looks like i wont be running tomorrow I have now developed a cough. I will see how I am in the morning, but I am think 13miles is a long way to go when your not feeling too great....... Guess there is always next year, and I do have City2Surf to look forward to in August image Oh and the great news with this enforced rest is that my knees and ankle feel great.

    Paul - Yep hopefully its just overuse and a rest will do it good. Happy Birthday for Sunday

    Em - Well Done for sprinting out of the way of the cows. Its a bit extreme interval training image

    Andrew - Good Luck for tomorrow. If im not running im going to help marshall so I will look out for you.

  • afternoon all, well i managed to have a little run home yesterday despite having a bit of a head cold. Of course the downside to a head cold is that it made me rather forgetful. The item i managed to forget was of course my house key. So i arrived home, in the rain, tired and a bit of an ache plus needing the lav.  And couldn't get in to the i ended up heading to the pub dripping wet and cold in shorts and a tshirt...they seemed to be quite unhappy with the soaking dripping wet bloke in the corned dripping in to his half pint of guiness...

    Claire, i hope that you feel better, hopefullly in time for tomorrow.

    spring cleaning today, loads of fun...still i've done the upstairs bar the bath room, and then just hooving downstair i'll be done for today, finishing up tomorrow - i'm not entirely sure how i ended up doing this as i was planning on going for a swim then turbo for an hour today...hmmm

  • P.S NV I may be doing Outlaw next year (finances may not stretch to Nice) or the challenge Henley looks good too!
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about the cough Claire. fingers crossed for next time!

    MD - Getting a bit of a cold here too, must be the season for it! And haha about the keys. image

    Rest day yesterday and today and then back to it which I am grateful for as my left thigh is a bit tight. Although I have officially finished my C25K programme I have yet to run 5K and so am focussing towards doing the best I can next week.

  • Hey All,

    Was good to meet you at the weekend Claire, unfortunate that you could not do the race. I managed to do the Half Marathon in 2hrs 26min (not sure of the seconds though). At mile 4 though my leg injury from last year popped up and that was me. I did however continue on but I am now paying for it now image. Gutted aswell as I think I could of knocked off at least 15mins of my time. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Drove all the way home afterwards and had a wee cider.
  • Hi all,

    Bad luck Andy. Well done for finishing though.

    MD, not going to get married in France now? Outlaw would be good, but I can't decide if I want to go full distance next year. I have a feeling tat I'll regret it if I don't.

    10.1 miles for me on Saturday at 8:55/mile. First long aerobic run I've had for ages. Enjoyed it. Went camping on Saturday and Sunday. Proper rain on Saturday night, but a good fun weekend!
  • NV - Liking the pace, where was the camping at the weekend?
  • Just outside Bexhill, on the south coast.
  • My mum used to live in Bexhill, right by the seafront... brother still lives in Hastings...

    Going to go for a nice easy run tonight once kids are in bed, achilles feels fine but just a bit wary of pushing too hard too soon so going to take my nice flat short loop rather than the longer hilly one..... Oh, will also be doing lots of calf stretches too!!!

    Best of luck for next time Andy - how does your leg feel now?
  • Morning all,

    It's a nice part of the world Paul. Hope yo had a good run.

    Claire, are you recovering?

    How's the injury Andy?

    How's the smartcoach programme going Em?

    Hour run for me tonight with 4x2 minutes Z5 as fast as possible off 8 minute recoveries. VO2max intervals, not my favourite session I have to say image Got to go oop North for a meeting tomorrow afternoon, so should get a swim done early tomorrow morning as well.
  • Hmmm, well the run last night was fine for the first 22 mins, then the achilles/calf area started to ache so I stopped and stretched out for a few mins, then headed back for home at a gentle pace, but a few minutes later had to walk as the ache was getting progressively worse...

    All in all did just over 4 miles running in 37mins, with a couple of walking pauses and went straight into RICE when I got home.

    Bit of a sore spot this morning on the left handside of the lower leg so not so sure it's achilles at all now... Obviously an overuse thing that I need to rest and then build up slowly again... shame as everything else is fine....
  • NV its because of the wedding that I may not be able to afford Nice...bloody weddings, more expensive than Ironman, and that's a lot!

    feel a bit better today so i decided to cycle to work, first time since about Sept, new route (as i changed jobs in the meantime) and it was good. no running until thursday night i don't think, but i might even swim one night this week (although i soundlike a broken record with that now)

     2h26 is not bad at all Andrew - was that your first half mara? sounds like backing off was the right thing to do - rest up and heal or you will get injured seriously which you don't want

  • You think a wedding's expensive!!! Wait till kids come along! imageimageimage

    Challenge Henley does look good. Bike course is a bit lumpy though isn't it?
  • you may as well go for a lumpy course - none of them are easy so why not.

  • Hi all

    Training not going great, I only managed a 3m run at the weekend, with the kids on their bikes which is torture because one minute they are zooming off so fast you can't keep up with them, then they need a drink and are on strike for 5mins.  Not very good for steady running.  Yesterday I got in a slow 4m and I have to do something more substantial tonight but my husband is moaning alot about the time running takes so it may have to go by the wayside in the interests of marital harmony. 

    Anyway thats me, sorry to see your leg is still twinging Paul, NV do a vo2 max thing for me!  MD6 - at least you don't have to do IM training for the wedding.

    Sorry its such a quick pop in, happy running all.


  • Hi All

    Feeling tons better now, just could do with my ears to pop and I'd be sorted! So im getting back to the training, Pilates tonight and I will go for a run in the morning image looking forward to that one!!

    Oh was pleased the guy who had my number was so so nice and kept thanking me for being ill so he could run the half.

    Andrew - Great to meet you, you did really Sunday, its a shame I wasnt running as I think I would have completed it in that time myself. Hows your injury now? Oh what did you think of the umberella as a memento? I was chuckling when I noticed what it was, mine you a few folk were using it as a walking stick after they had finished.

    NV - Good 10mile run there, hope you have a good one tonight.

    Paul - Sounds like you did the right thing heading home and RICE. Hope it all goes away soon for you. I know its rubbish but the enforced rest of last week has done my knees the world of good and im hoping they will be fine on run tomorrow.

    MD - Glad your feeling better and had good ride to work. Hope you manage to get back swimming this week too.

  • Thanks guys, will just have to cut the mileage back for a bit, not run on consecutive days and add in some strengthening exercises to bring the leg back into line.... Feels fine now, so will see how it is tomorrow night and try another short one....
  • Hey All,

    Injury not to bad it is easing off...........really should stretch more and bearing in mind that the marathon was only about 4 weeks before. I should of maybe taken a different approach lol. Everything in hindsight. Will I learn from this probably not.

    Claire - I have to say I was having a wee chuckle to myself about the umbrella, but it will come in handy.

    MD - I totally agree with NV, wait till the bairns come along you will just bleed money.

    Em - MD might have to do Ironman training......he is going to need the stamina for the day...lmao. Pity about your training at the weekend, hopefully you will get back to norm soon.

    Paul - You def need rest days, would slightly increase time running rather than mileage. Just add 5 mins a week or what ever you feel most comfortable doing.

    NV - How did the V02 go and the swim set? Have you made your mind up if you are doing Hever. I am not too sure as it is some distance for me to get to image. Will have to see what the WAT says
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    Struggling a bit here, went for a great run this morning (broken the magic 3 mile barrier at a good pace for me) but a slightly sore back I had when I woke up has slowly but surely morphed into the mother of all stiff necks over the course of the day. I must have done some damage to it when on my run.Tried a really hot bath but not really shifted it, any bright ideas?! image

    Paul - Sorry to hear about your injury and glad to hear it is easing off!

    Claire - Great to hear you're on the mend and raring to go! image

    MD - I really miss cycling in to work, hope it went well.

    Em - Marital harmony does take precedence.... sometimes! image

    Happy running to anyone I've missed.

  • Well done Grant. Good milestone and not far to the 5k now! No idea about the stiff neck. Sorry image

    Andy, haven't decided about Hever yet. I have decided to do an oly distance, a half mara and a 10k at the back end of the season though. Haven't decided which ones yet. Probably Windfarmer for the oly and Kenilworth for the half mara but not finalised. Will also probably do the Medway sprint as a bonus race as the family will be away and I'll be allowed out to play. If you want to do Medway you can stop at mine, but it's even further for you!

    Good to hear you're feeling better Claire. Lining up another race yet?

    Em, doesn't he have any hobbies you can moan about in retaliation? image

    Think that's sensible Paul. Achilles injuries can have a habit of niggling for ages if you don't sort them early.

    Fair point MD. I'll have a look at Henley as well.

    Intervals went well. Slightly downhill to encourage fast leg turnover, ran 6 miles exactly in 53:14. Paces for the 2 minute reps were 5:58, 6:00, 6:01, 5:58/mile. Hit 198 bpm HR on the last rep (max 207), so feeling like I hammered it. Bit shaky still, and I finished 30 minutes ago image

    Swim in the morning. Just looked at it and it's 2.5k of 25m and 100m sprint intervals image
  • Morning All

    Ive been out for a run image dont think im 100% rid of the cold yet as I found it tough but I really enjoyed it image I stuck to my 2.5mile loop from my house, first mile was awesome I managed it no problems in 9.50 mins then well rest was tough but still really enjoyed it. 2nd mile was 10.50 mins. Pleased to report no problems with the ankle at all, the knees are hurting a little but not too bad.

    Em - Sorry to see you had a bad weekend training.

    Grant - Awesome work on getting through the 3 mile barrier. Its a big step that one. sometimes sore backs when running are sorted with core work. Funnily enough my sore back whilst running has been put down to the fact I always took a drink with me when running and I always held it in the same hand with in turn was making me hold myself differently when running and putting strain on my back. I now loop it through my running belt if i am taking one with me, and my back has been fine since. Sorry its not much help, but sometimes these aches and pains are down to little things. I hope you get it sorted soon. An osteopath would be able to help.

    NV - No race lined up as yet, next one at min is Sydney, im just wanting to get totally shut of this cold first I  think. Sounds like good tough intervals there, im looking forward to getting back to doing mine ....... image did I really say that!!

  • Hi all

    Claire - Glad that you are on the mend - thats been a nasty cold so take it easy.

    NV - Very evenly paced reps, are those the races you are planning for the rest of the year?

    Grant - Well done on reaching your goal! Its just the beginning.

    Andrew - How is your injury feeling?

    I got out this morning and did 8m easy, I know I should have done speedwork but I couldn't help it I just wanted to run and enjoy it, its the story of my life, I just can't force myself to do runs I hate.  Now I have to do a bit of forward planning for tomorrow I need to decide where to go and whether to take a sports drink or water and a gel, really I am happiest running without anything but know I won't manage on the day without anything so need to start training my stomach again. I am doing 16 which is the most I have run in ages and am really looking forward to it.  Whatever happens I want to avoid cows, sheep or anyother stray animals!

    Hi to anyone missed and happy running.


  • Hi all

    Its quiet on here, hopefully because everyone is outside running!

    I did my long run today 16.74m on an off road route, didn't quite go to plan as I was chased by 3 dogs at one point, one of the dogs was a jack russell and I don't know why but I am really scared of them so I abandoned the loop I was going to do as they wouldn't let me go that way (silly I know, I should consider hypnotherapy for my phobia) and did an out and back instead. I took 2 gels at 6 and 12m, they were disgusting, yuck...I felt surprisingly good at the end and am going swimming later.

    Happy running all


  • Hi

    I haven't actually started running yet. I am going to i promise. I need to know the best clothes to run in, so if anyone can help me out, please do. Thanks.

    I aimto lose at least 3 stone.

    Get to enjoy running, because i want to keep fit and i like to be outside.

    I want to reach the point i feel i could run a 10k

    I am also going to start swimming, as i love the water.

    Wish me luck. image

  • Hi Elaine, Good luck! I think best clothes to wear are the ones you have - if you have any sports type clothes, so either shorts and a t shirt or tracky bottoms. The main thing to worry about is the shoes, try to ensure you have good runners and you should be fine. It sounds like you have good goals, so keep going with them...swimming too huh, do you by any chance cycle?

    well bike commute again today, and i'm starting to feel it, saddle sore and tired legs were noticable this morning. I need to get some miles in the legs though and this is one way to do it - plus it is a choc-offsetting scheme as there is always chocs biscuits etc at work. lovely, but makes it hard to loose weight - well my lack of will power does but hey, if they weren't there i wouldn't eat them so i blame the chocolate.

    Em, sorry to hear the run didn't go to plan and the dogs but at least you got the miles in. gels aren't always the nicest - which ones are going to be at your race? could you change the ones you use to nicer ones? maybe just take your own on the day if you don't like the ones being supplied.

  • HI Elaine welcome to the forums, as MD said just wear what you have. Shoes you better get checked for. Go to a shop that will GAIT test you. Yeah do you cycle, where are you from?

    MD - I plan to do some proper commuting to work when my daughter starts school hopeful I will have more time then and save money on fuel at the same time!

    Em - OMG, that sounds really bad 3 dogs. I would panic at one chasing me and knowing my luck it would catch me. How long to Inverness?

    Nothing planned for today knee still a bit sore so will just continue the stretches and go from there!
  • Hi all

    Elaine - I knew when you said that you liked running and swimming that someone would ask if you liked cycling too, don't listen they will have you signed up for a tri before you know it. I am guessing that you are female (I am too) and I would suggest a good sports/running bra is a bit of equipment its worth investing in.  Let us know how the first run goes.

    MD6 - The gels are those SIS caffeine ones, taste like medicated wallpaper paste, unfortunately I buy them in bulk and have to use them up

    Andrew - Ages to Loch Ness, its not til 2 Oct but I have all my long runs mapped out between now and then, if all goes to plan I will get in 5 runs of 20 or more

    Just back from swimming, my legs feel wonderful! Long may it continue.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Elaine - Welcome!

    Claire - Glad to hear you are back up and running, when's the race in Sydney?

    Em - You certainly get into some scrapes on your runs!

    Hit 5K for the first time on my run this morning, really pleased and the time was just under my race target of 40 minutes so might have to review my goal! Neck is still a bit stiff but I ran through it. I was worried I'd aggrevate it again but seems ok for now and fingers crossed it doesn't deteriorate as the day wears on.

    Hi to everyone else.

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