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  • Morning all,

    It's good to just get out in this weather isn't it Claire?

    Canterbury sprint was OK yesterday. Had a very poor swim, and managed to be slower in the pool than last year. Just never got into any sort of rhythm. T1 was slow as well, mainly because I was sulking about the swim (and taking a wrong turn coming out of transition image). Had a good bike and a solid run and caught loads of people on both.

    Splits were:
    Swim 9:54
    T1 1:46
    Bike 41:15
    T2 1:05
    Run 22:40

    Rest day today. Run speed week this week, so hills, intervals and a 10 mile tempo image 2 swims and a 90 minute bike also in the plan. Not going to have time to do all of that.

  • Hello

    NV - Well Done!! I think youve done great image Bit quiet at the moment isn't it?? Ah well. That sounds like alot of training there for this week.... I feel like I need a lie down after reading that image Hope it all goes to plan.

    Well its raining here today, funny thing is that I'd just love to get out and run now. I am however saving my run till the morning, I have decided to pace myself until I am feeling 100% will be going to pilates later.

  • Certainly is quiet Claire. We're expecting some rain later as well. Have a good run tomorrow.

    Interval session for me tonight. 10 min warm, 5x30s sprints with 30s recovery, then 4x1 min high Z4 with 1 min recoveries, 10 min cool.
  • Hope intervals go well later, NV.  I actually miss doing them. Gaw I must be ill! image
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all!

    NV - If that is a sprint I hate to see what a long slog is like! 'Enjoy' your intervals!

    Claire - Hope you're feeling a lot better now, my cold is still hanging on although I am just ignoring it, or trying to, you know how bad these things affect us men.... image Enjoy pilates!

    Out for 3 miles both on Sunday and today, feels good although I seem to be getting progressively slower. Hope it is just the effects of the cold! The next week and a half comprises 3 mile runs before I start to crank it up a bit at the weekend.

    Happy running to everyone else! image

  • Hi all

    I haven't been on for a few days as I have been travelling to the West Mids.

    I got in 7m run on Sat, which was brilliant then nothing Sunday and Monday, no time or opportunity, got out for 8m this afternoon, after 2 days of driving I felt like a coiled spring. This week is a cutback week, so doing 13m long run and at least 2 more 8's.

    Grant - I don't worry about times on the bulk of my runs unless I am actually trying to go faster, its the overall picture that counts not the timings on a couple of runs.

    NV - Well done on your sprint times, was that a pb from your last one?

    Claire - Hope your run goes well tomorrow.

    Happy running all.


  • Morning all,

    Sounds like a nightmare of a drive Em. I'll bet you were desperate to run when you got to the Midlands. It was a PB by about 90 seconds. Nearly 12 minutes quicker than I did it last year though image

    Grant, what Em said. Your pace will go up and down a bit depending on conditions and how you feel. What's important is the long term trend.

    No running last night as I didn't get in till 8 o'clock. Going to do the 10 mile tempo tonight, then run the intervals tomorrow morning before work.
  • NV - Back to back sessions, that will give your legs a good work out!

    I was thinking about it all the way down, the first thing I did when I arrived was change into my running kit. but the drive wasn't too bad but it takes about 10hours and the kids can only stand about 5hours in the car without combusting so it needed to be split into 2. They were really good and didn't argue at all, a first!

    Not sure when I will be able to get out as my mum was admitted to hospital late last night so need to arrange around visiting times and child sitting opportunities.

    happy running all


  • Sorry to hear about your mum Em. If you still want some gels, drop me a PM.
  • Hi All

    Em - Sorry to hear about your mum.

    NV - Hope you have a good 10miler later.

    Grant - Pace does go up and down. I just say to myself when im having a slow run its the miles that count. Hope the cold has gone.

    Well I went out for a little run this morning, it felt much better!! I had to stop once for a coughing break but I somehow managed 2.5 miles in 25.49 which for me is pretty good, so I am very happy with that. Strange it just felt like I was going alot slower.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Evening all,

    Em - Sorry to hear about you mum.

    NV - Hope you had a nice tempo run.

    Claire - Glad to hear you had a good run this morning although a coughing break doesn't sound too great!

    Rest day for me today, thankfully as it was tipping it down all day. I usually like running in the rain but there was flooding everywhere. I am next out first thing (4:15am!) tomorrow morning for another 3 miler.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    Well I was a bit late this morning which may explain the fact that I was a bit speedier today so not to be late for work! Nearly 2 minutes off my training PB for 5K, 38:06. Really rather pleased as I felt I could have pushed it even more. image
  • Morning all,

    Nice one Grant. Told you you get bad ones from time to time.

    Good bit of speed there Claire!

    Tough run last night. 9.6 miles at 8:40/mile, but I suffered quite badly from about 6 miles onwards. Nasty blustery headwind for 4 miles, then a sheltered run back but in the sun with no cooling wind. Don't think I was well enough hydrated or fed. I was in no condition for the intervals this morning, but I have a bonus opportunity to get them done tonight as Mrs NV is finishing work early image

  • Morning

    Running at 4.15am! Dont know how you manage it Grant. Great work on the 5k, Well Done!!

    Sounds like a tough run there NV, Great stuff for getting it done. Hope the intervals go well later.

    Looking forward to getting out for a run again, If I finish early enough today I will go out for another short run. If not will be out at the weekend, plan is 6miles and fingers crossed will run it all.

  • Hi all

    4.15am - urgh like Claire I don't know how you do it, but well done!

    NV - A tough run in difficult conditions hope the intervals go well tonight.

    Claire - Glad you are on the mend.

    Running is not going to well here, mostly due to time constraints/child care problems.  My dad had tests at the hospital (a different one from where my mum is unfortunately) this morning, I managed to squeeze in a 6m run just now (instead of the 8 I wanted - but if I waiting for the time to do 8 I would never get out), now dad is off to see mum for afternoon visiting, I am with the kids then he gets back and I have to set out for evening visiting. Mum is trapped in there for the forseeable future from what I can tell so its not going to improve anytime soon. I have decided to just run whenever I can for however long I can in the short term and just get up really early (but not as early as Grant) to make sure I get my long run in. I hope that this will be enough.

    Sorry long tail of woe - after a good start just hope my training doesn't go down the tubes.

    Happy running all


  • Morning all,

    That sounds like a bit of a nightmare at the moment Em. Hope things get resolved quickly for you. Glad you're still getting some runs in. It gives you some time for yourself.

    Hope you get your runs in Claire.

    Intervals for me last night. 10 min warm, 4x30 sec at 5:52/mile with 30s recovery, 4x1 min at 6:54/mile with 1 min recovery then about 13 min cool down. About 4.1 miles in 34 minutes in total. 2.5k swim tonight, then I’m going to ride over to Whitstable tomorrow if the weather isn’t too bad and do the Parkrun.
  • Hi All

    Well I have been out for a run this morning, Im still coughing lots when running and having to stop, but saying that my time is getting somewhat back to near my pace so guess its just a case of keeping going. I did 5.5miles this morning in 1hr So I am pretty happy with that, like said just cant wait to stop coughing and having to stop.

    Em - That does sound tough, hope you are ok. Like NV said it will be good for you to get out when you can and have sometime to yourself.

    NV - Wow that sounds like a good tough interval session! Think I might start doing some Fartlek runs next week. Hope the swim went well and the wether is good for you today for the park run.

  • Hi all

    I managed to get out for this weeks longer run yesterday, 13m as its a cutback week, strangely it was harder than the 20 last week, but thats how it goes sometimes. Not sure if I will manage to get out today, if I don't I will do 8 tomorrow.

    NV - Looking forward to hearing how the parkrun went - Whats your PB at the moment?

    Claire - how was the run?

    Happy running all


  • x-post Claire glad you are getting back to where you were, coughs can take ages to go.  Things are improving here slightly, hoping that my mum will get out this weekend, she is having a big blood transfusion and they will decide if she is well enough after that finishes. If all goes to plan I will get an 8 in tomorrow. Legs feel tired after yesterday, wonder if it is because more of the run is on roads/pavements rather than softer trails, difficult to say.

  • Morning all,

    It's odd how that goes isn't it Em? Good luck getting your runs in. Current PB is is 23:56. Not sure how I did this morning yet as I forgot to stop my watch. I'm thinking PB but not by much. Still, 21.1 miles bike and 4.1 run this morning. Windy though.
  • 23:46. so a massive 10 seconds off the PB. An out and back course (twice), so a difficult headwind on the both of the return legs. I think last time I did it the wind was in the opposite direction. Still a PB's a PB!

    Oh, 2k swim last night as well. This is turning into a reasonable week.
  • NV- Well done on the PB, a PB is a PB.

    Things looking up here, mum out of hospital and a fab 8m run today, felt fantastic, ran up 2 really big hills, didn't look at the watch at all just went by feel, and ran really easy, but cut 3min off usual time for that distance. Really enjoyed it, it made me wonder why I felt so terrible on my long run?? On paper this week doesn't look too bad now, 35 for the week.

  • Morning All

    Em - Glad your mum is out of hospital and you had a great 8mile run. 35miles in a week is awesome work.

    NV - Well Done on your PB!!

    Well the club is doing a fell run tonight and as I am struggling with coughing lots I am going to give it a miss. Instead I am going for a nice little run with a friend of mine down the promenade at St Annes, nice and flat image

  • Hi Claire

    I have run along there a few times! I used to take my grandparents on holiday to Blackpool when I was younger. I can't say I blame you missing the fell race, not my cup of tea at all.  Hope the cough is improving a little bit.

  • Hey all just back from 2 weeks on holiday will catch up with what is happening with all.

    Speak to you all later
  • Em - Just seem to start coughing when running. Hopefully it will ease soon. Yep just don't fancy idea of fell running, don't know why. It's a nice run down that bit of the promenade, and it's lovely weather today so should be really good.

    Hi Andrew, hope you had a good holiday
  • I find is the lung busting up hills and endless muddy uneven ground that does it for me! Trying to psych myself up to do a tempo run, I hate tempo runs, not even sure I can do the pace that the smartcoach is suggesting - ho hum I will just do my best.
  • Hi all,

    Go for it Em, you know it makes sense! Good to hear your mum's out of hospital.

    Andrew, welcome back. Good holiday then?

    Claire, it's the mud that does it for me. My mate was getting enthusiastic about the cross country season earlier today. Cross country was something we always got sent on as punishment for misbehaving at football.
  • I tried and I failed.....I ran 8m that never gives me a problem, but I only managed to hit the pace the smartcoach suggested for 1 of those miles instead of the 6 it suggests I should be able to do. I really need the company of others to push myself like that as I lack the moral fibre to do it by myself.  If I can manage it I might try to go to the local running club tomorrow night and have another go at it. 

    Yes cross country at school put me off running, PE teachers have a lot to answer for.

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