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  • Yup, good holiday weather was also good. Was in Trimmingham in Norfolk. Went to various locations for which the 4 yr old enjoyed. Bewilderwood, Wroxham Barns, beaches etc.

    Hated cross country at school it put me off running for about 20 yrs.

    Em - I also like people around to give me the extra push, feel if I am on my own I never put enough into a run/cycle or swim image
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Down in Kent for 10 days, already been out twice and pace is getting progressively quicker, sub 12 min/mile now. Weather been great and it's a lovely part of the world.

    Em - Glad things to be going better for you.

    Claire - I still have a bit of a cough from my cold a couple of weeks back, it does take a while to shake off. My cough goes away when I am running though thankfully!

    Andrew - Glad you had a nice break.

  • Hi all

    6m at the running club, bit of stopping/starting and waiting for other people so not a tempo run either and shorter than I wanted but enjoyable nonetheless.  Rest day tomorrow and then a long run to do not sure when possibly Friday.

    Grant - Glad you had a good holiday and well done on the pace coming down.

  • Hello

    Well mmm Mondays run...... I was doing fine till I got to about 2miles then I had to stop and felt like stretch my right calf and round ankle. I thought friend I was running with would have stopped...... nope. Nevermind. Anyway was in agony. I ran/walked it back to the start and my car. Long and short of it is ive got a pain starting from my lowerback going all way down right leg down to ankle. Bit skint to go see physio, but a good friend who is an anatomy lecturer and she is doing a course to be fully qualified in sports massage has offered her help, so I am going for a massage tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will release the area. Whatever happens im doing City2surf.

    Em - Glad you had an enjoyable 6mile run with the club.

    Grant - Awesome news about your pace! Glad you had a good holiday and I hope your cough goes

    Andrew - Glad you had a good holiday too

    I will let you know  how I get on tomorrow. Im thinking its a trapped nerve as stretching in Pilates last night really eased it off, so I have been doing lots of that today.

  • Oh and I've decided I just must be injury prone  and very clumsy image I have to tell everyone. Monday before the run (this maybe where the pain has come from???) I got out of my car to close the gate and I got one of my loops of lace on trainer somehow caught on seat adjuster in my car. I hopped for a split second then landed on concrete! Suprisingly no cuts or grazes or bruises. Oh and it was infront of a lot of kids. image ah well. image
  • Claire - Glad its not just me thats clumsy, if  it was the fall that has caused it then hopefully you will recover more quickly.  Whatever it is fingers crossed the massage helps.

  • Morning all,

    Oops Claire! Hope that sorts itself out soon.

    Coming along nicely Grant. Whereabouts in Kent are you?

    Good luck getting the long run in Em.

    Away for a couple of days oop north, so nothing for me since Saturday. Going to swim tonight I think.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Claire - Ouch, hope the message does the trick!

    NV - We are in Sandwich, lovely town.

    Em - Enjoy the rest day, I am already looking forward to mine tomorrow, my legs are a bit weary.

  • That was good, she found quite few knots and worked at released them. I am feeling bit bruised and abused but does all feel better. Will be venturing out for run tomorrow

    NV - have fun up north.

  • Claire - fingers crossed for the run tomorrow.

    Went to the running club, did 5 and enjoyed it but it isn't keeping to my plan, long run tomorrow, 16m looking forward to it although they say its going to rain, typical!

  • Morning all,

    Grant - Sandwich? Are you watching the golf?

    Em, yep looks like rain here tomorrow as well.

    Claire, glad you're feeling a bit better.

    2.4km swim for me last night in about 1:03. Enjoyed it, despite the lane being a bit crowded. Hour's easy run tonight, then 30 mile TT on the bike tomorrow and 10 mile run on Sunday.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    NV - My father-in-law is involved in running it so we are here supporting him where we can, and taking in a bit of the golf too! Lovely day today. image
  • Claire - Sorry had to laugh at the falling out of car. Sorry to hear about the injury though I am positive all will be well for your city2surf

    Grant - You are doing really good, so must be well chuffed with yourself?

    NV - Must get back into the routine of things as I am out of practice with my swimming etc. As I am impressed with your swim sets image

    Em - I am sure it will not rain...........repeat will not rain. What is your plan?

  • Lucky you! I was planning to go today but w*rk prevented it. Got a couple of mates down there, who will no doubt be in the beer tent by now.
  • Afternoon All

    Well run this morning went really well, I managed 5.1miles and I managed to keep a very nice slow pace of 11 min/miles. Trouble was the second I stopped I got bad cramp in calf and its not really gone. I am at work at the min, but I am going to do lots of stretching tonight again.

     Em - I hope you have had a good 16miler

    Nv - Sounds like a really good weekend of training there, im looking forward to getting back to the 10mile mark again, I really enjoyed that distance.

    Andrew - Yep I know after the event I have laughed at it myself, I am a liability! Hows your training going?

  • Hi all

    I have done my long run 16m, have to say the last mile was like chinese water torture, I just kept wanting to stop but forced myself to keep going until the watch beeped, it felt like a mental battle rather than a physical one.  I need to blow the dust off my camelbak as I took 2 gels and 500ml of water with me and had drunk all the water at the 10m mark. Luckily I ran past a leisure centre at that point and I asked if I could fill up my water bottle in the loos, they were really nice and said, go through to the gym, the water from the water cooler is better. On the plus side it didn't rain, and I ran most of it off road, either by the canal or on an old railway walkway, on the canal there were clouds of butterflies at some points, beautiful.

    NV - I have personal messaged you about the torq gel you mentioned a few pages back, I felt like vomiting after the 2 gels I had today, it makes the run unpleasant as you know you are going to have to swallow something very nasty at some point.  It is strange because last year I found them ok but this year I can't bear them. Hope the training all comes together, are you multi-talented and play golf, swim, cycle, run and play golf, maybe there is a new sport/discipline waiting to emerge, sort of like modern pentathlon.

    Claire - sounds like a good run except for the leg cramps, have you suffered them before, I used to have a lot of cramp when I was in my early teens and then when I was pregnant, and remember them as being pretty unpleasant.  Don't overstretch, sometimes when your muscles have contracted like that they can be very sore for sometime afterwards and stretching them out can send them into spasm again.

    Andrew - You did it, no rain....I am following smartcoach at the moments, although I can't really do the paces it suggests all the time. So this week should have been 8 (tempo), 8 steady, 16 at steady pace, then another 8 steady, then another possible short optional run of 3m if I fancy it, total 43. So far the 8 tempo was a failure as I don't think hitting the pace for 1m counts, 6m steady, 5m steady, 16m at MP+60/70secs. I will def do 8m steady on Sunday, so I will do the 43 but without the speedwork - which is the bit that will help me get better.  I will try and be more focused next week.  Are you training for anything at the moment?

    Grant - Sounds like a good holiday, and that the running is coming together as well.

    Sorry very long post - happy running all, I am resting tomorrow and am being taken shopping for a bridesmaid dress as my sister is getting married, I thought there would be an age limit on being a bridesmaid, but apparently not, the theme is pink so wish me luck!


  • LOL Em, no. I'm one of the world's worst golfers. I play about once a year in a charity competition. I'll stick a gel or 2 in the post on Monday. Enjoy the shopping for pink frills image

    Andrew, it's hard to get going again after a big race sometimes isn't it.

    Have a good weekend all. Make sure you take care of that cramp Claire.
  • Tell me about it NV, next week I really need to get back into the swing of things, as training is all over the place. Got the Club Relays to go to next month!!
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Morning all!

    NV - Yesterday was certainly the day to head to the course, it is miserable today!

    Em - Well done on getting your 16 miler, esp pushing yourself for the last mile. When is Loch Ness?

    Claire - Glad you enjoyed your run, fingers crossed the cramp sorts itself out.

    Andrew - Good luck with getting yourself back into the swing of things.

    I went out with my brother-in-law this morning, first time I've been out with someone else. He's a bit faster than me and dragged me to another 3 minutes off my 5K PB. Should go out with other people more! image

  • Excellent stuff Grant. Certainly is grim today.

    Big crash this morning on the bike. Battered, cut and bruised. No idea what happened, but many thanks to white van man, who turned round and came back to see if I was OK. Turned out he was a paramedic. Also turned out I didn't need his skills but he wasn't to know that at the time. The bike (roadie, not TT thankfully) is in bike hospital now image

    Didn't get far this morning, so I'll probably run for an hour later.

  • NV - Ouch I bet it hurt - hope you mend quick and that the bike injuries are not fatal.

    Grant - I agree its much easier to push yourself with another person.  Loch Ness is 3/10.

    Rest day for me today, dress sorted and its quite nice.

  • 7.4 miles very easy this evening in about 1;08. A few aches but nothing too serious. Bruised quad seems to be the worst thing.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    NV - Ooya, glad you managed to get a run in. Fingers crossed the bike makes it.

    Em - Pink bridesmaid dress, poor you! Glad it's not too bad!

  • Morning All

    Well I have decided to give myself today off. I probably should be doing something............. however I am aiming to do anything over 6miles tomorrow am so with the way things have been a rest today is probably not a bad decision. Well thats how I have justified it imageimage

    Em - Sounds like a good 16miler there, well done for pushing yourself round that last mile. No dont really suffer from cramp that often, its usually in my feet if I get it. Calf does seem lots better today, though I am still aware of a pain there. Glad the dress is nice. Hope you had a good rest day yesterday.

    NV - Hope you and bike are ok! Well done for getting out for a run too.

    Grant - Awesome work on another 3mins off the 5k time.

    Andrew - Hope you manage to get back into swing of things soon.

  • Nice easy 11 miles this morning at 9:07/mile. Still a few aches and pains from yesterday, but good to get out.

    If you can still feel the cramp thats the right decision Claire image

    Looks like the bike will pull through, so all is well image

  • Hi all

    NV - Glad that both you and the bike are recovering.

    Claire - Wise move with sore muscles.

    Grant - How is the plan going?

    Did my run 8m steady, but felt horrible, a stomach bug is doing the rounds here and I think it must be my turn.  Feeling grim so any early night is on the cards in the hope that I will be all better by tomorrow.

  • Morning all,

    Hope you feel better soon Em. I'll get the gels in the post today.

    Loads of aches and pains from the crash now. Shoulder is stiff, and my quads have seized up because of the bruising. Good job it's a rest day today.

    What's everyone else up to?
  • I am feeling much better this morning, hopefully its gone, see how I am later when I run. 8m today with 3x1m efforts, then 8m steady, 20m long run and another 8m steady and a shorter 3/4m run to be fitted into the rest of the week.  Then next week - gulp it moves up to 10/11m for the steady runs until the taper, its not much further than the 8s I've been doing but some how it seems harder.

    NV - That doesn't sound like much fun, make the most of your rest day.

  • A very sluggish 8m done, tummy very upset, did work up to a burst of speed but it just didn't last and I came out in a cold sweat afterwards. Not sure about tomorrow, I might rest and try and shake it off so it doesn't wreck my long run.
  • Hi All

    Well I managed another 5.35mile run, its pretty slow for me 59.52. But hey was out in the rain and the wind.

    Em - Hope your feeling ok, well done on the 8miles. See how you are tomorrow, might be worth resting for your long run.

    NV - Hope your feeling alright too!! Well Done on your 11miles.

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