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  • Morning all,

    Well done Claire.

    How are you feeling Em? Gels are in the post.

    Nice quiet evening last night, and a lot less battered this morning. 60 minute bike/30 minute run brick tonight. Hope the weather holds.
  • Hi all

    NV - Glad you are feeling better - gels arrived this morning, thank you, I am going to try them out on the 20.

    Claire - I'm running that pace all the time lately! its the getting out that counts.

    Still feeling dodgy, going to take today totally off and do my long run on Wed, its not ideal but it fits in with everything else thats going on so I will have to do it.   Not sure what to do food wise as I don't feel like eating but I know wed will be a disaster if I don't.

    Next week is looking like it could be difficult as probably taking the kids to legoland for a couple of days, would rather run 20m, I hate rides/crowds.

  • That was quick! I dropped them in the post box at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. I'm amazed. I've not tried the Zipvit ones yet, so it might be best to save them for a shorter one, because I can't vouch for the taste image

    Pretty quiet at the moment isn't it?
  • Morning All image

    Yep it's quiet, maybe lack of summer and folk just not got motivation to get out running?!?? Mind you I much prefer running in rain, keeps you cooler.

    Glad your feeling less battered today NV. That is a good postal service there.

    Hope your feeling better soon Em. Have a good rest day today.

    Well as my knees seem to be fine (fingers crossed not spoke to soon!) I'm going to try 2/3miles later without my knee support on and see how I get on.
  • Yes its quiet but having a difficult patch with my motivation at the moment and writing it down on here is one of the things that is keeping me going, funny how it goes up and down. One minute you can't wait to get out for a run and the next you are having to force yourself to go. Must say its not like me but i think its the fact that I feel I have to go, rather than because I want to.  I think I will feel better when I have ticked off a couple more 20's and I am nearer to the taper!

    Claire - Hope your knee holds up.

    NV - going to take the torq gels and 500ml of sports drink, plus my camelbak and see how I get on.

  • Em, had a very similar coversation with another friend who is training for Amsterdam. She's finding her motivation drifting in and out as well. It seems to happen that you get that from time to time when you're training for an A race. You go through an "I want my life back" stage. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to last long.
  • Well I went out, I managed 2.5 miles, slowly in 28mins something. Knees are fine image I'm thinking do one run a week without support and take it from there. However ankle is really sore, I sat with ice on it for good 20mins, it felt lots better. I took the plunge earlier and have booked myself in to get ankle checked out. Trouble is earliest I can get is next Tuesday, so talking it easy. I'm still going to run. Just can't wait to run without pain, and not run with a strange hobble.
  • NV - Glad I am not the only one having a motivational wibble.

    Claire - Did you damage your ankle when you fell out of the car? Good on you for getting out when bits of you hurt.

    I have agreed (this afternoon)to do the loch ness run for a small group that support women with gyne cancers(my mum goes to it) , I have never really been interested in collecting sponsorship but I am going to do it anyway so if anybody gives me anything it will be a bonus and I thought that it might help with my motivation. 

  • Clare - Take it long now till city2surf?

    Em & NV - Must be the time of the year for motivation, I also feel as though I am in a ruck. Did some training yesterday Cycled to work (11.5miles) then went for a swim session about 1500m then cycled home (12.5miles), so today I am knackered. but that is all I have done this month.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    Sorry to hear about all the motivation problems and aches and pains. Sickness bug has reappeared in my house this morning so I am hoping I am not struck down again - took me a week to recover when I had it a few weeks back. Just back from holiday and went out yesterday and the hilly terrain was a shock to the system after Kent last week!

    Em - Plan going well, done first run of week 3 (first three weeks are all three runs of 5K), from next week I start to gradually increase my weekend run to 10K over 7 weeks. My overall plan of losing 4.5 stone in weight is going well too, hit the 2 stone mark this morning. image Nearly halfway there...

  • Well done Grant, well chuffed for you. Have you entered the Great Scottish Run in September? It is a 10K. It is a great sense of achievement
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    Not entered yet but have looked into it, will have to accelerate my programme by a week but otherwise pretty much fits in perfectly with my training. Entered into discussions with Mrs M (she holds the purse strings) and arranging accomodation with a mate, looks like a goer!
  • Hi all

    20m done which has helped the motivational wibble a bit as it didn't feel anywhere near as hard as the 16 last week. Only problem was that I misjudged the distance slightly and ran further up the canal than I thought I was going to to join onto another off road/track that makes a loop this meant that at the 20m mark I was still about 1.5m away from home. I walked that bit, but as soon as I stopped running my leg muscles started hurting. The walk has done them good though as the tightness has subsided.

    NV - I took the torq gels, they were far superior in taste and texture to the SIS ones and as they are smaller the volume wasn't so off putting either. I am going to get some of those, thanks for the suggestion and opportunity to trial them.

    Andrew - 3 sessions in one day, wouldn't we all need a lie down after that!  Are you doing the great scottish run too?

    Grant- Races are great ways to measure progress, I hope that you get the go ahead. 

    I have had some more motivational good news for my marathon. My mum has started a different and much less invasive/toxic treatment and now she says that she and dad want to come up to Inverness to see me finish the marathon, so it will be fab, hopefully fingers crossed my parents and my husband and children will be there.  There can be no greater incentive to get to the end.

    Oops very me, me, me, I am always a bit egocentric after a long run, must be the endorphins!


  • Hi all,

    Nice one Grant! Really good on the weight loss, and good to see your running 5k consistently. Found another 5k race yet?

    Em, if you do an online sponsorship page make sure you put the link on here.

    Claire, what about using the elliptical at the gym? Low impact and it'll keep te cardio fitness going.

    I'm having a fairly low volume month myself at the moment Andy. Happens from time to time that life and work seem to get in the way.

    Didn't get my brick done last night due to having to sort some stuff out at home. 10 mile TT tonight though. Flat calm and cool at the moment, but looks like there could be a cloudburst at any minute. I'll re-shuffle the week around and try to get the brick done tomorrow morning.
  • NV - online sponsorship - I doubt I will be that organised!  Reducing volume a bit from time to time can re-energise you.

    Grant - Forgot to say well done on the weightloss too!

  • xpost Em. No problem. I find the caffeine kick from the Torq gels quite good as well. I was talking to the guy who finished 3rd at the Marshman after the race, and he didn't start to use caffeinated gels until he was into the run section. He reckoned that he got used to the kick and it wasn't as effective if he took them right the way through the race.

    Good long run again. Glad the motivation is coming back and brilliant news about your family being at LN.
  • Yes, Mrs C and I are entered into the great Scottish 10K Run.

    Em - So glad to hear about your mum and it would be great to have them all at your marathon so my fingers are crossed for you.

    NV - How often do you do the 10K TT's it a weekly thing? I downloaded one of those sufferfest video's so will eventually give that a try.
  • They run every week Andy, but I've done 2, and a 20 mile. Tonight will be the 3rd, and hopefully a 25 mile on Sunday. I reckon they've really improve my bike speed in a short space of time though. if it stays dry, it's PB conditions image

  • NV - Do you ever listen to marathon talk, they had an sports science expert on about caffiene, he said for it to be most effective in a race situation you should detox from caffiene for up to a week beforehand. He also suggested taking a 600mg (I think that was the amount) tablet just before a race. - although the marathon talk man seemed to think that was cheating! I dont' drink tea or coffee ever and I have cut down my chocolate consumption significantly, I take them on one run a week so they have a pronounced effect on me, in fact last week they gave me the shakes after the run.  I would agree with the guy at the marshman, they can give you a welcome boost, except if I was attempting that type of feat I would need it well before the run! Good luck for the TT, crossing my fingers you get a PB.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Em - Great news on your family making your marathon!

    Andrew - Great Scottish Run booked! I'll maybe see you there, I'll be near the back! image

    NV - Good luck for the TT, hope you get the PB.

    Early start for 2.9 miles in the morning (approximately image) and then will cycle a few miles to a dentist appointment a bit later in the day.

  • Grant - Good stuff, will def see you there at the end there is pub close by West Beer ( not sure to take public transport or not. I have a wedding reception the night no drinky drinky for me image
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Post run drink? Sounds like a plan!


    Was going to say I used to live in Glasgow and never heard of the West but realised it's been over 5 years since I was there. image

  • Interesting stuff Em. Might have to try that. I don't drink much coffee but I do get through a fair bit of tea.

    Big PB tonight image 28:02, so 70 seconds quicker, nearly 1 mph quicker on average. Pretty chuffed. It appears that I'm better suited to bike speed than run speed. Actually overtook someone for the first time ever, and didn't get overtaken myself. Thanks for all the crossed fingers image
  • Hi there. I am 22 years old and weigh about 24 stone. I am joining Slimming World on Monday and also want to do some running. My wife currently does around 12 miles a week and this has given me an incentive to try do some running too.

    Any advice would be great. I have never been a strong runner, am quite a big bloke minus the belly anyway!!!

    Look forward to your tips and comments X-D
  • Hi and welcome to the forums Mat.

    Where abouts are you from?

    The C5K is a good program to work to. If you are just starting out running. There is always the run for 1 min, walk for 1 min run for 1 min walk for 1 min and so on. Increasing (when you feel upto it) run for 2 min walk for 1 min and so on increasing the run until you do not need to walk at all.

    NV - Nice work on your PB, even more so on not getting overtaken.
  • Hi all

    A rest day for me today.

    NV - Well done on the PB

    Mat - Welcome - There are all abilities and levels on here, I am sure your wife will get you started, my only advice would be make sure you have suitable shoes and give your legs/muscles/ligaments etc adjust to the exercise.

    Andrew - What is a sufferfest video?

    Claire - hope your foot is ok??

  • Em - You really want to know what sufferfest is lol......... It is pain pain pain, well so I have been told. Enjoy your rest day

    Mat - As Em says make sure you get the right shoes, it is very important that you do image
  • Andrew - Had a quick look at the sufferfest thing, it looks like torture.
  • Hi All

    Where did yesterday go??? Was just none stop!

    Em - Ah good point maybe I did twist it a little when fell out of car. Please let me know how I can sponser you for your marathon. Well Done on the 20miler!! Awesome news about your mum coming up for the marathon, will be great to finish it, like you say huge motivation to get round! Foot is feeling tons better today thanks, I'm going to rest from running till Sunday, but I am keeping up with other classes as little impact on ankle. Did Pilates last night, big balls ...... Was very tough! Hope your having good rest day.

    Andrew - Great stuff for getting out on your bike. Going to have to check out the sufferfest page.

    Grant - Well Done on the weight loss, hope you manage to steer clear of the bug.

    NV - The what at the gym??? Never heard of one of those. Well Done on the PB!!

    Matt - Hi and Welcome image
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