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  • Being lazy is so easy though, im naturally a lazy person and could quite happily do nothing...if only i didnt get fat that way!

    A charts a good way to go, ive got one too, love highlighting off the days ive doneimage! Hope her knee is better soon and you get out for your walk tonight!

    I could put up every photo taken of me in the last 4 years as a shock tactic!!!

  • Thanks for the advice guys.

     Just about to print the plan and get out tonight.

    When you guys chat do you setup a new thread or just post in this one.

    Nic - tried your link but it didnt work as I'm not currently a subcriber to the magazine (YET). For shame!!

  • Blue KJ

    Thanks for you suggestion - hadnt thought about that but definately will.

    Anybody know any 5K fun runs in and around Bath area?

  • oh yeah forgot about the subscriber only stuff! Its basically just an article about the benefits of run walk, some people even improved marathon times using it!

    We just post in this one to keep everything together, we had to start a new one as we got to 1000 posts and didnt want to scare people off with a huge amout of threads!

    If you go to the events tab above you can do a search for events in your area, dont think its subscriber onlyimage!

  • Hi Ryan, I'm not sure how close this is to you ...

    It was the only one that I could find near Bath (please forgive my lack of geographical nouse, but is Bath in somerset?)

  • Odd question Mark but did you go to Southampton Uni?
  • No, I just have a really common nameimage
  • or is that a slight about the standard of geography they teachimage?
  • image I didn't do Geography, but they certainly took it easy! 
  • Mark

    Its not to far but probably a challenging as I havent started a plan yet. Going for my first run tonight, and thanks to all guys in this forum, I'm quite excited about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  image

    I'll keep an eye for something in 8 weeks time.

    Thanks for the advice anyhoo.

  • No problem Ryan. I hope the run goes well!

    No taking it easy, that sounds like my kind of subjectimage

  • Question - the beginners plan doesn't say anything about a warmup.

    Should I be doing a warmup walk before each run??

    (by warmup I dont mean stretching which i will do whatever).

  • I took a warmup from another plan, I always walk for 5mins at around 6.5kmph then stop to stretch off a little bit then start the programme, and at the end i do a 5mins cooldown walk and stretch off.  I always spend more time stretching off after than I do before and it seems to help!

    Just back from the park, it was a disaster, think i was just too tired and shouldnt have bothered but at the same time im glad i had the motivation to give it a try! Managed my first run 5 walk 2 but after that my legs just didnt want to work! ended up just walking for a bit! going to rest tonight, have an early night and get to the gym tomorrow hopefully feeling a bit fresher!

    Good luck tonight Ryan and Kellyd! Hope it goes well!

  • TTN - well done on getting out for a run, even though you didn't feel like it.  

    Now it's my turn - I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't really fancy going out.  But must do it, as I haven't been for a run in 3 days image.

    I will make sure I head out at about 6pm.......I don't want to be 'told off' by you guys!

    Welcome Ryan, RRJ and Blue KJ image

    My warm up consists of just a short 4-5min walk.  My warm down consists of a very short walk (say 3mins), then I focus on stretching my legs (separate stretching for calfs, hamstrings, quads etc)

  • Haha, I dont blame you we are scaryimage!!  Enjoy your run tonight, you will be nice and fresh after not being out for 3 days im sure so you will do fine!

  • I did it image.  I managed to kick myself out of the door and go for my run.   I did 4 miles in 50.06mins - 12 secs quicker than the only other time I did that distance!  A nice surprise when I didn't really fancy heading outimage.

    It's amazing what posting on here does to your will power.  Once I'd posted I knew I couldn't back out!

    KellyD and Ryan - have you managed to get out too?

    Anyway, only one more run to fit in before race day on Sunday......will do a 3 miler on Weds or Thurs, which will give me 2 or 3 good rest days before the big one (well not that big, it's a 5K, but you know what I meanimage).

  • Well done lxr! Sounds like your on well on track for doing well at your 5km!

    Its amazing what posting on here does for the willpowerimage!

  • TTN - well done on getting out for a run, even though you didn't feel like it.  

    Now it's my turn - I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't really fancy going out.  But must do it, as I haven't been for a run in 3 days image.

    I will make sure I head out at about 6pm.......I don't want to be 'told off' by you guys!

    Welcome Ryan, RRJ and Blue KJ image

    My warm up consists of just a short 4-5min walk.  My warm down consists of a very short walk (say 3mins), then I focus on stretching my legs (separate stretching for calfs, hamstrings, quads etc)

  • ???? How did that just get posted again 3hrs later?
  • Hello all my internet is back up. I've just spent ages reading everything and am not going to attempt to reply to everyone.

    Osa sorry about the bad foot image I hope you take it easy and it heals quickly.

    All the new people hello image

    And everyone who is feeling bad for not having been running I haven't been since the 30th, (2 sleeps ago) and won't be running until wednesday morning, (4:30am) as I'm switching onto days soon. So don't worry I've been naughty too

  • Hello Welsh Chick & everyone else, thanks so much!

    Tonight I cycled to the gym about 3 & a half miles & did spin & abs & then cycled home so no impact but felt like I had a good workout, so if I can keep my fitness up I will find it easier to cope! Before if I couldn't do any impact I didn't do anything but spin has been a total saviour, am liking the body pump too. My friend Julie who takes the spin class has given me 2 pairs of trainers & they seem to fit perfectly, addidas supernova (they feel great) & a pair of asics, she is such a sweetheart, she gave me gel insoles too but I am still keeping off it til there is no pain in my heel, better safe than sorry!

    Hope you enjoy the movie Nic, was your gig good? & did you stay sober?, if you have already said , apologies, I am not long in, have a course in Hamilton this week so I am trying to cram in my internet use into one hour when i can usually pop on it anytime at work, have sore fingers (just the two mind) from all the frantic typing I have been doing returning mails!

    How is the ankle AJ?, are you okay for running, on Wednesday?

    Love Osa x

  • Hi Osa - sounds like you had a really good session this evening!   I've always quite fancied the idea of spinning, but nowhere near me does it image, unless I want to join an expense gym.  Can't find anywhere near by where you can just pay for the classes.....oh well....
  • Hi LXR

    I just go the council gym, do you not have any places like that nearby? I really love it, it is a great workout & has helped me so much with managing my other injuries cause it has helped strengthen the muscles in my upper legs!

    Osa xx

  • repeat post, oops!!

  • We do have council gyms - and they provide everything but spinning classes (even checked out other nearby boroughs).

    I used to play squash at our local one, but stopped when they closed the courts for refurbishment....haven't been back since and that must have been almost 2 years ago......image

  • Hi all image

    Another busy day on here - it's taken me ages to catch up with posts!  Meglet love the photo image - CJ hope the zoo visit went well.

    Didn't manage any training today - had rare day of with BF usually we're on opposing shifts so we sorted flat out and did shopping and visited family!! So going out tomorrow morning have laid out kit ready.  May go around coast if weather not too bad.

    Nic - Pan's Labyrinth is a brilliant film I hope you enjoy it.   I usually lurk around house in running stuff before dragging myself out!! Though I tried on a pair of jeans I've not been able to get into since last year and they fit really well now also measured myself and I've lost about 6" in total so I'm well pleased image Haven't weighed myself as I tend to find weight for some reason is going down slowly!!

    Hope everyone else ok and their inj are improving.  Welcome to those joining us image

    Going to get some sleep now ready for morning.  Take care everyone

  • Hey Tigerbird big congrats on the inch loss. 6" is really good. Just remember muscle is alot heavier than fat so don't worry if the weight loss is slow.
  • Morning folks

    Can't believe its been so busy on here.  WARNING Long post

    TTN well done on getting out for your run yesterday, more than I did.  Was ready to go out (ok didn't have running gear on) but tummy had other ideas image so had another night off image Definitely going out tonight.  Know what you mean about reporting back on here after a run, good or bad run everyone is so positive which helps me keep motivated, well most of the time!

    CJ sorry your run was spoilt by the stupid woman and her dog.  I was running the other night when I had to say excuse me to sto people out for a walk, I didn't realise they hadn't heard my heavy feet coming up behind them, I frightened the life out of them, so when I got near an old man during the same run I made sure I coughed loudly, didn't fancy stopping to administer CPR image

    Meglet love the pic

    WELCOME to all the new newbies

    Kellyd not sure if anyone responded but I found the BUPA 5k plan excellent, got me race fit for the R4L.  I'm now following their 10K plan for my race in November.  Know what you mean about getting the running gear on.  Once I've started the run I'm fine, its getting to that bit that is sometime the hardest.

    Blue what you were saying about being able to hold a conversation when running, I'm happy if I can managed a hello to anyone I pass when I'm running image

    Mark 9 miles in 71 mins can't wait til I'll be able to do that.  May manage it this time next year.  I like the sound of the progression runs, may try and incorporate these in my training.  Never fancy the Fartlek training sounds too hard image

    lxr well done on the 4 miler.  Do you have a goal time for your 5k.

    Osa impressed with your session yesterday.  Had considered going for a bike ride on one of my rest days just so I'm doing some cross training.  At the moment my other exercises seem to have died off

    TB envious about going for a run around the coast.  You'll probably find that your weight is going down slowly because you're toning up.  Excellent news on inch lost.

    CJ bags not pack still need to do the ironing image  Are you kids (sorry can't remember if you've boys or girls) back at school?

    Well suppose I ought to get some work done


  • Morning Everyone!!

    WC dont worry about not running, your doing awkward shifts, must say if i was doing nights i dont think i would be up for the gym at all, it takes a lot of motivation to get in the gym offshore when on dayshift!

    Glad to hear your still getting to do your spinning and other classes while you cant get running Osa, I would have used that as an excuse to be lazy!!

    Well done TB!!  That excellant! Bet your really happy with that! Cant wait to get to the stage of getting into the clothes that dont fit! My weigh in and measuring day is tomorrow, had a sneaky stand on the scales this morning and im 1lb down woohoo!

    Sorry to hear your still not better Jac! Atleast you had the intentions of going out a run though image!  Hope your feeling better before your hols!

    Im going to head to the gym at 11ish in the hope that i will finally get session 3 of week 4 finishedimage!  

  • Morning all and big hello to newbies, imagegreat that you wanted to join us, you'll soon become "oldies" - feel free to comment whenever you feel like it, whether to chat, advise or look for help/support - we're a great (and increasingly large!) bunch of folks!

    Had great time yesterday, in spite of rotten weather - cold and windy - ended up staying longer than I expected (it's much bigger now than it used to be Meglet, we used to do it in half a day).  No 2 child v excited, won a lion cub (soft toy, she adds!) in raffle, picked it with first ticket.  Mind you, he's always lucky with that sort of thing! 

    He's back to school tomorrow, (No2 doesn't go back until next Monday) so getting uniform etc ready today, then "cinema @ home" this pm - they get to chose DVD each, we get popcorn etc as if in real cinema and sit back and enjoy!!

    Lisa - don't know if you get RW mag, but section in latest re blister plasters.  If you don't get it and can't get ino on-line, let me know and I'll post some info on this thread.

    To everyone doing runs, well done on good ones (sorry, didn't think to check back on posts and in hurry), if they didn't go well, don't despair, learn something from it, then forget it and move on to next time - at least you were out and doing something. 

    For those who need it, image big kick up the backside!!    For those who don't, image big hug!!

    To all those sitting on side-lines, injured, hope the injuries get better - they will in time and look forward to hearing good news!!  Sue, you've been quiet lately, how are you?

    To all those at work - image hope you have a good day.

    To all those going out today - good luck, hope it goes well and let us know.


    PS Jac, they're both boys (well, alternating between boys and monkeys!)

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