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  • PS Jac, been up all night with No 2 child who has stomach bug/flu thing, so hope yours is better, imagesorry about it, image it's miserable stuff! 
  • CJ you have my sympathies, hope No 2 child is better soon
  • Thanks, so do I, he doesn't do illness!!  Well, he's male!!!
  • Hey CJ, sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Cinema at home sounds fun tooimage!!

    Ryan - how did your run go last night? 

  • Very thanks Nic.

    Put on my gear as soon as I got home from work and went out as soon as my boy was in bed. I found the starting and stopping a little tedious but I am determined to follow it through and build up my stamina.

    I'm feeling very positive about it, but still appreciate this is Day 1 of Week 1.

    Looking forward to getting out again on Thursday.

    How did you fair?? 


  • Ryan

    which training plan are you following?


  • Jac 

    I'm following the beginners plan from the RW site - begins Week 1, run 1min, walk 1.5min, 8 reps = 20 mins.


  • Ry

    Just wondered.  I did the BUPA 5k which was brilliant and currently doing BUPA 10k plan.  Hubby just started week 2 of RW plan, he's finding it good.

  • Glad to hear it Ry! Its a bit tedious the stop starting the first week but it gets better once you get to run for a bit longer! To be honest i could barely run for 1minute when i started so was glad of the breaks! 

    Just back from Aberdeen beach front, what a beautiful day, so glad i didnt go to the gym!! Thats session 3/3 week 4 complete! It was a struggle and had jelly legs at 20mins and wasnt sure how i was going to do my last 5mins but i did!!  Rest day tomorrow then onto run 8 walk 2 x 3 on thurs eek!

    My data doesnt seem to want t upload to my computer though! Looks like i might have broken the reciever when i dropped the laptop, £40 to replace it aargh!

  • Sounds like your doing well - if you pushing yourself despite your jelly legs then you must be devloping yourself psycologically as well as physically.

    Beach sounds great - wish I was nearer to one!!  I lived abroad for a while a did some running down a beach road - beautiful. Dont quite get the same affect where I live now, but I spose I will have to make the effort to mix it up and find different parks, roads, forrests, fields etc.

    Data?? Take it you have a GPS you can link to you PC and monitor progress. Fancy!!

    I've borrowed an old GPS from a friend just to track my mileage for ineterest.

  • I think i am! Before i used to give up so easily but ive now realised that i need to run through jelly legs and pain etc...something to do with lactic acid i think...never quite got my head round it though!

    It really is lovely! I work offshore so you would think the last thing i would want was to see the sea on my time off but i love it!, its nice and flat and is 3.5km long, although i only covered about 4km of it today.  Ive bored myself running round the playing fields so thought i would go down there instead! I was barely overtaking all the old folk who were walking about but it still felt great! got overtake by SO many other runners but didnt even feel disheartened!

    Phew, the rain has just come pouring down, glad i went out when i did!

    Well its not quite that fancy, not got GPS, just a Garmin Forerunner 50, Its brilliant though, i tells me my speed, distance etc and then transfers it onto a fancy graph! Its handy for mileage as i cant map the distance on as it doesnt show the playing field i normally run in! 

  • Hello all. I just thought I would check in. I'm swictching onto days and have had 3 1/2 hours sleep image image image Gratz to all who have been running.

    Hopefully I get to finish at 21:00 tonight and then I'm going to sleep for ages mmm. Oh it's going to be so nice. Then it will be back to running on Thursday morning. Hopefully I'll have something better to report then.

  • Oh dear what have i done...I just ordered myself a Garmin forerunner 405 with HRM. Well it was a good deal (under £200 instead of £260) , i now just need to find a way to explain to my gf that she isn't getting the new table as i bought myself a watchimage, any suggestions on how I could phrase that so i don't wake up dead in the morning?
  • TTN ifyou don't mind me asking how much was your Garmin.  Now hubby is into the running lark may be able to persuade him to buy one image

    Welsh chick enjoy the sleep, don't know how you're managing to keep awake after only 3 1/2 hours sleep.  Our lie-ins have now disappeared as darling daughter has discovered that when she wkes up she can come into our room, so she's has gone from sleeping until 9.30 on some weekends to getting up and running into our room at 7.30 image

  • Of course not Jac, it cost me £99 from Amazon, that included the footpod and hrm but you can buy them seperately if you dont want to buy them all together, would definately recommend it, its got everything that i need, the gps would be good but i wasnt will to spend an extra £50-100 for that when i didnt even know if i was going to keep this running malarky up!! Good luck with persuading him to buy one!

  • Haha totally missed your post there Mark! Sounds like your in trouble hahaha! Im sure it will be fine just tell her how much it will help your runningimage! sounds like you got a good deal on the 405!

    Hey WC, enjoy your sleep!!

  • mark

    such a short sweet friendship image

  • TTN may bring up the subject of the Garmin when we're on hols (nice and relaxed)

    2 days to go imageimageimageimageimage

  • Thank for your support...i think i may need it.image If a rather Irate new member joins the group and starts to explain just why they hate me, i trust you will all know why.
  • Ooh good plan!  Maybe Mark could use that technique for passing on the bad news to his gf!

    I bet your all excitedimage!  Wish I was going on holiday image!

  • mark we can be understanding, well sometimes image 

    TTN I'm a real giddy kipper at the moment, can't wait to get packing, but it needs to be ironed first image

  • Thanks Jackieimage

    Nic, I could try that, but my holiday isn't for a month...(Well 4 weeks today) so i may have to try and hide my new toy until then. Perhaps i just shouldn't tell her, i'm sure i could manage to forget to mention it. Or I could explain how much I saved...would flowers work? 

  • eugh ironing my least favourite thing!! Nevermind im sure it wont be so bad doing the ironing knowing that its for your holsimage

    Yeah your right we can beimage! im sure she will understand!  

  • Hi Mark - don't feel too guilty, I bought one last month too (without the HRM though).  Definitely worth the investment!

    I did warn hubby that I was going to buy it in advance though!  Good luck in telling your gf!

  • Oh i think she's used to me doing this kind of thing, last time i booked a holiday without telling her. And the time before that i bought a new tv, and before that... (you get the picture) so I think I'll get the usual annoyed look then silent treatment for a day or so, then she'll calm down and it will all be well.  I think i should still get the flowers.

  • P.S is it really strange that i don't dislike ironing that much?
  • oh my god mark I'd forgive you if you did the ironing image
  • Haha, well doesnt sound like she will be surprised thenimage! Flowers would be nice but then again you might get in trouble for spending even more money hehe?! 

    Yes you are really strange for not minding ironingimage!!  

  • Ah I'm safe enough then, I also cook so i think i should be able to get away with most anythingimage
  • you could maybe offer to do all the ironing for the next month to make up for it?!
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