Can I store a treadmill in a garage?

Hi all,

 I am thinking of buying a new treadmill for home use (as petrol costs to get to my gym are getting so high these days).

 However I dont have room in my house for one, but my garage is fine.

 Most people say that storing a treadmill in a garage is fine, but one or two do not recommend it.

 Yes my garage does get cold in the winter but if I cover it up will it be OK?

Many thanks,




  • My treadmill lives in the garage, had it nearly 2 years, and it's still going strong, not that it gets much use (i.e. none) for 10 months of the year.
  • My treadmill also lives in the garage - it's better to run in there as it's cooler, and your house doesn't end up stinking like a gym!

    I'd look to buy a second hand or reconditioned one though - far cheaper.

  • Andy

    if it's what u want to do - just do it,

    if it does'nt work out fair enough

    keep fit, stay happy

    the things in life that i do, that people don't recommend !!! LMAOimage

  • What a great idea!

    Much as I hate the idea of a treadmill, and I thought I had no room for one either, I had never considered the garage!  DOH.  I realise that practically when it is really nasty and dark in the winter it might not be easy to get out for runs, and not safe either, so this seems a good option.  I might check out ebay or freecylce even......Just the little question of how to combat the boredom now...I wonder if I could set up a TV in the garage??!!

  • Thanks all for your responses.

     I take it then, that even though my garage does get quite nippy in the winter shouldn't have any adverse effects on the treadmill?

     I am looking to spend (oh I dunno) £400-£600 on a treadmill - any recommendations?

     Thanks again,


  • Andy

    buy me one as well if you like - image

  • I've got a punch bag in the garage - it's mainly used now as a clothes horse image (but only because I go to a class to punch actual people now rather than an inanimate object, honestly).

    I'd say sod the treadmill and the gym altogether and run in the great outdoors!

  • @ RP, you can't, running on a treadmill is the DULLEST thing I have ever done, it really REALLY is boring, it almost bores me to tears.

    However, sometimes in the depths of winter, it's the lesser of two evils, although this year I am going to try and minimise it as much as possible.

    I brought mine from Argos, it was £250 with a free cross trainer, so we have a little gym setup in the garage.

    Last winter in was -8c at some points, and it didn't effect the treadmill, however, coming out of the garage after a run, into the cold temp is not pleasent at all, especially if it's raining/snowing.

  • I'd recommend buying a thermal top and a reflective vest then give the rest of the money to me and go running outside image
  • I bought the treadie so I could run when hubby wasn't home from work on time to look after little un.....they do have their place.
  • LozF - treadmills or hubbies? image
  • I am definately going to get one.....for emergencies....treadmill that isimage!
  • Andy, so long as your garage is dry it should be ok stored there.

    Our garage does suffer from damp, but we do have a few items stored there, as no room in the house. We have simply bought a ground sheet./ plastic cover to put over them when not in use - stops the cold / damp getting to them too much.

     The bonus of having a treadmill in the garage, is that you wont hear the noise in the house.

  • How much do people think you have to spend to get a decent treadmill?

    I mean, I would not want to use it for the bulk of my runs, only when the weather is so bad I can't get out, but I would like something that will do the job without falling apart.  I know nothing about them you see.

    I saw this on ebay....would this be suitable?

  • Our cross trainer is a reebok i-trainer one, and that is very good quality.
  • Hi,

    I've got my treadmill in the shed (brick built - so it's like a garage) and it's fine.  I have got a little heater in there though that keeps the temp above 5 degrees.  That's not for the benefit of the treadie by the way, it's cos the shed doubles as a kennel for my dog during the day.

    I will second the comments above.  I used to have it indoors but it's far better out there, the cooler temps make running more comfortable and there's no worrying about the noise waking the kids up.

    Got mine second hand so can't advise much on the new ones...sorry.

  • Cool, thanks Dan.  I just wondered if there were any particular features that I need to look out for or avoid.  Not sure of the termonology, like the max speed and weight etc.
  • Aspen, your poor you put him the treadmill for excercise?image
  • Cheers for your comments - Elusive, Aspen and all!

     I think the Garage sounds like the ideal place.

  • I've got my treadmill in the garage, but i have had some problems with it being in there.  Some moisture got in to the deck and it ended up going all wobbly and breaking.  This then happened again 12 months later.

     I am going to seal the garage door off for the winter and get a cover (ground sheet sounds a good idea).  First time it happened the company replaced it for free (gyms 4 home in Preston - V Good), second time it cost me £30 but they came out and replaced it for that so couldn't complain. 

    It is better in the garage (despite my problems) because it doesn't wake my little one's up and it's cooler in there though.  I have hooked up a telly and can watch the footy at the same time too! 

  • Redpanda,

    LOL at the pic.....tempting as it is to try and walk him on the treadmill he's exercised the traditional way - in the park or local woods!!!! 

  • Ha ha, it would be handy for when its wet though eh??!  image
  • Sorry Aspen...not sure what I have started here....its just when you said you had a shed with a treadmill and a dog that uses the shed, I had all kinds of images in my headimage

    The worrying thing is, I bet there are people that do do that!!

  • Don't worry Redpanda, there's also a turbo trainer in the shed but that isn't as entertaining a thought, bet there's no youtube clips of dogs on a turbo!  (fully aware that i'm throwing down the gauntlet there......)

    There are probably people who never walk their dogs outside but how sad's that?

  • I know Aspen!

    I hate to see people just take their dogs to the park and do nothing but throw a stick for them, and that's it.  I know some dogs really enjoy running after sticks, but I take mine for miles, over different terrain, in the water for a drink, up and down hills, wind blowing through our fur/hair!  Lots of sniffing and leg cocking (from the dog), and we have a great time....of course its not easy when you have to work, but on my days off we go for miles, bless him.

    What dog have you got??

  • Chocolate brown labrador.  He's a big lad but such a softie.  Only problem is that he has a dodgy elbow so sometimes can't run as far as he needs for his general fitness.  I keep him very lean and he takes supplements to help with the joints and that's why his shed / kennel is heated.  So far it seems to be working, he's not had a flare up on this joint for nearly a year.  Haven't run with him for over a year though because the last flare up he had took so long to get better.

    What's yours?

  • Ah bless, him I love Labs, especially chocolate ones.  I don't think I have ever met a nasty one.  You sound like you are doing a lot for him, lucky dog.  It makes me angry that some people can treat animals badly, all dogs deserve a chance.  Have you got a picture?  How do you post photo's on here? 

    Mine is an Akita...looks like a bear, and is very funny with bags of personality!image

  • Major thread hijack under way.....

    I don't know how to post pics on here.  i've tried cutting and pasting but didn't work.

    Akita's are lovely, how do you cope with the fur though?  Mine moults bad enough but Akita's are really furry. 

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