Can I store a treadmill in a garage?



  • Ah, he is not bad for moulting to be honest.  Most Akita's blow their coat at least twice a year, and you get bags full, but not mine, he just stays fluffy, that's what makes him so cute.

    I know Labs are bad for moulting, but at least yours is the right colour, imagine a golden one!  Thank goodness for Dyson's eh?  Am going to try and copy and paste, but it probably won't work..! won't work.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard would you?!  But evidently it is!

  • Do they have soft coats or coarse?  Are they gentle dogs?  I thought they were a bit aggresive but could easily be confusing them with another breed. 

    I grew up with a golden lab and the hair just got everywhere.  if you were going out anywhere posh and wanted to wear black you couldn't go within six feet of him!  The chocolate one is not so bad although when he's moulting the dyson has to be emptied every time I vacuum.

    I'm sure someone will be along in a minute to tell us how to post photo's......


    Hya, he has really soft fur like a teddy bear, he is so beautiful, people often stop me in the street and ask to take his picture, honestly its like having a celebrity some times.  Akita's have a bit of bad press unfortunately, as they were used for fighting at one time (not legally), but they also have a strong heritage as hunting dogs, and they used to guard the Japenese emperors.  They will often get in the wrong hands...I am involved with a charity that helps rehome them, and you would not believe some of the way's the dogs are treated, and the types of people that get them, who should not own a gold fish let alone a powerful dog.  I am a strong believer in animals being a product of their owners (generally), and we have certainly done a good job with ours (if I do say so), we have taken him to dog classes, and socialised him, spoilt him sometimes, but he know's who is boss!  I love him so much, I don't know what I would do without him, and he is a gentle giant.

    i know what you mean about golden labs and retrievers, hair everywhere! Have you had a lot of trouble with your dog chewing?  Akita's are not generally destructive, but I knew someone at work who had 2 labs, and he practically had to replace his whole household contents...dining room table, doors, kitchen units...chomp chomp!image

  • just watch the damp -Ive put fitness equipment in my garage before now ( a rower) and it got rusty around some of the parts so keep it dty and well lubed

    Rp - you could hire a decent treadmill for the winter and see how much you use it - i dont think the cheaper ones are anything like gym quality

  • Hi Buney!

    Can you hire them?  What a brill idea, I had not even thought of that.  Any idea where from?  I will google in a minute anyway, that's great.  Cheers/

    hope you are well?

  • yes am ok - on leave for a week and a day now -my "summer" hols permitting
  • Ah, great stuff, I hope you have a lovely time.  Its supposed to be hot on Saturday, I know that much.  I will keep my fingers crossed for youimage


  • yes saturday looks good ..1 day out of 10 isnt bad i suppose image
  • I didn't realise you could hire treadies either.  I was lucky with mine, was offered it 3rd hand but it's a really good one and has worked well so far.

    To answer your earlier question Redpanda.  I was lucky, he was only destructive while he was a puppy and only got a few shoes, books etc, nothing major and he seemed to outgrow it pretty quick.  I know labs have a reputation for chomping through everything.  He does like to eat wood though, he will sit and munch away on a load of twigs in the garden.  Your dog sounds lovely, I was thinking of that breed but as you say, bad owners can give a breed a terrible reputation.  My mum used to have a staffie and said it was lovely, now they've got the most awful reputation cos of all the chavs.

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  • Thanks Wilkie...I thought it must be something like that.  Oh will all just have to imagine how cute my little bear is thenimage!
  • We have a treadie in our cellar, but rarely use it.  We have a de-humidifier on all the time and there are no damp or condensation problems down there so I'm not concerned about it getting damaged at all...

    Personally, I like the saying  "there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes".

    I am looking forward to the approaching autumn and getting out in the dark and running..  it doesn't matter if its cold and raining..  just wear appropriate clothes....

  • We have had a Nordictrack treadmill for just under 2 years which we keep in our garage (only place we had room). Nordictrack or ICON do not recommend you keep it in the garage and suggest that it be kept at a temperature of between 15C-20C degrees (although these temperatures are not specified in their manual) and were not happy to replace the belt which became stick on the weekend and tore a little at the edge as a consequence, even though we have had it such a short time and have maintained it to the best of our ability.  I am now looking for some sort of fleece cover to keep it warm through the winter, a winter coat if you like.  I am very disappointed with Nordictrack, our previous Treadmill from them, we had for 7 years and it was fine in the same conditions and lots of websites suggest even keeping Treadmills outside as long as they are covered properly and kept away from extreme cold and other extreme weather conditions.  

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