Strictly Come Dancing

List has just been announced:


The lovely Mark Foster is taking part image

So excited - 3 and a bit weeks to go image



  • I like the tight trousers......image
  • Chickened out of posting some wogan tight pants for LB - I nearly threw up image

  • haaahhaaa thanks GZ, now I have wogans man snake image in my mind just before I eat my tea...image
  • Glad I could help image

  • Morning! Anyone fancy a sausage?image

  • Not sure about the tight trousers, I'm more of a fan of the see-through spangly shirts! image

    Does anyone else watch all the week-day programs as well? I find Claudia Winkleman as mad as a box of frogs but she's perfect for this.

    20 days to go!


  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    I watch everything and read everything Strictly related!! Sad really that we get a fix of it everyday from Sept through till Christmas really!

    I have no idea yet who will be my 'faves' this year.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Ooh, I'm very excited.  I've applied for audience tickets in the ballot.  Fingers crossed.
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    me too image
  • Chick TV - whatever happened to the A Team and Battlestar Galactica?
  • Don't know about the A Team but I have the new Battlestar Galatica box-sets, they're great!

    Go on JB, get in touch with your feminine side - cha, cha, cha image

    Good luck to everyone in the ballots, hope you get your tickets.

  • If they stopped letting the entire sodding cast of Eastenders in, we'd all get a ticket....image
  • BOING!!!

    There's a preview program on Saturday at 6:30pm to get things started.

    10 days to go image

    Da da-da da da da-da....

  • Already set on Sky+ just in case we're out.

    Think I may get some bubbly in the fridge and nibbles sorted ready for the kick off image

  • Drat! image

    Just realised I'm going to miss the first episode as I'll be travelling down to the New Forest for the Half Marathon on Sunday. Bad planning on my part, thank God for my hard-drive recorder.

    Any bets on who'll be first to leave? John Sargeant could be car-crash TV and the woman who used to be Kat in EastEnders looks a bit dodgy as well.

    6 days to go image

  • First out? John Sargeant (bless him) or the guy from GMTV ...Andrew... or possibly Lisa Whatserface who is so annoying that I can't imagine anyone would vote for her!!

     Oooh - when does the BBC2 show start with Claudia? That's the best bit!!

  • Just watched the preview show. I'm going to tune in just to perv at Tom Chambers.....image


  • I'm guessing they'll have a boys' show and then a girls' show, so John Sargeant to go first week
  • YL, Claudia's show should be starting next Monday. I think it's normally BBC2, 6:30pm? You realise it's now possible to watch SCD every day until Christmas?!?

    BLISS! imageimageimage

  • I mentioned to Mr TS that we had daily SCD until Christmas image

    I am not sure John Sargeant will go, although he hasn't a pro that we would all root for (in fact I didn't care for her tbh), he may get the sympathy vote

    Can't say I am warmed to Lisa Snowdon either, which is a shame as I love Brendan.

    Jessie Wallace will be fine for a few weeks

    I wonder how Jodie Kidd will get on, she certainly looked ungainly in what we saw and a lot of people will also vote her off because of the cocaine sting she was involved in

    I wonder if Colin Jackson (wow he was fabulous!!) will be mentoring Mark Foster? Or is that rumour untrue??

    Too soon to guess any finalists.

    I, too am away for the first two weeks image Sky+ better work properly - I will have about 12 hours to watch when I return!! Pity iplayer doesn't work in the US image
  • I had to explain to my brother that SCD is to girls what Top Gear is to blokes!

    I have also heard that rumour about Mark Foster - bit of a pity really image

    I wonder if Jodie Kidd will be like Zoe Ball from a couple of years ago? I also didn't like Lisa Snowden but that may have been because she dated George Clooney - how?!? I think Austin Healey could be good value - he appears to have a v. good sense of humour.

    Can hardly wait - drums fingers impatiently... image

  • Little Nemo (Next big race: Venice 2008) wrote (see)

    I had to explain to my brother that SCD is to girls what Top Gear is to blokes!

    I love Top Gear too......image
  • Hi, can I join in?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE strictly!!!

     Having a SCD party on Saturday to welcome in the first show (last week's doesn't count!).  All girlies dressing to kill and clipboards and scoring cards at the ready!!!

     Does anybody else love the US Dancing With The Stars that's on UK Gold?  Can't seem to find out if they are showing the new series here when it starts next week also. 

     Mark Foster - fit!   Gary Rhodes- unusally fit, where did that body come from?!!   Jodie Kidd out first woman.   Not sure about the men ..... possibly Gary Rhodes as he was pulling some weird faces on Saturday and looked odd dancing !!

     And poor Anton gets an older lady again!!!  When are they going to give that man a chance and give him a fit young thing (Patsy P excluded).

     Sorry for long post - my favourite subject and I could go on all night .......

  • This old dog says 'Bring it on'.

    Looking forward to seeing Christine Bleakley  strutting around,she sure makes my tail 'wag'image


  • I bet Anton Du Beke is a right dirty old dog between the sheets.......image

    (Did I say that out loud?) imageimage

  • another vote for Mark Foster, what a tasty bloke, and a great body (as befits an Olympic athlete).

    Can't wait for the new series to start. Hubby's grumbling already but I have to put up with football (any football, any time it's on, whether TV or radio, live or highlights) including 606 every time it's on and that terribly naff radio quiz that's on radio 5live Sat lunchtimes. I like footy too, but not ALL the time! So he can put up with a little bit of "strictly"! Besides - I've seen him watching it.

  • Mr LB watches it too.

    He moans the standard "man moan" and then sits there giving marks out of ten!

    They love it really......image

  • Afraid my husband doesn't want to know .... but my kids love it.  My daughter gets all her dressing up gear out and then my son joins in - snow white is his favourite dress, much to the embarassment of Mr S!!  They then dance around and I have to give them marks of ten.   

     Of course, I watch it all again later so I can actually listen to what's going on!!!

  • Party sounds a v. good idea, Spark1it. None of my friends know I watch it - it's sort of a guilty secret! image Wonder if Anton minds getting the older ladies? Maybe he's not super-competitive like the rest of them?

    I'm going to be SO disappointed if Mark Foster turns out to be an ungainly thing with no sense of rhythm!

    3 days to go image

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm Mark foster.........dribble

    can't wait image

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