Nike+ sportband

Hi all - this maybe a bit cheeky but.....i won a nike+ sportband which is great but i dont have the special nike shoes......can i just tuck it into my sock or something or do you need the shoes???


  • you can get a shoe pouch which attaches to your laces very securely, only cost about £5.
  • You can buy a little velcro strap thingy with and acrylic holder for the sensor.  I bought one last week for 10DKK (just under £1).  Unfortunately I'm on an oil rig for another week and a half and can't remember what it's called image
  • Thanks peeps - i am off on holiday on tuesday for two weeks so welsh chick in DK if you get a chance to look when you are back from the rigs....if you dont, dont worry at least i know i dont have to buy the shoes now - hoorah!
  • Wrap the foot pod thing in plastic, then duct tape, then duct-tape it to the laces of your shoes.

    Works perfectly.

    Make sure it's the right way up, and the right way round though.

  • I got one of the pouches for mine, from Simply Run. Works fine!
  • Simple cheap solution guv-nor, the i-strap....

    i've never used one as I have a footpod.  I know of lots of runners buying the strap though or the more expensive alternative - 

     My wife has a £5 velcro holder that clips on the laces that she bought at our local running store, which is probably a more elegant solution.

  • i-straps seem to be ideal...... you can even pick your colour!

    and at £2......... its a steal!

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