Quadricep pain

I've been searching the intenet for help with the pain I am getting in my quads, but can't seem to really pin point the problem.

 I started running about 6 months ago, and have now competed in tri's and 10k runs. I train 3/4 times per week (running).  Recently I have developed a pain on the right side of my thigh, nearish to the top. It is def in the muscle. It spasms and is tender to the touch. It deosn't seem to restrict any movement tho, and I could probably keep running on it, tho  i have stopped for the time being.

I don't feel any pain at the front, or in the knee, but some very mild discomfort in the hamstring and into the lower back.

I can't find any info on an injury in this place. I don't know whether i should stop training completely for a while. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Would love to get some advice.  


  • Hi N16,

    My advice is very simple.  Search the internet for your local sports physio and book an appointment.  Hope you're better asap.

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