2009 Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon

well the organisers have taken on board all the feedback and im crazy enough to give the 26.2 another go  !!!!!image.....anyone else like to join in for another 9 months of chocaholic talk ,wine and running ??...ya know ya want to !!!! xx

Entries for the 2009 Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon will open on 1st September 2009. After delivering another great event in May this year, it’s expected that entries will grow significantly again for the 2009 event.  Entries for the 2008 marathon saw a dramatic increase from 5,450 entries in 2007 to 10,230 entries in 2008, a remarkable 85% growth. 

Main Changes for 2009

Firstly, we would like to say a big big thank you to the 2,800 runners who completed the post race runner survey. An impressive 91% of marathon runners and 96% of relay runners said they would recommend the race to a friend. We are not content to rest on our laurels and are committed to producing an even better event in 2009. We have studied your feedback in detail and introduced a range of improvements to ensure that we deliver an even better race in May 2009.

Key Changes:

·         To ensure that a top quality event is delivered and to ensure that the runners get a quality experience entries will be capped at 11,500. This will allow for a modest 20% growth to ensure that a top quality race is delivered. 

·         Changes to the start and finish areas. We are making significant changes to the start and finish areas to give more space to runners/supporters and to ease congestion.

·         We have removed the ballot entry system. Entries will be on a first come, first served basis. Entries will close when we reach 11,500 entries or 15th January 2009, whichever is soonest. To secure your place please entry early. The result of Flora London Marathon ballot is taking place earlier so we will get a rush of entries in October due to our offer to all Flora London Marathon rejected runners.

·         There will not be a compulsory EXPO for 2009. All running packs (timing chip, running number, final competitor instructions) will be posted out to UK runners.

·         The compulsory Expo will be replaced with a pre race party/Ceilidh (mini EXPO) in the city centre. This will be a lively, sociable occasion which will give you a true sense of Scotland historical capital. We are in the planning stages of this at the moment and will inform all our runners in due course through the eNewsletter.

·         Many runners commented on the uneven surface on the entrance to Gosford House around the 17 mile mark. We will resurface this area to make it flatter and easier to run on.

·         We will have more shuttle buses for spectators and runners and are also introducing other changes to make the shuttle buses a more efficient service.

·         Goodybag. We are replacing our cotton finishers t-shirt with a technical Asics running t-shirt. We are also aiming to significantly improve the quality and quantity of the content of the goodybag.



  • Hi Amber!!!
    Its a 'maybe' for me at the moment but see how things plan out!!!
    Molly XX been here too long!!
  • HHHMMmmm- probably, dunno, will decide after loch ness. The trouble was that this year, I was soo worried about injuring myself and screwing up the marathon, that I didn't do as many shorter races. OH will probably kill me, too!

    OK, put me down as a "probably-maybe".

  • Hey there Amber, as you know I've done this one for the last 2 years but not next year. So I am supporting and not running. Not planning on running any marathons next year, just a couple of halves, some 10K's and more smaller off road stuff and cycling instead.

    Hi Molly & Tricia image go on girls get in there and apply......

  • Hi guys!  image

    I agree with  what  Bungee just said  and also will give this a big wide swerve in 2009.  10k's and halfs I enjoy doing, but  marathons......no thanks and  probably never again!

    Interesting,  in Amber's post at the top though,  that the organisers have listened  to people and seem intent on making some good improvements to the race for next year, so well done to them I'm sure it will be a good event and best of luck to all who will be running!

  • Hiya Amber et al. Not for me I don't think, but shove me in the supporters lounge please!

  • Probably count me in.... I think image

  • I will be entering again and have just spread the word on our club thread image

  • That's it.... I'm in image Want to aim for a 15min PB... maybe image

  • Thats it Smout think positive, I reckon you'll be on for a PB anyway whatever it may be image

    BarcaBri I know I will do another marathon again, just not next year lol There are ones abroad I fancy doing and maybe down south, its the commitment to the training that I am fed up with so fancy a rest from that! I'll be lured back in 2010 no doubt and I'll keep applying for FLM every year as I have a wee soft spot for that image

    hiya bedshaped, fancy meeting you in the supporters lounge image thought you might be running this one instead???

  • Well thats me in tooimage very strainghtforward entry !! ....so just you and me and fox so far smout !!image

    treated myself to ne of there asics training t shirts too ....glad they got rid of the cotton ones

     bungee reakon we will get lots more on board when we tel them about our great supporters lounge with babysitting facilities !!!!!image

  • Hmmmmmm, not sure yet.  Didn't do it this year but did miss the lack of focus of not having a strict training regime.  I'll give it another couple of months to decide.
  • I'm glad to see that the organiser seem to have taken on board a lot of the feedback. I'm going to wait to see if I get into London or not before entering Edinburgh. If it's a rejection from London then I'll definately be entering Edinburgh, just to see if they have taken the feedback on board!!!
  • I'm definitely doing it next year and have entered this morning! So no excuses over the winter! I learned a few lessons this year about how not to run a marathon so I'm looking forward to 2009.

    Lesson 1: Don't try and make up for time lost in the first few miles by running fast for a few miles with the idea of making the time back then settling back into my target pace. I now realise the stupidity of that one as I had a good 11 miles to contemplate the agony and despair and how I wished I hadn't done that! 

  • yeah  steven  i agree its good to have the structure of a marathon training plan ...i miss it .....didnt think i would image

    i have to admit wasnt impressed with the organisation of this years event and wasn't going to do it again ...but the changes are exactly what i was looking for ....i  also think an optional pre race party in the city centre is a brilliant idea !

    welcome aboard once again Greg !

  • ha ha @ the supporters lounge with baby sitting facilities image 

    Oh you've got the marathon bug again Amber image

    There will be a fair few people doing the same thing re waiting on London entry Leslie, I did both this year and even though they were 6 wks apart, I was racing inbetween aswell and it took a lot out of me come Edinburgh. This year I am hoping I DON'T get in lol

  • Amber - as it turned out this year I would have struggled to be marathon fit for a couple of reasons so in a way I am glad I chose not to do it before they kicked in! 
  • Amber I can't help myself! Despite the pain and suffering back in May I know I can seriously improve on my time and I feel as though I have some unfinished business to take care of!
  • LoL yeah i know bungee !.....Im getting restless for a challenge .....like Greg i have unfinished buisness ..im STILL chasing  that 3.45 !image
  • I'm in as well.  Let the fun begin!
  • Amber, I remember passing you a couple of times during the 2008 marathon. I was in no fit state for conversation though!!!

    You must have finished around the same time as me as well. I got 3:54 which I was delighted with for my first marathon. 3:45 is my next marathon goal!

  • Just seeing Leslie Stoddart's time reminded me of my own 3:54 in 2007.  Will be good to be in the same race again Amber lets see if we can't finish more than a few seconds apart this time!
  • I'm in!  Will be my first marathon (that's assuming I don't get in to London).  Will be aiming for sub-4.
  • Hello, I'm in too!  Will confess to being a bit of a lurker on last years Edinburgh Marathon board - was first marathon and was a bit shy but picked up loads of good advice from you more experienced runners!  Will be more sociable this time!!
  • welcome beanie1 and betty79!image x

  • Hi dcb !!!..yeah we need to get that 3.45 this year ..will be waay to spooky  if the same thing happens again with our times !!!image

     HI Leslie -I finished in 3.51 in May there ......i prob wasnt up for much conversation either!...thats 3 of us with very close finishing times .....what you hoping for this year?image

  • Out of interest for those of you who got 3:54 times, what pace were you running your long runs at?  I’ve never done anything like marathon distances, but at the moment training for a Half and I run my long slow runs at 10 mins / mile.  This feels comfortable, it only feels hard once i get to the last mile or so, i.e. by the increase in distance for that week!  Longest so far is 12 miles.  Do you think it sounds feasible that in 9 months’ time I might be able to run a marathon at 9 mins  / mile?
  • Beanie 9 months is a long time to increase you speed. I wouldn't worry too much about the pace of your LSRs - concentrate on running the shorter runs at a faster pace, throw in some speedwork and - my favourite training session - some hill running. Well maybe favourite is being somewhat generous but I do notice a big difference in my pace and race times when I throw a few tough hills into my training beforehand. However for the moment (autumn/early winter) I would build up a good fitness base in preparation for really upping the training in the new year.

    With all that advice you would think I'm a true marathon runner! 'Do as I say not as I do' seems to be ringing in my ears!!!
  • I'm going to aim optimistically for 3:30 for my next marathon. Training didn't exactly go to plan for last years effort. If I can stay injury free and complete a solid 16 week program then I think 3:30 is do-able.
  • Beanie - I think 9 min miles may def be possible over the next 9 mnths Like Greg says dont worry to much about speed on the long runs but use them to build a good endurance base and to get all these muscles used to distance ,have some shorter faster training sessions or do some tempo training to get the fast twitch muscles working .If im honest   i Was running my long slow runs at pretty much the same pace as i did on the day.

    Leslie -3.30 sounds lie a great goal!!!.....i'd be delighted with 3.45 this time but like you my training never seems to go as i want it to...fingers crossed this time !


  • Hi guys, not doing next year but here in a pompom, babysit, gee you all on manner with my wisdom and insight and night before organise dinner skills.image
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