running & asthma ?

A casual conversation with someone I hardly know has raised this question in my mind: could running be responsible for someone 'getting' asthma when they have no history of it? Apparently the guy has recently returned to running after a considerable absence, but a few months into it he began with breathlessness & some tightening on the chest. A couple of weeks' rest gave no development nor improvement. Then he visited his GP who told him he had asthma. Any opinions? Is there a connection, or am I making 1+1 =3?


  • I've had asthma all my life and can sympathise with anyone ...

    However, the facts (as i know it): it is possible for people to develop asthma at any age. It could be that running is a trigger for the chap you mention OR (and i think more likely) running has meant he has increased his exposure to a trigger (eg pollen, cold air, thunderstorms, traffic pollution) This doesn't mean by any chance that anyone should stop running. I find the fitter I am the better my asthma is and with the correct drugs / sensible head (eg not running in cold air / during a thunderstorm as i know that triggers me) i'm as capable as anyone else.
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